The Buffalo Bills today remind me of a character from an old Lil Abner comic strip. The character was Joe Btfsplk, known as the world’s worst jinx and Joe Btfsplk had a perpetually dark rain cloud over his head. The Buffalo Bills have that very cloud hovering as they try and put the pieces together following the injuries suffered in the loss to the Redskins.

Two weeks ago the Buffalo Bills were anxiously awaiting EJ Manuel‘s debut against the New England Patriots. The rookie was showing signs of taking this franchise out of the desert. Now with both Manuel and Kolb out of the lineup, over achiever Jeff Tuel is the possible starter against the defending AFC East Division Champs.

The Buffalo Bills Defense was likewise showing promise with Coach Pettine’s aggressive style and daunting pressure. Against Washington the Bills Defense looked exactly like the squad coached by Dave Wannstedt. The Redskins ran through, around and over the top of the Bills front seven. The Bills “D” may have speed, but they looked short of muscle against their NFC foe.

The Buffalo Bills have gone out of their way to avoid injuries in Training Camp and Coach Marrone has spelled any player he feels has a nick or bruise. Yet, the team has suffered strange, almost mystery injuries in the last two preseason games. Both Manuel and Kolb played several plays after suffering their individual injuries and showed no signs of distress.

Rookie Coach Doug Marrone now faces his first case of true adversity and the season hasn’t even started. Marrone must find a quarterback to at least relieve Tuel in practice and he must convince his young squad that this will not be a repeat of what the Bills have been known for the past decade.

The sun hasn’t shined on the Buffalo Bills for some time and the horizon is currently covered in storm clouds. Time will tell if Doug Marrone can have us wearing sunglasses or using umbrellas.


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