Buffalo Bills HC Rex Ryan

Monday, August 10th, 2015

Opening Statement: On the Injury front, we had (Alex) Carrington out with a bruised rotator cuff, so normally when you say that, everybody starts doing one of these deals, but it’s not serious, he should be fine. Kyle (Williams) went out with a quad bruise, when Marcell (Dareus) made a play; he kind of threw the ball carrier into him. He got hit on the side, but he’s going to be ok. That’s probably a three or four day type. (Caleb) Holley went out with a hamstring, a second degree one, so he could be out a while. (Chris) Manhertz had some ribs … so we’re getting that x-rayed I don’t know if it’s a broken rib or something like that. And then we had Goodwin just wasn’t feeling well so…I think he threw up in front of everybody so that was…that was my first indication that he wasn’t feeling good. I thought our offense looked pretty good today. I like the fact that we really got Sammy (Watkins) involved. I figured a correlation. When Sammy gets involved, good things happen. So (Matt) Cassel, that’s a good ball by him today, threw that deep ball to Sammy in that two minute for a touchdown, so really pleased with that. And then I think our protection. With our first offensive line I think our protection has been holding up pretty good, and that’s been solid. I think the second defensive line is much further along than our second o-line I think. And so sometimes it becomes a little more difficult when you put the two’s in but, anyway, other than that, I’ll open it up to questions.

Q: Are you thinking of starting Matt Cassel on Friday?

A: Yeah we’ll start him on Friday and then how much work he gets we’ll see but we’re going to get all those guys work through the preseason games and he’ll get the first shot out just like EJ (Manuel) got it last time.

Q: Tyrod (Taylor) was with the second team during the two minute drill, will he be with the two’s on Friday?

A: That’s a possibility, we really haven’t discussed that yet, but we’re trying to get them all. EJ had a rep with the third group, but we’re giving them two minute situations and they were all before the half so we made it to where that was right before half time, it wasn’t into the game, and unfortunately, you know, he throws the interception but it was the receiver who ran the wrong route so that contributed to it obviously.

Q: Was Cassel’s day today what you were hoping to see from a QB Saturday?

A: Yeah I’ll tell you, they were close because Tyrod–he missed two touchdown passes by this far. So his day might of looked a lot different, you know, had he hit those, but, you know what you are looking for or whatever, I mean he looked good today, you know Matt looked good. But sometimes it’s a, ”Hey offense looked great, ah, defense didn’t look so good.” “Ah the defense looked great but the offense never look so good.” So when you’re against your own team there’s always a winner and a loser in drills ands everything else, I thought today that two minute obviously, I thought, you know kudos to our offense because it definitely won that two minute today.

Q: Is it fair to say that the team might be leaning towards Cassel as the starter?

A: It would be fair to say that, but it’s not the truth. So I think that, you know, that’s kind of how I answer that question.

Q: As much importance as you were placing on Saturday, in your mind how much has it put things in order for you with QB’s?

A: Not a whole lot. I think maybe I was looking for a little separation or somebody would rise to the occasion but that really didn’t happen so, everybody had their moments. I thought EJ probably had the best of the scrimmage maybe, and then today clearly it was Cassel. The previous two days, it was Tyrod. So, you know, I’m looking for that consistent guy that’s going to be at the top each time out.

Q: Are you getting frustrated not seeing consistency yet?

A: No, I’m patient. I think we haven’t even gotten to our preseason game yet, so that’s you know, I anticipated this thing drawing out a little bit, and to be fair, I think the big thing is to be fair and get the right guy. Make the right decision. I think that’s what we owe our fan base, that’s what we owe our football team.

Q: You guys extended (Nickell) Robey over the weekend, do you recall from your time with the Jets noticing him?

A: Well that was it. At first you’re like, look at this little dude. And that was kind of how you approached it. Then later you’re like, oh this little dude can play. So I think it was, you know he jumps out at you that way. Instinctive, can run, changes directions, tough. So he brings all that to you, to the table, and he’s strong. He just, he’s just short. But he’s got everything and he’s smart. The more you’re around him the more I really appreciate him. He’s an excellent football player and he did jump out at me when I was with the Jets, there’s no doubt about that.

Q: Today we saw more Karlos Williams with the first team. Is that a reflection of how he played in the scrimmage Saturday night?

A: Well yeah I think it’s…You know you kind of went up the ladder, we wanted to see Karlos. I thought he did…he’s starting to do a lot of good things out there, but that doesn’t mean Bryce (Brown) won’t be given another opportunity. You know the fumble was disappointing, I mean to put it mildly, because he was having a nice day and then it’s like…You know every single team is going to be attacking that football and quite honestly you just can’t have it. I mean I don’t care how many…If you carry it 300 times you have to hold on to that sucker and that’s what we’re counting on as a team. 

Q: It seems like Sammy Watkins has been getting the best of Stephon Gilmore during camp, do expect Stephon to win more?

