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DON’T GET ME STARTED on the Bills.
1. Why do they have a minicamp;
2. Why do they have a regular training camp lasting several weeks;
3. Why play these exhibition games
4. Why do they continue the embarrassment of playing the Lions in final exhibition game
5. Why do they object to being booed at half-time due to pathetic play

These are the questions many fans are asking after the exhibition season ended with more putrid play by the players.

Somebody tell head coach Marrone that practically all the NFL coaches refuse to play the starters in the final exhibition game go prevent injuries. Well, this coach isn’t going to follow their lead. Marrone decided to play his starters in a meaningless final exhibition game. And what happens?

The #1 pick by the Bills – Sammy Watkins – re-injured his ribs in the first quarter. I wonder what GM Whaley is thinking after giving up the #1 pick next year to get Watkins only to have the coach he picked to lead the team goes against wisdom and plays him to get hurt .

That was an absolutely coaching low-light (of many so far) as Watkins was led into the locker room. Fans are moaning about the decision to play Watkins . How long will it be when Watkins will be labeled “injury-prone.”

Fans in Cleveland will be watching – and rooting against – the Bills. After all, Whaley made the deal for Watkins by giving up the Bills 2015 #1 pick. That just might be the overall #1 pick in the quarterback rich draft. Cleveland made a very wise deal. Of course, if the Bills knew that Kiki Alonso would be out for the entire season – they might have decided not to make the trade and hope that Mack would be available in slot #9 – or make a deal with Oakland that would not have sacrificed the #1 pick in 2015.

A lot of Ifs but it doesn’t matter. The Bills don’t have the #1 pick next year, a year that they would have had a good shot to get a quarterback like Marcus Mariota from Oregon in town. Oh, I forgot – I doubt if the Bills offensive coordinator would know what to do with him. After all, in 5 exhibition games, how many touchdowns has the offense scored? Oops, I brought up a very sore point.

As for the final game against the Lions? The Bills playbook should find a way to eliminate the word UGLY from that playbook. The new owner would also be wise to tell the league and whomsoever NOT to schedule the final exhibition game against the Lions and, more importantly, NEVER schedule the final exhibition game in Buffalo.

In early April, there was quite a bit of optimism regarding the Bills. Now pessimism has taken over big time with too many questions erupting on Don’t Get Me Started.

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