The Buffalo Bills trade with Cleveland, giving up their first and fourth round pick in 2015 to move up from nine to four and grabbing Sammy Watkins, shows Russ Brandon and the Bills want to be better now! Brandon said “we wanted to be bold” and trading away a number one was exactly that.

With the future of the team up in the air and no guarantee that top front office guys will be around for 2015, the Bills mortgaged 2015 to be more exciting in 2014. Watkins is the best WR in the draft and called by some the best in the last five years, but did Buffalo crave a receiver?

The move up to number four meant Buffalo could have drafted Tackles Jake Matthews or Taylor Lewan not to mention linebacker Khalil Mack from UB, but instead they took a wideout.

The Madden X-box generation love the pick because Watkins represents big plays and explosive ability. Those with a few gray hairs know that great teams are strong up front and Matthews represented a player who could be a stud on the O-line for a decade. Still, Sammy Watkins was the man Buffalo gave up next year’s number one pick for.

Plus, now with the Watkins pick Stevie Johnson should read the writing on the wall that Coach Marrone doesn’t have to put up with his “me” attitude. However, it also means that fellow receivers Woods, Graham, Goodwin and Williams have yet another player vying for a starting spot.

Sammy Watkins represents a big time player, a guy who has a ton of talent. So it’s now also on EJ Manuel’s shoulders to make this trade payoff.

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