The lack of focus, miscues, penalties and blown assignments by the Buffalo Bills against the Tampa Bay Bucs tells me the team is about to cash in the 2013 season. Anyone who has played competitive sports will tell you winning breeds winning and losing breeds losing, the Buffalo Bills are too used to losing.

Earlier in the season the Bills were buoyed by new coaches and players, they competed hard throughout the game, even if they were over matched. Sunday they were unable to muster an effort that even put them withing shouting distance.

Coach Marrone knows better than anyone that he is close to losing this team for the final three weeks. Coaches can use slogans and warn players of settling for less than perfection, but if players have already checked out mentally it’s too late.

One can go down the roster and find veterans who have not had good second half’s of the season. Whether it’s Erik Woods, Leodis McKelvin or Stevie Johnson these are players who have been in the league long enough to show veteran leadership and not costly mistakes.

The Bills have stumbled the last two weeks against teams with less wins than they and that’s not a good sign. Other teams that are struggling are looking at playing the Buffalo Bills as a chance to right the ship instead of the other way around.

This Sunday the Bills take on another team in Jacksonville that only has four victories, but those all came in the last five weeks. You can bet the Jaguars are already looking at the Bills as win number five.

The Bills will have to decide if they can reverse fortune and end the season on an up note. Otherwise it will be another off season full of questions rather than answers.





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