DON’T GET ME STARTED imagines me standing outside the Patriots locker room listening to Bill Belichick talking to his players after Belichick was humbled by the Buffalo Bills Sunday afternoon.

His address might have gone something like this:

Buffalo Bills

Art Wander

You&%$#XXguys couldn’t stop a%&&*($$#K++@ outside.  I’m %$%% disgusted and I’m $$##$^%)(+ ‘m$#%^&*(^%%#$ the way you played.

I’m quite sure he wasn’t a happy camper as the Patriots suffered their first loss of the season after 3 wins.  Face it, The Pats were patsies Sunday afternoon as Buffalo needed only the first drive of the game to put the game away with a touchdown on a short pass from Tyrod Taylor to LeSean McCoy.  That was it.  Carpenter booted 3 goals to make the final sore 16-0.

New England will now have Tom Brady returning next week, but they will have a sour taste in their mouths after Buffalo bumped them around in Foxborough.

The Bills are now 2-2 on the season and will be a game behind the division leading Patriots heading into next week’s games.  Teams have been wary of visiting Foxborough to face the Patriots.  After all, it’s been well over a decade since an O was posted after a New England shutout loss.  And it has been about 8 years since Bills coach Rex Ryan notched a road win over Belichick.

Bills fans probably couldn’t believe their eyes as Buffalo outplayed the Pats in a dominant first half on offense and defense.  In the second half, the offense could muster only a couple of field goals but the defense put pressure on the Patriots quarterback Jacoby Brissett  and Belichick’s disgust was very visible as he paced the New England sideline slamming his playbook at the bench.  Even Belichick couldn’t believe what he was seeing from the Bills on this day.

In the first half, Buffalo controlled the ball for about 20 minutes to 10 for the Pats to take a 13-0 lead at the half.  New England had only 2 first downs and 92 total yards in the first 30 minutes of play.  The Bills defense mounted huge pressure on the Patriots QB.

Tyrod Taylor had a decent day, completing 27 of 39 for 246 yards and the lone opening drive touchdown.  Bit point – no turnovers He also used his feet to get some crucial first downs.  Yet, after the first score, Taylor led the team to 4 field goal tries, with Carpenter missing one of them.  As the season goes on, he will need to have the team score more TD’s instead of just one.

The Bills defense which surprised Arizona a week ago, continued to thwart most anything New England tried.   They sacked Brissett 3 times and knocked him down several more times making life miserable for the 3rd string quarterback.  How effective was the Bills defense?  The Patriot finished only 1 3rd down conversion in a dozen tries and they managed only 277 total yards.

It was a good win for the Bills and they should improve its record when they play a couple of winnable games before meeting the Patriots at home in a few weeks.  There were several fans that wanted more out of Tyrod Taylor – especially getting more touchdowns, but the win was there and it was surprising to see Taylor completing passes in the middle of the field, though they were short to medium completions, especially to Robert Woods who had a good day with 10 catches.

Savor the victory.  Enjoy Buffalo’s 2nd win and join all the fans hoping that these last 2 games are an omen and the Bills just might have something going for them as 25% of the season is now behind us on Don’t Get Me Started.

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