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First off, I think before we get to the football obviously our thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Dallas and the families affected by those Tornadoes. Obviously that’s the first thing. I think as far as the game’s concerned, you know it’s impressive. I think the effort…and I know we’re not competing for the playoffs and I know what that means to this community and how at this point we are with that. But you can’t be disappointed in the efforts of the players that are out here and when you look at it, you’re playing without 10 starters and the guys that stepped up did a tremendous job. A guy like (Mike) Gillislee, he had 93 yards. Karlos (Williams) stepping in. 76 yards. I mean that’s impressive against a good defensive unit. So really proud of the guys effort. I think you’re looking at our quarterback. Just keeps getting better and better. Obviously I know we had that one interception but man the guy’s doing some great things and I get it – we gotta make sure to teach him to slide when it’s appropriate. But other than that the guy did a tremendous job. But I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: Were you just able to watch the end of the Jets and Patriots game?
A: No.

Q: The Jets won in overtime and now have a chance to go to the playoffs. How do you feel about that?
A: I don’t really feel anything about it. I just, you know I know we’re gonna give them our best shot. We’ll see who’s healthy, who’s not or whatever. But they know they’re gonna get our best shot without question.

Q: That must mean something at the end here? Knowing you can knock them out and finish with a .500 record?
A: Yeah, I guess. You know, I guess. It’s certainly not what we were wanting. But you know we’re gonna step up and be professional just like we were this week. Obviously the guys stepped up in a big way and I guess the feeling for us, it’s like we don’t want to be in a spoiler role. And I think when you look at that next year, and everything else, we don’t want to be in that role. We want to be in the role of we win and we’re in and everything else. That’s where we want to be and that’s what we expect. That’s what we expected going into this season. Obviously didn’t happen. But at the same time we’re gonna play. We have an opportunity to play in front of our fans again and that’s important to us.

Q: Can you assess the satisfaction of your run game, even without LeSean McCoy?
A: Yeah, no I think it’s absolutely terrific. And the guys, like I say you got a Pro Bowl running back out. Yet these two young men stepped in and did a tremendous job for us and I think our offensive line sometimes doesn’t get the credit they deserve. Obviously we’re playing without Seantrel Henderson as well. That’s a big loss in more ways than ones. But the guys have done a great job and we just stepped in and did a great job. We lost (Charles) Clay so we lose one of the better blocking tight ends in the league and yet we still find a way to get it done. That’s a real credit to our players and to our coaches as well.

Q: You made a reference to next year. Have you had an assurances that you will definitely be back next year?
A: No. I know if it was up to you I wouldn’t but you know what, that’s you…

Q: You’re right.
A: I know. That’s good. That’s probably…You’re probably in the minority here because everybody knows the kind of coach I am. I’ll get this thing right. I’ll get this defense rolling. That’s what we need and the other thing is too that the fans know that I want to be here. I chose to be here because I think there’s some great times ahead of this football team. Did I expect to go this year? Absolutely. Absolutely did. Didn’t happen but I know one thing about this team – we’ll finish, we’ll fight like crazy to the end. Regardless of who’s out there, who’s not out there, we will fight to do our very best.

Q: Are you going to wait until after this Jets game to tell us how much it means to you? Like last time?
A: Yeah I think we’ll…Just put what I, just hit the same comments I had last time.

Q: What about Tyrod Taylor’s choices to run with the football and what a supplement he’s been?
A: Well no that’s what separates him from a lot of guys. I mean his ability to run. It’s so hard to defend from a defensive stand point and when you got a guy that has that kind of options, I mean they got some really good pass rushers there, but it’s just…his escape ability is one of the tops in the league.

Q: Can you talk on what you saw in some of the younger guys today? Like A.J. Tarpley?
A: Well there’s a guy that obviously, I mean what a game he played. Gets the interception, forces a fumble. Just did a tremendous job and guys he’s playing, he backs up the inside line backers. Both spots. Stepped into that role. Shared that role at WILL linebacker, inside. He’s also a backup SAM. Had to play some SAM too when Manny (Lawson) went down for a little bit. I mean he just is a sharp guy. Obviously a Stanford kid but he’s a football player and just really proud of him.

Q: You had a good crowd here today despite the miserable weather. What does that tell you?
A: I mean that this fan base is as good as any fan base that there is in the league. We know how, I know how loyal they are. I know how appreciative they are of the efforts of the guys on the field. This is their team and that clearly showed today because you’re right, look how miserable it is. It’s raining, it’s all that kind of stuff. But I think we all would have been shocked if we never had that kind of attendance because that’s the kind of fan base this is. It’s as loyal a fan base as I’ve ever seen and that’s what I said…how disappointed I am for not being able to deliver what we had talked about initially when I got here. But I will promise you this, that everything in my power is…you know that’s what I’m committed too.

