Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Opening Statement

Today was good. We had a little four minute scrimmage there. One of the first times I have been around where the offense won the scrimmage part of it. So it was good. It just shows you the way we are able to run the football. We have to be able to stop it on defense in those four minute situations. We did put a ball on the ground kind of a poor snap and the defense recovered it. Like we talked about that, we can’t have that. For us we have got to protect that football. But other than that I was really happy with the way the offense looked, especially the young running back Karlos Williams and then our offensive line. Injury wise [John] Conner kind of tweaked that hamstring again. Hopefully it is not that big of a deal. Marcell Dareus kind of got rolled up on. I mean it is not a serious deal but… we will see how he is I am sure he is fine. But other than that I think we came out of it fairly healthy.

Q: Do you expect Kyle Williams to play on Friday?

A: Well I would think…I am not sure but if it is in question then he won’t. We will see how he progresses, I know he wants to play.

Q: Rest day for Richie Incognito today?

A: Yeah. Richie had a thing and I never saw it. Later yesterday one of the running back, young running back, kind of went in to him. It looked bad on tape, but his ankle…he stilled continued to practice but I guess his ankle swelled, so that is kind of why we kept him out. That could be a couple days.

Q: So Friday?

A: Yeah I am not sure.

Q: Chris Manhertz x-rays?

A: You know what I am not 100% on that. So I don’t want to say one way or another.

Q: What do you want to see from the offense on Friday?

A: I would just like to win that would be nice. You know again…we are going to play the game pretty vanilla and things. You still want to be productive, you still want to be able to protect the quarterback, you want to be able to run the football. I think those are the things that you start with. When those two things happen we will be able to throw the ball.

Q: Tyrod Taylor had a pretty long run with the two’s is he going to be the second quarterback Friday?

A:  Yeah we will probably put him as the second guy. You guys want to? We will put him second.

Q: Distribution of plays and things like that among the quarterbacks?

A: Not really, because I think we are going to look at it over at least a two game stretch. So I think that will be where they are more balanced probably. But each guy will get a shot. I know Seattle had a similar thing. Remember when they had, I think it was (Tavaris) Jackson, (Matt) Flynn, and then the other quarterback. Let’s just hope it works out the same way.

Q: How do you think the quarterbacks handled the third down pressure today?

A: Yeah I don’t know we got sacked a bunch. I think if we had some live bullets in there we would have gotten hit a few times. So I don’t know, we would really have to see the tape and you know I would be honest if I knew a correct answer. You got a free run at your quarterback that might look a little different in a real game than the other one.

[Pointing at Marcell Dareus]

He is okay. Look he is okay. You see he is fine. The roll take that out, there is no concern.

But it has a tendency once you hit a guy it has a tendency to shorten that throw up a little bit.

Q: Randell Johnson and Michael Buchanan working with the starters today what do they bring to the starting group of the defense?

A: Both of them are physical, both have length. Especially Buchanan that is a long body guy. Both are smart enough to handle it. We ask that SAM do a lot. Manny Lawson is tremendous. I believe he had a 43 on the Wonderlic. I know the question wasn’t about him, but a 43 on the Wonderlic is impressive. And we like to throw it in because the rest of us aren’t near that high. But either way those two guys can play and I think it is going to be good. You get a lot of reps in these preseason games and we will see, but there is great competition there.

Q: What are you looking forward to your first time at the Ralph on the Bills sideline?

A: I think it is going to be great. I am looking forward to it. I know it is not the regular season games. But these are important and I think when you look at that obviously we still have…we are evaluating our roster, all that kind of stuff. It is not life or death like it is in the regular season. Because the outcome is secondary with that being said, you still want to win. I don’t care, you still want to win–I hate losing. So that is what you look for. I know our fans are excited I expect we are going to have a huge crowd. You know I think that would be good. I don’t know I want our crowd peaking to early. We don’t need to just unload on Carolina, let’s just save it our first game. Let’s get in there some excitement. I know our fan base will be in our stadium and I am looking forward to it.

Q: What are your thoughts on Jerome Felton so far?
A: I think he’s the best fullback in the game. So I don’t know if, how many more guys are better than this guy? He’s about as good as it gets at fullback and I think he’s actually improved. I like the way…Anthony Lynn does a tremendous job with our backs…and you know he’s got his base a little wider and so he’s not hitting and falling off. He’s got that big thump, he’s always had that, but he also sustains better. I just think, like I said he’s probably the best fullback in the game. So will he have a role? He’ll have a huge role on this team.

Q: What are your thoughts on the fullback position over time?
A: For us, I want to run the football and I think you have that kind of guy…It’s hard to find, number one, it’s hard to find a guy like that. You look for the guy with the short neck and all that, we get it. But it’s…Those guys are you’re right, the college game is washing that position out and you don’t see a whole lot of those guys – and for us it’s interesting because we have, I truly believe two of the best fullbacks in the game. I mean we have John Connor here and we never planned on it. I mean we went out, we got (Jerome) Felton, and then John was just sitting there, and we were like well we’ll take him. Give us the best players we can get regardless of the position and you know… But I was surprised that he was sitting there, but it is exactly what you’re saying, a true statement on the game when the fullbacks basically been eliminated.

Q: So is it just you holding the torch up for the fullbacks?
A: Well it’s not just me, I think it’s just us. I think if you really want to, you know have a running game in Neanderthal football if you will, that’s fine with me – I just want to win. But to me that fullback can be a vital part. Ours can run the football, they’re great blockers and you can release them back out. I mean they’re not going to beat anybody running a seam route too often, but both guys can catch the football as well.

