Man, we needed that. Obviously we’ve…it was great being home. That felt strange to be back home cause it had been a while. But we really needed that one obviously playing against a team that was hot and you know a good football team. So big win for us. Took almost everybody on the roster. We had the next man stepping up, is that old saying. But it was true there. We had a few injuries. We had (Ron) Brooks out with a shoulder, (Stephon) Gilmore obviously out with a shoulder and then Tony Steward out with a back, and that happened early. So we were down a little bit but it was, I thought we bruised a lot but we never cut. So I thought that was good on defense and then offensively I thought it was just…number one it was a great plan. I thought Greg Roman had a great plan and all the coaches had a great plan. And J.J. Watt, this just in, we put 20 guys on him and he still got there. So great player, we knew he was, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint. I like the way we ran the football against a good football team and made some big plays against them. Tyrod (Taylor) throwing for 3 touchdowns and running for another was a good day in fantasy. All you fantasy owners are happy with that. With that I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: J.J. Watt really didn’t do much in the game, he’s had much worse.
A: Well no, absolutely. I mean like I said, if he could have gotten through what we had…I mean that was like, we’re putting two, three guys on him every snap. We’re doing everything we possibly can against him. But he’s just a great player because he allows others some shots too. But man oh man, you know where he’s at, certainly, and we did. We had a great plan I thought.

Q: What was happening behind the scenes to get this team together?
A: It’s easy when you just tell the truth and that was it. We hadn’t played our best game in all three phases and maybe it wasn’t today or whatever. But I know the effort was gonna be there. It’s always been there. We had to play smarter and the penalties, I saw they had 10 and we had five, I believe is what it was. Probably a misprint. We probably had ten. No, but it was…you know we did, we played a lot smarter. We had that critical one on that punt return but that’s the challenge to the team. The season had proved that we can play with anybody. But it also proves that if, for whatever reason, we don’t keep up focus, we don’t stay the course then we struggle. So the next team’s up, Philadelphia, and they are gonna get our very best.

Q: Do you have any idea how Charles Clay got so open on the winning touchdown?
A: No I was just like please don’t miss the layup, please don’t miss the layup because that was basically all I was thinking. Those things happen. You guys will quote tomorrow they put in one of our coverages. That’s what it kind of looked like.

Q: For two games in a row Tyrod Taylor played well against two tough defense. What does that say on his development?
A: I think he’s…This is what his 8th, 9th start or whatever it is? He just keeps getting a little better and that wasn’t easy. That group right there, they do so much, they mix coverages, they do a great job and they keep painting false pictures on you – and I think Tyrod did a great job. And guys I think he’s legit. I think he’s real and I think people are starting to realize that.

Q: What specifically made Greg Roman’s plan so great?
A: I think first off you gotta be able to block J.J. Watt. I mean that’s number one thing and we had a good plan for that. I liked our plan, how we were gonna run the ball. I thought we were creative in some of things we did. Even using some wild cat stuff and some load option. I think if Boobie (Dixon) was a tad faster we might have got that pitch off to him. But we had a lot of miss direction things and try to keep them off balance, and then also throw it over the top of them, and that’s what we did.

Q: Did Stephon Gilmore have an X-ray and do you have his update?
A: No I’m not sure on really all these guys. I’m not sure on any of them yet. I just gave you the list of (Ron) Brooks, Gilmore, and Tony Steward.

Q: What was your reaction to Dan Carpenters misses?
A: Well it wasn’t good. But those things happen. I mean their guy missed an extra point, we missed it. It’s kind of the way the game was. Just gonna be a knock down drag out and see whoever’s left standing wins it, and that’s kind of how it was. Wasn’t pretty at times but shoot, he hit that one 50 some yarder. I think it was a 50 yarder. Hit it great. You can’t hit it any better than he did, just missed it at the end. So that was tough and sometimes when that happens you kind of press a little. But I do know one thing, he made the big one at the end.

