Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Opening Statement
Today we had a couple injuries, we don’t how severe. We don’t think it is too serious with [Cyrus] Kouandjio’s knee, and Jarius Wynn with the knee also. You know at this point you want to side with the cautious side and make sure everyone is healthy and things like that. That is kind of where we are at there. Boobie Dixon, this happened before, I guess this is my first press conference since then, has a calf, where he pulled a calf and sometimes those things can last awhile. As we were talking, Scott (Berchtold) and I, for us we would be out two years. But for him, it is, it could be a severe thing. Sometimes a guy can be out three, four weeks at least even. It seems like it was pretty substantial, so I am not sure we are going to get Boobie for the next couple of weeks.

I thought practice today overall, we are doing some things specific things working a lot of zone reads against the defense, so we kind of spilt a period there, running some offensive things against certain looks and then we call it dealers choice and we had David Lee running the offense for us, running primarily zone read plays against the defense. Because I think know as teams are running it, whether you see it one snap, two snaps, twenty snaps you have to be prepared for it on defense. So obviously that is something we are looking at doing. We’ll flip sometimes. We’ll have EJ [Manuel] running it because we’ll run certainly some zone read with EJ at quarterback. We will do the same thing with Tyrod [Taylor]. We will spilt those guys back and forth so they are actually servicing the defense, but we are also running some of our plays against it. And then the same thing on defense we send three coaches down there to help get certain looks that maybe we are not doing, we are not presenting to our offense so that is kind of what we were doing in the period the way we spilt things up.

Another big thing, I believe I have been challenged to eat like a dog biscuit or something like that. SPCA is who we are trying to get awareness for and things like that. And with the name Rex, obviously I have eaten a lot of dog biscuits in my day, so this is no problem. I accept the challenge, I will do it tomorrow and the person I am going to challenge is going to be big. I am not going to tell you who that is till tomorrow, so just hang on. I want to make sure you guys are here for the press conference tomorrow. I thought it was kind of funny when I got challenged by this person and I am like alright let’s do it, it’s on. It will be one of them small biscuits, it can’t be the big ones or the large ones and jump out of a plane at the same time. But with that I will open it up for questions.

Q: Have you mapped out how you are going to operate this scrimmage?
A: Yeah, we have a formula in place and things like that. I believe with our situation at certain positions. We are going to have to tweak it a little bit. But it is going to be, guys are going to get plenty of action. Plenty of reps and all that so it is kind of a dress rehearsal for preseason games, but it’s more than that I think. I think it is an opportunity to go against our guys to really get after it and things like that. You know see if we don’t pick it up a level. So Saturday is… that’s when it is Scott… is going to be a big day, it really is.

Q: Do you think more controlled scrimmages would be more helpful than preseason games, if they got rid of preseason games, because you can dictate what you want to see?
A: I am not going to say that because it’s going to be like Ryan criticizes Goodell. And that is not normally good for my pocketbook, so I am not going to say that at all. Nah, but I think it is… it is a controlled scrimmage with the quarterbacks not live but everybody else is. So you are balancing that as well. Eventually you got to snap the ball and you got to be able to tackle people. So that is what we will definitely do.

Q: LeSean McCoy hasn’t taken a team drill in the last two practices.
A: He just had a little toe, it’s not turf toe or anything like that, but that is kind of a soreness, swelling type thing. He is going, it is not something that is really going to hamper him in the near future. But yeah it will be good to get him some more team reps.

Q: Do you think he will be ready to go by the time the scrimmage come around?
A: Yeah, I hope so. I think he will be. But obviously that can change. The main thing is not that he plays the scrimmage, the main thing is he ready to roll when there is live bullets. But it would be good to get him in there for sure.

Q: Where are you on Bryce Brown, where do you stand with him?
A: He hasn’t laid any on the carpet yet. So he has been doing a nice job. I think Anthony Lynn is as good of a coach as there is at teaching ball security. I think that is going to help Bryce. But I see him, he came back in great shape. He’s certainly got an opportunity here and it’s good to see. I see him, he looks like he has got that explosive speed still and ball security has not been an issue.

Q: How about special teams, is that an issue since he doesn’t really participate in special seams?
A: Well it certainly helps you because I think the more you can do to contribute for this football team whether it is on special teams or whatever, obviously that gives players a leg up. Because special teams is a very big part of the evaluation stage, putting your best team together because they can say it’s a third of the game it’s not quite a third of the game but it’s certainly important.

