DON’T GET ME STARTED on the plight of the Buffalo Bills. Everyone knows the big problem is scoring touchdowns when reaching the red zone. Sitting on the bench is a guy that was reputed to be a go-to receiver when the team gets into that zone.

Yet, head coach Doug Marrone refuses, for whatever reason, to put Mike Williams on the active roster for the games…..and using him. Oh Marrone keeps saying he “plays the best players.”

He must honestly answer the question, “Is Williams in his dog-house?” Is some of the Syracuse stuff surfacing?

So what does that do to Whaley. The Bills G.M. made the deal to bring in Williams – a local product who said he is thrilled to play before the home folks. BUT Marrone isn’t playing him and so far the home folks, for the most part, have left the stadium shaking their heads with yet another home loss.

So Whaley made the deal and his coach is refusing to play him. That doesn’t bode well for Whaley’s influence on the coach. Maybe when Marrone reportedly used the term “fire me” in a practice tussle with the guys who run the organization, they should have taken him up on it.

Could Williams have made a difference against K.C.? We’ll never know.

Speaking of Syracuse stuff. Has anyone heard – or read – anything Marrone might have said about the brutal play calling against the Chiefs and other games? Of course not. He would be criticizing his choice of offensive coordinator who, suddenly, is being criticized by some media.

Oh well, when the chips fall after the season and Terry Pegula says he’s not going to make the same mistake he did by keeping Regier with the Sabres for too long a time….and begin the house cleaning that seems required. Maybe Whaley can beat him to the punch and study a coaching change now and, at this time, make Schwartz the interim head coach. At least the good defensive coaching has been the high point of the season on Don’t Get Me Started.

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