Q: What can you say about Mike Gillislee these past three weeks?
A: Just, I mean you put him in there he just…you know he tests, this is amazing. Because I think if we, if you ask people right now we think alright this guy is a 4.4 speed guy. Maybe better than that, right? Well don’t look back at his combine tests. I don’t know what happened. If he had to run with a piano on his back or what? But it was like 4.59 or 4.60 or something like that and like I say, he’s the fastest slow guy I’ve ever seen. So he just, once he gets out in the clear he’s…you know that’s two games in a row he’s housed a couple of them. But the kid just does a tremendous job for us and really gotta tip your hat to him. I mean even in protections, all that stuff you got to learn as a back. He’s done it and you gotta give credit to Anthony Lynn as well. I think Anthony, my opinion, one of the best coaches in the league and he has those guys ready week in and week out.

Q: Did this game almost have a preseason type of feel?
A: Well I will tell you when, when we saw Marcell [Dareus] go down, we saw all those guys. I am like this is unbelievable but guys just stepped up in there and I know where you are coming from but all these guys are pros. All these guys deserve to be in the National Football League and I think they showed that today. Guys had to step up in a big way and I thought they did. You mentioned Tarpley before, here is a guy that was on the practice squad for one week this season, he has been on our team but he is actually on the practice squad, called back up and yet he just, he just did a tremendous job for us today.

Q: Given the weather was the game plan to be heavy run this week?
A: Well I thought that is always going to be a big thing in what we do, is run the football. I think going in I expected more wind. So the plan, we thought that it was going to be both teams just run the heck out of it, is what we thought going in. But it wasn’t as quite as windy as we had heard. Obviously our plan changed quite a bit when Dez Bryant wasn’t in there, when he wasn’t, we had a bunch of stuff where we were rolling our coverage to him all week long. We had worked it and then see where he is not practicing so there is that chance that he not going to play so then we changed our plan on defense on the fly as well.

Q: How bad is Marcell?
A: Well he just, you know he couldn’t have a lot of feeling in his hands so he is down there with a neck. So we will see the extent of that as we go, but he is out with a neck. John Miller did not return with an ankle. [Marcus] Easley out with a knee.

Q: Are you expecting to have McCoy next week?
A: Well I mean I am not real sure right now. I know this is one of the most competitive guys that I have been around. So I think if he can play he is going to want to play. I don’t think there is any doubt about that. But we will see as the week goes on. I really don’t, I can’t give you a firm answer on that right now.


Q: What was the mindset coming into this game especially on offense?
A: Definitely want to continue to keep improving in every position but definitely knew that it was going to be a challenge. The Cowboys defense presented challenges to offenses week in and week out. So we knew that we were going to get from the game but we just wanted to come out and execute.

Q: But in terms of the playoffs being done, it was more of a self-motivation thing?
A: Yeah, of course we’re out of the playoffs but to say we don’t have anything to play for as far as a team… we could definitely do better. Every time you step out on the field you want to improve your game and show the things that you can do and I think today, it wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t perfect by any means but we played 60 minutes of football and we were able to close out the game the right way.

Q: There are some games where LeSean [McCoy] can make plays on his own. Were there some bread and butter plays in the run game today though that you guys felt that you could rely on?
A: Week in and week out our coaches do a good job our scheming up our run game and putting our guys in the best situation as far as going out there and making plays and we were able to take advantage of some of the looks we got today and was able to pop some big runs.

Q: Did you have an idea that you were going to be running a little bit more this week?
A: A couple runs were called and some of it was just me improvising, not having an open guy and just making a play. Sometimes third down you have to go get them to keep the drive alive. So, heading into a game, I don’t know how many times I’m going to run but sometimes it’s more than others.

Q: When the game plan itself calls for the running game, how much does that influence how you work yourself into it?
A: Of course. Like I said, going into a game we have a couple called runs for me as well. But, the back side is doing it’s thing and the O-line is blocking and creating holes for them so it definitely creates opportunities where sometimes you may read some of those things. And that’s something that we talk about throughout the week. Whenever you get a look to do that, then do so.

Q: They’re talking about flexing this next game Sunday night. Would you relish that opportunity?
A: Yeah, that’s a wonderful opportunity for us to go out there and finish up the season the right way. It’s going to be a big game. The Jets can get into the playoffs with that game, so who wouldn’t want the primetime game? That’s something that you live for as a player. It’s something that you want—being in the primetime stage and going out there to showcase the things you can do.

Q: Boobie [Dixon] says it’s the Super Bowl next week.
A: It’s a very big game. It’s not the Super Bowl, but it’s definitely a big game for us and we’re looking forward to it.

