RB C.J. Spiller

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Q: How important is it for this team to have that extra week of training camp?

A: We need it. We’ve got a young team. We haven’t made the playoffs in forever, so we need to be here and trying to work for one common goal.


Q: Was it good to get live action going today?

A: Yeah, it was good to get tackled. With the game coming up about a week away, to get out there and get a couple hits in felt good.


Q: At what point will the offensive line click?

A: You want to be hitting on all cylinders by the third preseason game. When we play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers we want to make sure we’re hitting on all cylinders because that’ll be the last one we have before it’s real action. Like I said, it’s early in camp. We have some good days, they have good days and it was one of those days where we started off well, but we weren’t mentally tough to finish the practice.


C Eric Wood

Saturday, July 26, 2014 

Q: The defensive line was able to get a lot of pressure on EJ (Manuel) today. Was the defensive line just making plays or were you guys struggling? Was EJ holding the ball too long?

A: No, I think the only time he’s hanging on to it is when the progressions are more downfield. We just have to do a better job protecting.


Q: Coach Marrone called you guys together before the end of practice. What did he say to you then?

A: We were just going over a little four-minute drill at the end. He was just going over some points of emphasis. You know, just reminders of what he wanted done in that period.


Q: Was he more forceful or emotional?

A: No, there was a live period where he’ll try and get us going and where we’ll have goal line situations moving forward. But there, it was simply based upon the emphasis of no penalties. We don’t want any exotic snap counts and hold onto the football.


Q: Is the defensive line pretty good? Is that what’s giving you troubles?

A: I mean we understand that if we can block our front four, then we’ll be able to block about anybody. For my money, I think they’re the best in the league. But that’s no excuse. We have to be able to do our jobs and we have to do a better job. I think in regular down and distance, we’re doing a good job of understanding situations, but when we do all third downs and they’re all third long, we’re not executing as well right now.


RB Bryce Brown

Saturday, July 26, 2014


Q: You get a few extra reps here tonight?

A: Yeah, I got a chance to get a lot of work in with Fred [Jackson] going down. I got an opportunity to just get a few more plays in and get a better feel of the offense.


Q: When you look at this offense do you feel at all like it’s just kind of sputtering and not really making plays?

A: I mean it’s the beginning of camp. We have a great defense and they’re really challenging us, and that’s only going to make us better. We’re only six days of practice in so we’ve got a lot of room to improve, but that’s what we’re here for.


Q: Do you think the struggles up front are just the defensive line doing a great job or is the offense having communication issues?

A: I think it’s a little bit of both. Our defense is doing a great job, we just need to pick up our game offensively. But like I said, it’s early in camp, and we just need to get into the film room and get it figured out. We have plenty of time to do so.


Q: With the depth you guys have in the backfield do you relish this opportunity to get in there and get some more reps?

A: Every rep matters, every rep counts. The more times you get in, the better feel you’ll get for the offense and that’s important going into the season.


Q: Obviously you had LeSean McCoy in front of you in Philadelphia. What have you learned from C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson? Anything different?

A: McCoy is a great running back, CJs great, Fred’s great. I’ve learned a lot from those guys on just how to be a pro and how to attack this game, attack training camp, and they’re doing a great job helping me come along in the offense.


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