A: Oooh I wouldn’t say that. I wouldn’t say that at all, no I wouldn’t. Who’d he catch the touchdown on today? [Darby]. Okay, but trust me I just wanted to make sure you knew that. But it was…He’s getting the best of (Ronald) Darby, I’d agree with that, but he’s not getting the best of Stephon – I think that is a heck of a battle. But you have two guys with that kind of ability to be premium, top of the line corner, top of the line receiver and that’s been a heck of battle. But I would disagree with you there.

Q: Were you a little worried watching Robert Woods throw haymakers at a helmet today in that little scrap?

A: Yeah and he looked…You know he had that big mouth guard, like that Joe Frasier mouth guard on and stuff like that. I’m like dude we have to do a better job, number one you don’t want to punch a guy without the helmet on, and the other thing you don’t want to punch a guy with a helmet on cause you’ll break a hand. So in other words don’t fight, you know that’s what I’d prefer. Sometimes I know it gets heated, every now and then it’s just like a little thing and you just let it go…And this is not a thing that has carried over to the locker room. Those things happen sometimes. But yeah that’s when you get concerned, when a guy’s helmet comes off or you have somebody swinging a helmet, or swinging at a guy without a helmet – that doesn’t end up well.

Q: Why isn’t Aaron Williams practicing?

A: He’s fine. You know what he got…I guess he had a goal line play and got hit on the side here and I guess it was a little more substantial than I thought. But he should be out there tomorrow.

Q: Nigel Bradham and Preston Brown have talked about being the best line backing duo in the league. Any comparison with the two guys you coached in Baltimore?

A: That’s something to strive for certainly. If anybody can beat Ray Lewis, we’ll sign up for it, you know and Bart Scott. I don’t know if we’re there yet but I know one thing I love the attitude, and they want to be the very best. You know but…that’s a tall order right there.

Q: Do you see Cyrus Kouandjio getting any more reps with the first team? It seems like Seantrel Henderson is getting most of them.

A: Yeah Seantrel I think is really doing well. But again he will work in there some, but I think Seantrel is a little ahead right now.

Q: Any idea when Dan Carptenter will be ready to practice?

A: No you know there’s a rumor that he’s on the team, but no just…You know those are things, especially as a kicker. You know if he pushes back and now all of a sudden you have a setback that’s the thing were trying to avoid. Will probably carry… (Jordan) Gay will do the kicking and that in that first preseason game and then when Carpenter’s ready he’ll be fine. But we’re fortunate to have a good replacement, you know most guys don’t have a guy that can…you know that’s a quality back up kicker but now this happens to be the best kickoff guy in the league but he’s probably…he’s a decent kicker as well. You know he’s got a leg to kick with anybody, probably not as accurate as most but that’s what he’s working on. So it’s probably a good thing for him and hopefully Carpenter gets back quick.

Q: Was EJ’s interception today a wrong route?

A: Yeah, it was a wrong route.

Q: Do you know who the receiver was?

A: I don’t want to throw the guy under the bus, I believe it was uh… It wasn’t Sammy (Watkins) cause he’s from Clemson. Give me a… Is there a Florida State kid on the receivers? I think it was (Karlos) Williams, moved to wide out for that particular play.

QB Matt Cassel

Monday, August 10, 2015

Q: You are officially the starter on Friday how does it feel?

A: Its great. It will be a great opportunity for me. I am excited about the opportunity to go out there and play and be able to show case everything we have been working on and everything else. Preseason always an exciting time, again it will be our first time going up against a real opponent. We have put in a lot of hard work out here. I think everybody is ready to hit somebody else.

Q: Any indication of how long you will play?

A: I have no idea. Like I said, the more the merrier. I always look forward to preseason because there is no substitution for game speed when you get out there under the lights, real fans there and you’re hitting and there is contact. The more time that you can play the more comfortable you become as the season gets going.

Q: Rex is looking for consistency and says he hasn’t seen that yet. How do you feel its been going?

A: You know I feel like it has been a little bit of back and forth. And I think it has been back and forth in terms of offensively. We have had production one day and the next day the defense does a good job. Its been more back and forth in that manner. And then when we go in we review the film and to correct those mistakes that you made and build the successes you had and the things you did right. And that is what this time of year is built for, for everybody. I think it is one of those things you come out, you get repetitions and at the same time we are all learning. Cause there is a lot of install going on and again this is only our third, fourth time going through all of this since spring. It’s a new offense so there are going to be mistakes that will inevitably happen. But its about correcting those things and like you said becoming more consistent.

Q: This is about the most open quarterback competition. Do you feel like you can accomplish what you need to, to pull away?

A: You know you just go day by day. Whenever they tell you to get in there you just get in there and do your best. Like I said its all about execution and just like you said its about going out there and being consistent. So that is what it really comes down to.

Q: What do you think you can do to create separation?

