Buffalo Bills DT Marcell Dareus

Monday, September 16, 2013

Q: What did you make of Mario’s (Williams) dominating performance?
A: It’s what we expected. A guy like that, playing in a defense like this, it’s designed for him to just cut loose and use his athletic ability and use his strength and power to overwhelm offensive tackles. It’s nothing short of what I expected. I expect it to be the rest of the year as well.

Q: What was it like on the sideline or in the huddle?
A: He was just same old Mario (Williams). Nothing different, really not too overexcited, just pepping everybody up, just keep going, keep fighting, keep going hard. Just being regular old Mario. This is what we expected for him to do so it’s not a huge surprise on our end.

Q: When he has a game like that, what does that do of the entire collective unit?
A: We all work together. I feel like a sack is not an individual goal, it’s a collective thing for everybody. Our DB’s do their job and me and Kyle (Williams), and Alex Carrington do our jobs and it leads to him to just be open to get one-on-ones with the running back, one on ones with the tackle and help the line slide our way. Me and Kyle pushed the pocket so that Cam (Newton) couldn’t run up the middle which is what he wants to do and by us holding him to that it gives Mario freedom to just have fun and do his thing. It just feeds the whole defense. As you saw yesterday, we just stayed on top of him no matter what the situation was and we held them. They went down there three times and we held them to three points each time. It was a big plus for us, we just feed off it.

RB Fred Jackson

Monday, September 16, 2013

Q: That drop on purpose during the two-minute drill, was that something you are taught?
A: It’s something that I’m just constantly aware of. Any time you go in to a two-minute drill, I’m thinking of every possible way to save time for us. We’ve talked about, where you get tackled in a game as opposed to trying to get out of bounds every time. Things like that. I think if you’ve been around the game long enough you pick up on little subtle things that you can do to help in the two-minute drill. That was just one of them that came to me right when I caught the ball.

Q: There the yards were negligible. It would have been a big risk to catch the ball.

A: Exactly. Right there, I catch the ball and it’s a one-yard gain or a loss. We run 10 seconds off the clock trying to get everything set up. It just wasn’t worth the catch to get a one yard gain and run 10 seconds off the clock. At the time I was just thinking I’ve got to drop this and preserve the time.

Q: That has to be so unnatural, to drop a pass on purpose?
A: It’s one of those things, like I said, you’re constantly trying to think of what you can do to help preserve the clock and it was just one of the things that came to me at the time.

Q: How was EJ’s (Manuel) demeanor as he led the team down the field in the two-minute drill?
A: He knew what he wanted to get done. He was poised. He did what he had to do to move us down the field. Took whatever the defense was giving him and made throws and did whatever we needed to win that game. That’s all we can ask for. He got the calls out to the field, got everybody lined up, knew where everybody was supposed to be and he made the throws to win a football game for us.

WR Stevie Johnson

Monday, September 16, 2013

Q: Is that a play where you can exhale from all the pressure you put on yourself?
A: Yeah it feels good. I can’t say that it’s nothing; it’s a play that should have been made. It felt good, especially the things that I’ve been through here, the ups and the downs. The fans being with me, the fans getting on me, it’s a good feeling to have. At the end of the day, the team did that. It wasn’t me, I just ran a route and they had a miscommunication. It wasn’t me versus their nickel guy and I’m beating him. I just ran a route and they had a miscommunication.

Q: The receivers looked like you guys were winning a lot of routes. Is that what you were seeing?
A: Yeah that’s how I see it. We haven’t seen the film of the past game, probably have another hour or so until we check that out and then move on to the Jets, but yeah I felt like our receivers were open the majority of the team. That’s why I feel like we can be a very dominant offense. We’ve got that talent in the receiving room and that’s only the receivers. We got the running backs with Freddy (Jackson) and C.J. (Spiller), Tashard (Choice) and Frank (Summers). Frank made a big play in the passing game to start us off. It’s a good feeling.