Q: What have you seen from Ronald Darby and what do you expect from him on Friday?
A: I think he’ll just step right up. He’ll be going against his good buddy, his Florida State teammate things like that, a great big kid – so that’ll be good. Him and John Miller both, you wouldn’t know that they’re rookies. They step right in and play with confidence, passion, and that’s what I expect them to play with. Confidence, I think more than anything that confidence is what I’m looking for.

Q: Where you impressed with Matt Cassel’s speed on that run play for a big gain?
A: No. I was not impressed with it, but it was…It was excellent because you know the great thing is those plays work best when you don’t tell anybody else, and he never told anybody. (Eric) Wood’s trying to hold up on Marcell (Dareus), I’m like listen whatever happens you can’t get a holding penalty, cause he literally held him when he tried to get off, and I’m like the guy can’t get there in time anyways, you have got to let him go. He goes ‘Coach, I never realized he was going keep it.’ So that’s when they work the best and Matt did a nice job of it.

Q: I talked to Jerry Hughes and everyone knows how much fun this defense is having, and how good they are going be. Are they where you want them to be for Friday?
A: Well again we won’t show a whole lot but were going to get after it. Probably get a couple series and just go out and have some fun and get after it, and I think that’s what will do. But the thing I’ve been so pleased with, with our team, like we’re challenging them obviously physically but we’re challenging them mentally and this is a smart group. And they’ll take to it. We can play with no mental mistakes and let our physical play, combining that with the scheme as multiple as we’re going to be. That should be a heck of a combination and I truly believe were really working to that.

Q: Is there any update on Ross Cockrell or Caleb Holley’s injuries?
A: Yeah I think Caleb, I mean obviously that’s a pretty specific hamstring, a second degree one and then with Cockrell that could be a couple weeks at least – might be even more than that, might be three weeks so will see how he goes. In the long picture they’re not concerned, but obviously in the short term they will both be shut down.

Q: Where do you see the wide receiver competition going after Percy Harvin and Robert Woods fighting for that second spot?
A: Well I think those two guys are 2 and 2A so to speak. I mean both of those guys can play and we’re going to use them a ton, both guys, so I look at it as we really have three starters at receiver. Obviously Sammy (Watkins), and then Percy and Robert – so really pleased and happy with both of them. There’s going to be competition to make this roster. You’ve got (Marquise) Goodwin, (Chris) Hogan, you have got all these guys and there’s going to be some players that we’re not going to be able to keep and they’re going to be playing on other rosters, but that’s how deep this group of receivers are.

Q: Are they close enough where it will be hard to separate them?
A: Well I think so. I think from top to bottom it’s just a real nice group of receivers. So will there be other teams cherry picking off our roster ? I believe there will be, but it’s good for them, showcase. We’re going to keep the best guys who we think will help us win and let it sort out.

Q: Who can you realistically keep?
A: Well I think when you look at what we do, we try to keep the best players we can and regardless of positon. It may mean five safeties, six safeties, it may mean how many wide outs? You know seven, eight wide outs, six…I mean it’s too early to tell. But we’re gonna be, we’re a team that…I learned it from Ozzie (Newsome), and obviously Doug Whaley and we talk about it all the time. We’re gonna keep our best players and I remember one year we kept I think five safeties, which at the time nobody else did, and Jim Leonard was out fifth guy and he ended up starting 14 games for us cause we had an injury…and we had drafted two guys and obviously had a decent player in Ed Reed and then Landry who was coming off a great year. So it was like, it all worked out in the end cause we kept our best players.

DB Aaron Williams

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Q: How is it facing many different quarterback styles during each practice?

A: Each quarterback has a different style of play; so working off different quarterbacks helps us a lot during the season. Trying to figure out if Matt (Cassel) is more of a pocket quarterback and Tyrod (Taylor) more of a scramble type. So it helps out on both ends.

Q: How important is it to have different safeties to work with?

A: I mean like every week, somebody is going to go down, and when somebody goes down, somebody has to come up and make a play and step up. We all have to be in tune, no matter who it is. It could be me and Corey (Graham), could be Duke (Williams) and Corey. As long as guys are in sync together, we’ll be good.


Q: Are you looking forward to the game Friday?

A: We’re looking forward to going against somebody else for once. It happens every year, you go against the same people everyday for about two weeks, two and a half weeks straight, and there comes a time where you’re ready to game plan against somebody else.

Q: What are you seeing out of (Ronald) Darby?

A: He’s stepping up big time. For a rookie to come out here and make plays like that. Step in when we have a veteran guy like Leodis (McKelvin) down, he’s doing a great job. So we’re working on the communication stuff a little bit, but other than that, he’s doing fine.

DL Kyle Williams

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Q: When something like that happens (an injury), are you immediately concerned?

A: It’s kind of, you wait and see, you know, it happens, it’s football sometimes things happen and luckily it’s nothing crazy so, just try to get better every day and get back as soon as we can.

Q: How have things been so far out there as far as the defenses and the installations that you have to go through?

A: Good. We have a lot of learning to do with the defense we’re putting in, we have a lot of multiple things going on, guys playing a lot of different positions so, there’s a lot that goes into what we’re doing on defense and just trying to get a comfort level and know everything we’re doing, that way we can play fast.

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