Bon JoviDON’T GET ME STARTED noted Bon Jovi do something that never should have been done. That is write a letter to the fans of Buffalo, published in the Buffalo News.

The first thought I had was, “What happened to the confidentiality agreement all prospective bidders signed”? Other bidders certainly are doing a good job keeping their mouths shut. Would Bon Jovi’s letter violate the confidentiality requirement? Shame 1.

That epistle was delivered to the Buffalo News on the weekend of Buffalo’s joy of watching the great Andre Reed get inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. It came when all fans of football were watching the greatest of Buffalo Bills who listened to the tremendous ovation he received from all those in attendance. It was Jim Kelly – the one Reed had indicated allowed him to enter the great Hall after getting so many receptions from Kelly. This time should have been reserved for all the Hall of Famers but especially for Jim Kelly, Andre Reed, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Smith, Ralph Wilson, Marv Levy etc. Instead Bon Jovi decided to steal the spotlight following Saturday night’s induction of Reed and his Hall of Fame brothers. Shame #2.

I kept reading the letter from Bon Jovi. I read it a few times looking for the words he never mentioned, but skirted around them, begging questions. He could have echoed Andre Reed’s closing words of his induction speech when Reed said, “THE BILLS WILL STAY IN BUFFALO.” Shame #3

Bon Jovi’s letter indicated a commitment to working with the political people that would include the best possible site in the Buffalo area for a new stadium and put in a plan to finance and build a state-of-the-art stadium. The local-county-state politicians have no idea what kind of demands Bon Jovi and his group will make if they get the team. They could stretch negotiations until 2020 when they won’t have to pay $400 million but only $28 million to move the team. What happens if the current study decides that the best place is the current stadium in Orchard Park for many hundreds of millions less that a new playpen would cost? Shame #4.

He states his family is prepared to make a commitment to be part of the Bills, building a winner on and off the field. Note that it only mentions the Bills – the team – but building a winner asks the question for who, “The Toronto Bills or Buffalo Bills.” Shame #5.

Here’s another one. His Buffalo News published letter says Bon Jovi knows how much the Bills mean to the people of this region. The big question, then is, does he consider Toronto to be part of the region? Shame #6.

It was a nice letter as letters go but there are too many unanswered questions that need to be asked and answered as the preceding paraphrased comments are implied with the biggest one of all missing, “I WILL KEEP THE TEAM IN BUFFALO AND WESTERN NEW YORK” On the surface Bon Jovi’s letter could have that implication but many fans doubt it, reading the comments following the News publishing of the letter.

IF the trust decides Bon Jovi the winner, would he sign a new 30-40 year lease with the state’s politicians that includes a 10 year Buffalo option?

As shown in the above, there ae too many between-the-lines reading in Bon Jovi’s letter that don’t sit well with the fans. And we’ll wait to see how that letter sits with the trust that required all interested bidders to keep quiet on Don’t Get Me Started.

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