A: You just got to go out and run the offense and hopefully you do well and you move the ball down the field. Show them you did all the things your supposed to do. Go through your reads correctly and don’t make the big mistake.

Q: Where does Sammy Watkins rank in terms of receivers you have worked with in your career?

A: Oh, he is a heck of a player. And he demonstrated that last year. I am not going to rank him anywhere right now, he is going into his second year. But I think he has got the potential to be a very good receiver and maybe a great receiver in this league. You have great work ethic and he is also a very smart individual. So hopefully he just continues and the sky is the limit for him.

Q: What is it about him that stands out  on the field?

A: I think it’s his acceleration. You know what I mean, it is quite impressive to be honest with you. The stop and start is quite explosive and probably one of the best I have been around in terms of when he puts his foot in the ground he explodes off that ball there is instant acceleration and that is really impressive.

Q: Were you just throwing to spot there on that touchdown in the two minute drill?

A: I threw it exactly where I wanted to. I am not just throwing it to a spot. It is one of those things you start to repeat…if you guys saw the route, it was just as impressive of a route. Because he went and stacked the guy and leaned into him used his big body, left me room on the outside. Those are all technique things that the coaches have done a tremendous job of coaching him up. Then taking that coaching out onto the field. And that is what we want to see this time of year.

Q: Will there be any significance to you to be out on the field in a game environment again?

A: It will be exciting. It was a long year last year there is no doubt about it. Going out at the end of the first quarter or early second quarter last year and breaking my foot and the long recovery. You know it is exciting every time I step out onto the football field. But it will be really exciting because I know I worked tremendously hard to get back to this point. And to also have another opportunity to be out on the field, and its always a blessing and I don’t take it for granted. I’ll tell you that.

Q: Part of the discipline is not doing too much to try and create separation?

A: You bring up a great point. Part of it within a competition is not putting pressure on yourself to do to much and staying within the offense. A lot of times… I was a young player too trying to make plays and you run around and you think you are doing something wonderful and you are throwing the ball down about to make a play and all of a sudden bad results happen. That is one thing you have to guard against and that is what we talk about all the time. The consistency of playing the position is making sure on third down if you’re running around the throw is to throw it away, throw it away.  We will punt and we have a good defense and we will go from there.

Q: Is that part of that maturity?

A: You are saying I am getting older. I know when we run those gasser after practice and those guys are flying around and I am five yards behind them and I am going what in the world. But I think it does come with maturity. And also you have to know when to take risks. There are times in games when you look we have to throw the ball up. We had a drill the other day where they set up where it is fourth and 15 with six seconds you have to throw it in the end zone. No matter what the result is that is when you have to take the high risk and hope for the best. It is definitely something that comes with maturity and something as you learn, you are going to make those mistakes every now and then, but you try to minimize them.

Q: Can you talk about what Percy Harvin brings as a traditional wide receiver?

A: Well I think Percy has all the skill sets to be an outside wide receiver there is no doubt. He is also one of the players you can do the reverses and everything else with. I think a lot of teams have taken advantage of that how tough he is and also his ability when he gets the ball in his hands to be explosive. I think he has done a tremendous job this camp of really coming out there and embracing being a wide receiver. Has worked tremendously hard and he has been one of our most consistent receivers all camp.

Q: Do you think he would be a good DB? He has played some out here.

A: He has. If I see him on Sammy I am throwing it up.

Q: You mentioned there was a long recovery from that foot. Have you had to kick off any rust?

A: Really when I came into the spring time I hadn’t run on solid ground yet. I was on those ultra G machines and all that. It was a recovery of just trying to get your body back into football mode and everything. It was eight weeks in a boot, and non-weight barring. So it was walking in a pool and doing all that stuff, it was a long recovery. So of course it is going to take a little bit of time to get yourself back in football shape, your legs moving, and trusting your foot. But at this point I think I am completely healed and I feel great.

S Corey Graham

Monday, August 10, 2015

Q: Are you trying to let people know with what he [Tyrod Taylor] has done that this isn’t much of a surprise?

A: Yeah, I have been seeing this… I saw this a few years ago. I already know what he is capable of doing. People think he is just a runner, but he can really sling the ball, he can throw it really well. Just glad he is getting the opportunity, hope he continues to go out there and get better everyday, just try to do his best.

Q: Having been his teammate before how hungry have you seen him to get an actual chance to start?

A: We all want that at some point, we want an opportunity to show that we can play and to start in this league. But obviously when you are behind Joe Flacco you’re not even going to get a lot of reps. So its good to finally see him get an opportunity and hopefully he can take advantage of it.

Q: What have you learned about him as a guy as he steps into more of a leadership role?

A: Well he has always been the same type of guy. He has always been a guy that studies very well. That is very calm, cool and collective, doesn’t let a lot of stuff get to him. And that was a very confident guy. It was nothing new to me, I already knew he was a capable of. And I except to see him do his best.

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