DON’T GET ME STARTED being part of the supposed handful that didn’t want to see Mario Williams leave the Bills and Buffalo.

Mario Williams

Art Wander

Some are pointing at his diminished sack total; others use the word “quit” in the effort department; while others point to his disagreement with the defensive scheme that Rex Ryan imposed on what was, in 2014, a great defense. The Bills pointed out the savings they will get in the salary cap department. Yet, I wonder if there were any conversations about Williams taking a pay-cut (as someone once wrote.)

Let’s remember that Williams wasn’t the only defensive whiz to question the 3-4 that Ryan brought to the Bills – with disastrous results. Marcel Darius and others were not elated at that scheme.

Williams and Darius at times were put in pass coverage and not rushing the passer as they did in 2014. Let’s remember that season as one that had the 4 – man defensive front pounding out 56 sacks on the season with Williams-Darius-Hughes all in double digits in taking down opposing quarterbacks.

The Bills are seeking defensive end help and for quite some time, Williams was a terror at defensive end. They say they seek a pass rusher. Hey, everyone. They had one in Williams. So what if they get a defensive end who was a rusher and now comes into the brothers Ryan to find he is going to back track to the secondary in pass coverage.

What did Mario Williams do when he was acquired by the Bills?

2012 – Williams had 10.5 sacks in his first season with the Bills
2013 – Williams had 13 sacks in his second season
2014 – Williams had 14 sacks in that great 3rd season under Jim Schwartz

With a diminished pass rushing role in 2015, he had only 5 sacks in the new scheme.

Here comes Rex Ryan – here comes the 3-4 – bye bye Schwartz – bye bye huge sacks.

It’s really confusing to hear and read that the Bills seek a pass rusher at defensive end when they had one in Mario Williams but Rex Ryan bluffed his way into imposing a defensive 3-4 that very few could adjust to it in 2015 and a defensive scheme that, apparently, did not suit the talents of the great front four of 2014 under Jim Schwartz.

Certainly, Mario will be picked up and probably for much less money that he would have made in Buffalo. I’m looking forward to the team he’s going to play for and for those who gladly waved bye bye to him and then asking, “Why in the world did the Bills release him” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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