If the Buffalo Bills could move up in the drafting order tonight to number one or two they would love to take Jadeveon Clowney the defensive end from South Carolina. Of course as I always say “if and buts were candy and nuts we would all have a Merry Christmas.” The Bills feel Clowney is the best player in this year’s draft and may be willing to leverage future drafts to get him, but they need two to tangle.

If Clowney is out of reach then there are at least three tackles the Bills like as well in Greg Robinson from Auburn, Jake Matthews from Texas A&M and Taylor Lewan from Michigan. The Bills would consider either Robinson or Matthews as a Tackle they could count on for ten years and Lewan is not far behind.

If none of the above are still available at the number nine pick then the Bills would look to strengthen the tight end position and draft Eric Ebron from North Carolina. The Bills could also gamble and trade down if they feel Ebron would still be available later in the first round.

There has been radio talk-show speculation that Russ Brandon and GM Doug Whaley may be very aggressive in moving up to the number one or two pick because they have nothing to lose with a new owner taking over before the 2015 season. That makes for great radio talk, but if any of the Bills front office folks want to keep their current position or another in the NFL they can’t be stamped with the “reckless” tag. I would think Russ Brandon would want to show he is the man to run this football team regardless of who owns  it and stick to the plan he created when he accepted the job from Ralph Wilson. Brandon’s plan then and now is to get better by selecting the right players to get Buffalo back to the playoffs. I can’t see Brandon mortgaging the club’s future, regardless of who buys the team.

Having written all of that I do believe the Bills have players on their roster who could help sweeten a deal to move up the draft ladder and I know they want to do just that. May 9th will tell all of us if we knew what we thought we knew on May 8th. Nuff said!

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