Q: Can you just comment on Mike [Gillislee] coming out on the scene late for you guys and what impresses you the most about him?
A: Just his preparation. He comes in with a work first attitude each and every day, just looking to get better. And when opportunity presents in a game, he goes out there and makes the plays that we need. I’m definitely impressed by him. He’s a great teammate and he’s playing very well for us.

Q: What was your conversation like with Matt Cassel before the game?
A: It was very good. Matt is a friend of mine of course. I spent some time here in Buffalo with him and was able to learn him. We talked about the season, talked about personal lives as well. It was a good conversation. Great guy.

Q: Are you aware you set the Bills single season record for rushing yards for a quarterback?
A: I heard that in the stadium, but it was middle of the game and I was focused on winning. I’m happy that I have it. It’s not anything I focus on, but it’s definitely a part of my game so it’s nice to be recognized as the leading guy as far as quarterback rushing yards.

Q: They don’t want you to expose your body as much out there.
A: Me and Eric Wood have this conversation every day. But, it’s part of my game. Yes, I could get better at getting down sometimes but that’s something that I’ll work on—learning how to get down and protecting my body more. But, like I said, it is part of my game. I don’t play scared. I’m a tough guy, so I can take those hits.


Q: Sammy, big game this Sunday, might be the Sunday night game. Your thoughts on that, the Jets can still make the playoffs.
A: We’ve just got to go out there and play. We’re not in the playoffs, but we’re building something here. Everybody knows we’ve got to go out like any other game, it’s still football. Football doesn’t stop because we’re not in the playoffs and I think that’s the biggest part with our team. We understand that we’ve got to go out and build a foundation for ourselves for the next year.

Q: Sammy, are you seeing more accountability from this week?
A: Most definitely, I think now more leaders are speaking up and calling people out, that’s what we need. Even if I get called out I’m fine with that. We’ve got to become our team, not the coaches, not everybody else, not the outside world. We’ve got to control what we can control and I think it’s getting there. That’s why everybody’s having fun, it’s the time of the year to build off that and come together.

Q: Sammy, are you a lot more satisfied with the effort and the way the team responded this week than last week?
A: Yes, I think we responded well. I know everything didn’t go our way, a couple flags here and there but I think on both sides of the ball we fought. When things didn’t go wrong they got the first down, on third down we’d come get a stop. That’s what I was looking for, for everybody to just go out there and fight. Like I said it’s not about the coaches and everybody else, it’s about this team, these players and that’s who I play for.

Q: Sammy, it’s not official yet but word is you guys might get flexed to the Sunday night game next week because the Jets need it for the playoffs. What would it mean to finish up here in prime time national television?
A: It would be great, it would just be another stage for us to show the world that our record doesn’t say much but this team is building something and we’re going to go out and fight. Like I said we’re going to prepare the same way we’ve been preparing. We’re going to do our job.

Q: What did you see out of Tyrod and how much are you guys using these games as a way to build on something heading into the offseason?
A: I’m not too worried about him, he’s going to do what he’s got to do, he’s going to prepare the right way, he’s going to make the plays we need to make. My job is not to worry about him. We’re going to be on the same page, he’s going to get everybody in the right places to make plays and we’ve just got to keep improving.

Q: It seems like you’ve been going to bat for him (Taylor) a lot, do you guys kind of feel like in this locker room at least that you’ve found your guy?
A: He shows it, I don’t have to speak for him. He plays well every week, he leads this team to wins. If we win it’s on him. That’s what I like about him, he has been leading this team every week, he has been getting us out of trouble 10 times a game. I don’t have to speak for what he shows on the field.

Q: How impressed were you with the running game? Just those two guys (Williams & Gillislee) stepping up without LeSean?
A: You’ve got to take your hats off to Tyrod getting the right calls, different looks, the offensive line has been doing great all year. Every game we get a hundred yard rusher, or two guys with 80-90 yards and two TDs. We’ve just got to keep building on it.


Q: Two months ago did you ever think you would be here?
A: Yeah, I got faith man. I knew it was going to be one of these teams. Bills gave me a chance and it is all happening.

Q: Can you comment on the mindset going in not having LeSean and trying to make up for his production?
A: We knew LeSean [McCoy] was going to be out so we did extra studying, and we just both worked harder this week preparing for the game.

Q: How important is it for guys to show in these final two games they deserve a spot?
A: Just playing together and working hard every day and sticking together and winning the next game.

Q: Have you been joking with Karlos about you finding the endzone as you have three in a row now?
A: No, not at all. I am a team guy, Karlos is a team guy and we are working together and it is all happening for both of us.

Q: Can you take us through the touchdown run?
A: The offensive line did a great job opening it up and I had a two way go. I knew if I got to the sideline that I could pretty much take it to the house and that could happen.

Q: Is your confidence growing as these games go on or have you always had this?
A: Always had this confidence, it was the matter of opportunity and Bills gave me a hell of an opportunity. I am taking advantage of it.

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