Q: He is not part of the special teams?
A: Well he hasn’t been, he hasn’t been in the past. We will see what the future holds for him and again I am not saying that is the only way you get on a team. Certainly we have some guys that are the majority of the reason why they are on this team is because they are top notch special teams players. You know it is something that you look for, for sure.

Q: You have talked about Mario Butler before can you be more specific?
A: Well he does have great size. The thing I see is playmaking skills, especially in the mini-camps, it seemed like he would get an interception a practice. He did a tremendous job there and you still see it out here that’s good. Special seams may be important to him as well he hasn’t been a big contributor on special teams either. But he is a guy that is smart and he plays to his strengths. He recognizes some weakness or limitations, but he plays to his strengths. Especially on the corner you got to play with confidence, you got to know who you are and he gets it. He does a nice job, he knows our system very few mental mistakes. So it gives him an opportunity.

Q: How much is it a setback for Boobie Dixon not being out there?
A: Yeah, it’s big. We obviously wish we had him, he’s a guy that loves to practice, clearly loves to play as well. Huge contributor on special teams for us as well as being a running back, so it’s a big loss for us if he loses any significant time.

Q: It seems like there was a big name on the sideline today?
A: No, he’s just out there. He’s a friend of mine or whatever but you know he’s just coming out here and trying to…You know he’s a quarterback guy but he’s not officially employed by the Bills.

Q: What’s his name?
A: Uh I’d rather not say…[Laughs] Joe Dickinson is his name.

Q: What are your thoughts on John Miller’s first few days of camp?
A: Well first off I think John has been everything that’s advertised. You know we brought him in here anticipating the fact that he probably would jump right in it, and he has. So from really day one, day two, whatever, he’s been running as…With the first group at right guard and he continues to do that, his technique’s outstanding. Talked to (Aaron) Kromer today and Aaron goes, he goes we’ll you know young man made a mistake today. He did make one mistake today and he said but he gave me the greatest reason. You know, so he goes this is what I saw, here’s why…I know I made a mistake but here’s why I thought I was doing this and this. He goes wow that’s impressive. But he really is, he’s been tremendous, he’s been on top of his assignments. From a technique standpoint, stays square when he’s in pass protection, he’s a good athlete. You know he’s not the prettiest guy, cause he’s kind of short and squatty and all that stuff – looks like an old stealer guard but he’s very affective and you know we knew what we were getting when we drafted him. We did a lot of great work, you know our scouts, Doug Whaley and company they did a tremendous job of locating him, bringing him in here. We were blown away by his knowledge and so we’ve been pleased with him from day one.

Q: What about Cyril (Richardson)? He got some reps in for Richie (Incognito) Today.
A: Yeah he’s been getting reps in at left guard and right guard, and he’s making a step. I see him taking a step forward as well so again, competition is great and things, but we’re really happy with him.

Q: What can Charles C lay add to this team?
A: I think Charles is a, we know he’s a multi-talented type guy. He can block, he gives you a vertical threat as a receiver, but also the underneath. He’s smart and you know, so I’ve seen a lot of that, I don’t think we’ve seen everything that he’s getting ready to do for us to this point. We’ve been seeing more Sammy Watkins featured and things like that, but that’s kind of where we’re at now. I think he’s been really pleased with him, I don’t know if he’s made the monster plays that we’re anticipating in the regular season.

Q: How happy are you that Jerry Hughes is back for this season?
A: No, they told me before I took this job that he’d be back. No, I’m just kidding. That was great, and you’re right sometimes when guys go into the free agency you are nervous about it, but with Jerry, he wanted to be a Bill, it’s home for him and him coupled with his linemates, those three guys it’s a special group, there’s no hiding that fact. But yeah, it’s comforting having him here there’s no doubt about that.

Q: How much value is there having both Jim Kelly and Andre Reed here at camp?
A: I think it’s great. I mean you’re talking about HOF players that are in the community and all that. Thurman Thomas we had out here the other day so yeah, it’s great to see them. You kind of wish we could, you know, roll back the clock a little bit let them get back in there, don’t know if we’d have a quarterback controversy if Jim was in his prime, don’t think we’d have that, no disrespect to the guys we’ve got, he was pretty good. But no, it’s great having him around and all the guys of course know and appreciate Jim and everything that he does for this community and this organization, I mean anytime you see a legend like that, guys see that, and I think it’s great for your team.

