DON’T GET ME STARTED ASKS THE QUESTION – Would you rather retain players or spend money heading into the unknown.

Buffalo Bills

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Bills fans can go through rosters to see former Bills players doing great job for their teams. Marshawn Lynch is one good example. The latest pair to have signed with other teams, after being cut by the Bills are Scott Chandler and C.J. Spiller.

All of a sudden, the Buffalo Bills look as if they’re the farm team for the rest of the league.

Losing Chandler – or letting him go – poses a problem since the Bills are absent good tight ends. Chandler had a good/decent year with over 40 catches for hundreds of yards and 3 touchdowns. He was good going over the middle.

And guess where he’s going? TO THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS. Score one for Belichick over Rex Ryan.

Then it was announced that C.J. Spiller got a pretty darn good deal with the New Orleans Saints. The fact remains, C.J. Spiller was an east-west running back with speed. Now Buffalo has McCoy – an east-west runner with a little less footwork than Spiller.

If anyone is getting exciting by the Bills moves……let’s focus on the biggest crying need for the Bills. They have done very little in putting together a good offensive line. McCoy won’t flourish behind the current line. Incognito might be a mystery since he hasn’t played for well over a year.

Another mystery might be the signing of Percy Harvin who stays with a team for about a year. The Bills have a decently good receiving corps so why Harvin.

There’s one thing that the Pegulas don’t hesitate in doing and that’s spending big dollars that might become a problem in future years. Who knows?

As far as the tight end is concerned…….where are they. Yes, they “negotiate” with Miami’s Clay, but if they don’t get him, they’re really in a pickle since a couple of the Bills TEs are gone. Chandler was a decent tight end with the ability to go across the middle to make some fine catches. Now he’ll team up with Gronkowski and play twice for Buffalo. The Pats are also in talks with RB Reggie Bush who will go to the Champs for a lot less than McCoy got.

I wonder how many teams are muttering to themselves, “Who can I whisk off that Bills roster for practically little to give them” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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