Head Coach Doug Marrone
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Q: Injuries?
A: Scott Berchtold: Did not participate: [Jonathan] Meeks with a neck, {Randell] Johnson with the knee, [Robert] Woods with an ankle. Limited participation in practice: Keith Rivers with a groin, [Stefan] Charles with a hip and Chris Williams with a back. Full participation: Sammy [Watkins] with the ribs and Lee Smith with the toe.

Q: Has Robert had a setback with his ankle?
A: Overnight something could happen, so I think that’s why he wasn’t able to practice today.

Q: Was he hurt yesterday?
A: At the end yesterday, yeah.

Q: Did Chris Williams get hurt in practice today?
A: No he practiced. We have him as limited, right? Yeah, when he went throughout the practice we just watched his reps.

Q: Is there concern that the injury to Robert is a serious injury?
A: Serious injury meaning that he may miss the game Sunday? Right now, he wouldn’t be able to play.

Q: How would you handle Robert’s injury?
A: We dress five receivers. We have four for game day.

Q: Would Hogan be the next guy up?
A: All of our guys can play all three spots, so that’s not a problem.

Q: Have you had the injury evaluated on Robert?
A: Honestly, I don’t know. I really don’t know that. I really truly don’t know that. I really don’t.

Q: With Chris Williams being limited today, is Cyril Richardson closer to seeing some game day action?
A: Because of injury? Yeah, he’d come up if one of our inside guys got hurt. We’ve got [Kraig] Urbik in there now as one of the seven guys that dress and Cyril would come up. I wouldn’t have a problem playing him if we had to.

WR Sammy Watkins
Thursday, September 18, 2014

Q: It’s three or four weeks since your rib injury. How are you feeling now?
A: I’m feeling pretty good. Just day-by-day it gets better. I’ve just have to keep working and keep getting treatment.

Q: Is your playing time so far been what you expected coming in?
A: I’m getting a lot of playing time. I probably missed eight plays out of the whole game and that’s probably [after] the eight times I touched the ball. I’ve just got to keep continuing to gain confidence on the field and fight through the pains I have to fight through and just keep playing hard.

Q: How long-term an injury do you anticipate this will be?
A: I don’t know how long. It’s a nagging injury. It’s something you can play with. Hopefully it stops. Whenever it stops, I’ll be fine. Right now I just have to play through it.

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