Q: Doug Whaley made a comment earlier that he felt EJ (Manuel) was a little behind. How do you think EJ has performed up to this point?
A: Well think sometimes there’s a, you know, and again there’s different stages and things like that, but I’ve been happy with EJ as far as his knowledge and things, I think he’s picking up the system pretty well now, I think his reads have been a little sharper, I’d still like to see more consistency with his accuracy and so I probably think that was probably what Doug was referring to.

Q: EJ has fumbled a lot of snaps recently. Have you noticed or seen this during film?
A: No I think sometimes, depending on who’s under there or whatever, whether that’s his fault for dropping too early, or the centers fault. We’ve had some issues early, but I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.

Q: What are your first impressions of Karlos Williams?
A: I don’t think we’ve seen all of him yet because I think he’s going to be a big contributor on special teams for us, and I think that’s, we kind of brought him in to be a running back and special teams guy. He was probably the ACC’s best special teams player, captain of Florida State’s special teams twice, and it’s another reason why we brought in Tony Steward, because he was captain of Clemson’s team for the last two years, so both these guys I think are going to make, you know they can be expecting to make huge contributions on special teams as well as on the offense and defense.

Q: How much can Greg Roman open up the playbook when Tyrod Taylor is in the lineup?
A: Well Greg’s playbook is going to be open anyway; it’s going to be open regardless who’s at quarterback. In my opinion, I think Greg’s the … well have the, probably the biggest playbook in the history of man in our running game. Why? Because it’s important to us. We want to be multiple in the running game and that’s what Greg does. He’s as multiple as some people are in the passing game, we could be that way in the running game as well. And that’s why the mentality, it’s not just how the guy’s throwing on 1-on-1’s or 7-on-7 or whatever. It’s the mental thing that we want to do with our quarterback that we need from us. We want to get ourselves in good plays, and we know, in my opinion I’ve got as good as it gets at offensive coordinator and Greg Roman so, having the legs, the factor in with Tyrod Taylor, I get it, I know exactly what you mean, because now you open it up to zone reads you do all that type of stuff with a quarterback that can be extremely dangerous, you know probably more dangerous than Matt Cassel at that stuff, but that’s really why I we’re looking at EJ. I think EJ has some athleticism as well, not saying he has the same athleticism obviously of Tyrod, but he can move a little bit and that’s why we’re working that drill with him as well.

TE Chris Manhertz

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Q: What’s been the hardest thing for you so far?

A: The most challenging part is probably the mental aspect, the playbook, and you know reading coverages, recognizing different fronts and just adjusting on the fly with that. But you know eventually I’ll understand it to a T.

Q: Have you fallen behind at all having to sit a few practices out?

A: You know I wouldn’t say I’ve fallen far behind. You know sitting here on the sidelines and watching and taking everything in – it might even be a blessing is disguise in a sense that I’m sitting back and learning from the sideline so that once I go out there it’s just you know, second nature.

Q: What’s the physical aspect of it all been like?

A: It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. You know we all grown men here, we know that this is the game of football, it’s an extremely physical game – you just have to be ready for the challenge.

Q: You had some friends visiting you today, what’s it like for them seeing you out here?

A: You know some of them still can’t even believe it – I still can’t even believe it. You know it’s probably hitting me when I threw on these pads today and I was really out there, but it’s a blessing for sure.

G John Miller
Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Q: How’s the speed of the game for you?
A: The speed of the game is fast, you know, making that transition from college to the NFL it’s always a speed adjustment. But come out here and focus on practicing and trying to get better each and every day and try to catch up with the speed as we go.

Q: You’re in a unique position where you’re going against a couple Pro Bowlers almost every rep, how’s that been?
A: Oh it’s awesome just because like you said those guys are pro bowlers. They are experienced guys, great guys, great teammates so it’s good to go against those guys and get better.

Q: How much does a guy like Eric Wood help you?
A: Yeah I know Eric pretty well, but it’s great going on the same side on the opposite line with Eric Wood knowing he’s a veteran guy – he know the offense inside and out so just taking a little pointers from him, and kind of learning from him is good.

Q: Are you guys learning new things every day on offense or is just knowing where you need to be and repetition?
A: We still probably have a few more installs that we have to put in but most of the offense in. After that it’s just little tweaks here, adjustments here, stuff like that.

Q: How are you physically, back 100 percent?
A: Yeah.

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