Q: What about working the middle of the field. It seems like Robert (Woods) was doing that yesterday in helping you out between the numbers.
A: Yeah and that’s what he should do. With him being here, when I’m not going he can lift us up. When he’s not going, T.J. (Graham) can lift us up. When T.J. isn’t going, I can. That’s why I feel like the type of depth we have, unfortunately Marquise Goodwin isn’t playing with the injury, but when he comes back we’ll be even better. I’m excited about this team.

RB C.J. Spiller

Monday, September 16, 2013

Q: We know how it felt minutes after, how does it feel the morning after?
A: Any time you get a win it always feels good. You dwell on it for a little bit, as much as you can, but for me my focus has already shifted to the Jets.

Q: How does this morning feel different because of the way you won yesterday?
A: You see the excitement. Guys are happy that we won. However you take them, it’s always a good thing. There’s definitely more smiles on people’s faces, instead of coming in and saying, ‘We could have done this or we just fell short.’ To me that’s the biggest difference.

Q: How does a win like this validate all of the work you’ve put in and all of the changes? Does it validate that you’re heading in the right direction?
A: We know that. I don’t think last week was any indication that we were going in the wrong direction, they just made more plays than we did at the end. Yesterday we were on the end of the stick where we made more plays than what they did towards the end of the game. We are definitely going in the right direction now. Definitely still not using the tempo we want offense-wise. There’s still some stuff that we can get better at. I hope we don’t get complacent with a win like this. We still have some more games to play.

Q: You’ve been around long enough to know that wins like that don’t come around very often with this franchise. Doesn’t that make it something more?
A: Well it was a huge win for the players and the organization to finally win a close game. Last week we were on the losing side of the stick. That’s definitely a confidence builder, now we know that we’re going to play them until the end and we’re going to continue to fight. We definitely are going to use that as a stepping block.

C Eric Wood

Monday, September 16, 2013

Q: How big of a play was Fred Jackson’s intentional drop on the two-minute drill?

A: That’s a great play by him. That kind of shows what type of dude Fred Jackson is for us. A guy that can really do anything for us. He’s probably the best chipper and pass blocker in the NFL as a running back. I know other teams have talked to us about it, him coming out of the backfield and waylaying guys. For him to make a play like that is just him being an awesome football player.

Q: I know that tempo is a process, after two games, where do you feel you are in that arc of where you want to get the tempo to be?
A: We’ve obviously got to get better early in games. We’ve shown we get better as the game goes on. I don’t know if that’s our tempo wearing on the defense, us getting more comfortable or what, but we’ve got to start the game better. We know that and that will be a premium coming up. We’re doing some things well, but when I watch the tape all I think is we still have a lot of potential. We’re leaving a lot of plays out there. All 11 guys could be playing a little bit better and like I said, there’s so many plays out there that we’re not making right now that we should be scoring a lot more points.

Q: Is it encouraging knowing that there are other levels that this offense can reach?
A: It’s encouraging, but last week it was extremely disappointing. Watching plays that we could have made against New England that we didn’t or got called back because of penalties or some other type of mistake. This week it’s encouraging because we won and can say, ‘Man we can get so much better’, but last week when we lost it was extremely disappointing seeing the plays we left out there.

WR Robert Woods

Monday, September 16, 2013

Q: It seems like you have a knack for working the middle of the field and getting separation. Seems like your work happens between the numbers. Do you know what I mean?
A: Yeah, just playing receiver, whether it’s inside or outside and still try to find ways to get open. The middle is where it was this week. Just trust in him that the ball will be in a great spot and protect me as well.

Q: EJ Manuel said he didn’t have any doubt on the two point conversion. Is that a play you guys work on quite a bit?
A: Exactly. That’s one of our go-to plays in a situation like that. The ball is low just for protection of a linebacker or safety coming over. Putting the ball low is just protecting me from the hit.

Q: How much are they lining you out in the different wide receiver spots through these first couple weeks?
A: Yes moving around, outside and inside like you said. With the fast paced offense we’re running, it doesn’t matter where we line up as long as we get the play called and signaled. Just go from there.

Q: Where do you think your relationship with EJ in the passing game can go from here?
A: Just be more consistent I would say. We always have a slow start, I feel like if we start off early and play well we can go a long way.



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