Buffalo Bills Head Coach Doug Marrone

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Q: How did film review of the game go? What was your reaction to how the guys played?

A: We played it again and we lost again, so I felt the same way I felt after the game. I feel good about everything I said after the game, nothing really stood out on the tape.

Q: You put some of the emphasis on the offensive line, with the number of passes that were batted down. What are your concerns there?

A: It definitely is on the offensive line to prevent that from happening, and secondly they have to press the players more.

Q: Looking ahead, you have a relatively short week before you turn around and play again, whats your message to the team?

A: We’re practicing tonight and trying to get better. That’s been my message, that’s what I talk to the team about.

Q: Any injury updates?

Scott Berchtold: Scott Chandler and Lee Smith are both expected back. Tony Moeaki and Marquise Goodwin as well. There are only two guys that are out, Derek Brim and Doug Legursky.

Q: Why was two series, only 10 plays, enough for EJ Manuel?

A: That was our game plan going into the game.

Q: Did the fact that you have five preseason games factor into that?

A: There’s a lot of things that factor into it, the amount of reps they get during the week, the amount of time in the turnaround, the amount we want guys to play and what we’re trying to accomplish. There’s a lot that goes into it and we’ll discuss it as a staff after practice and get ready for Carolina.

Q: Were you encouraged by the starting defense?

A: Yes. They stopped them on two series and forced a fumble.

Q: Youve got some youthful depth at linebacker, tell us about them. Are you worried at all about their youth?

A: Well Preston Brown is doing a very good job, he’s a good young player, and we need to continue bringing him along. I don’t have any problem with it, Doug [Whaley] is in charge of all that.

Q: Robert Woods played into the third quarter, what was the reasoning for that?

A: We wanted to play him in the slot in the third quarter.

Q: Is there anything extra you are hoping to get done tonight?

A: No, tonight is just practice, and we’re excited about it.

Q: Was Chris Hogan getting first team reps in the slot over Woods, was that representative of any dissatisfaction with Robert?

A: No, we’re just trying to find the best players.

Q: Specifically, what would you like to see out of the offense this week?

A: We want to score more points than our opponents.

Q: How disappointed were you that they werent able to get into the end zone with a short field after the fumble?

A: You always get disappointed.

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