Q: Do you maintain confidence in Dan Carpenter?
A: Yeah, I do. I mean that’s why he hit the game winner at the end, or the one when we really had to have it. Those things happen. He’s gotta work through it. Like you guys know more than I do, he’s been an excellent kicker here for a number of years and he’s just gonna find his stoke. Like I said, it’s not that he’s really off of stroke – he hit the one perfect. It just wasn’t meant to be. By the way, big week for the Ryans. I know you guys love that and Clemson’s still number one last I check.

Q: Does Jerel Worthy get a game ball for the job he did impersonating J.J Watt all week?
A: Jerel did a tremendous job. Did the best job he could, but he’s not quite J.J. Watt. That dude’s like whoa. I will say this, I’m gonna give a game ball to Manny Lawson. He played every position, except kicker I think, in that game. It was unbelievable. What we ask him to do…now obviously he’s got the highest wonderlic score I’ve ever seen a defensive player have. Notice that’s a defensive player. But it’s a…I think its average on offense. But literally no, it’s unbelievable and the way he takes charge of it, it’s just tremendous.

Q: What can you say going forward about this stretch run?
A: Well at least we’re still at it. We’re still competing for it. I think if we would have dropped this one then it wouldn’t have looked so good. So we’re right in the middle of them with a bunch of teams. But that’s the way it is. We want to make that last game be more all the marbles and to do that we gotta win all these.

Q: Can you talk about Tyrod Taylor’s great day of practice on Thursday?
A: We probably threw the ball 60 times in the practice and one missed throw. But that’s what you’re seeing and you’re seeing him put the ball where it needs to be. So he’s leading receivers. He’s just doing a tremendous job and the confidence that our team has in him, its way up there.

Q: What was the explanations the refs gave you on the Texans’ touchdown where the defense wasn’t set?
A: I thought they were still moving but they, apparently they weren’t. So they were set. We gotta get faster in there. They put their guys in the huddle and they got over the ball and snapped it quicker than we defended it, and obviously that’s on me. I gotta get the call in faster.

Q: What was your review on DeAndre Hopkins touchdown?
A: Well no, I know cause I think my view it looked like he pushed him with both hands. But obviously that didn’t happen. So he was…I think sometimes your view gets distorted. But the officials right on top of it. He obviously made the call and it was a touchdown. The kid’s just a great player and he went up and made a great play, and caught it.

Q: How important was it to have Sammy Watkins involved in both halves today?
A: Well we needed everybody. Not just Sammy but we needed everybody and Sammy’s pretty good. He’s not bad.

Q: Did you think Tyrod Taylor was overthrowing Sammy Watkins?
A: No I thought he over threw (Chris) Hogan. But not Sammy.

Q: Another big game for LeSean McCoy and after the game he said you know what’s next week. What can you say on the game for him?
A: It’s gonna be special. There’s no special, it’ll be special. We’re not gonna send him out for warm ups. Maybe that’s what we need to do. But no, I think obviously it’s gonna be special. He cares a great deal about a lot of those guys over there. His teammates and things, and you know what that community means to him, and he’s a Pennsylvania guy. So obviously that’s gonna be a huge game for him.

Q: Was it a coincidence you came out here right as the Jets game ended?
A: Did they win, loose, draw? What was it?

Q: They won.
I don’t even know who they’re playing and that’s the honest to God truth. That’s how much it’s so much about us and you can’t worry about what’s in front of you, who you’re up against, counting and all that stuff. That’s a true honest to goodness comment.

Scott Berchtold: The Giants.

The Giants. Every road team wins those games by the way. See if that followed the trend. I mean I’m not kidding you, even in preseason.


Q: Rex said you had the best practice on Thursday. What was going on in your head as quarterback?
A: Just focus. It was a big week for us and every week moving forward is definitely going to get bigger. Just more focus. Of course you want to have those types of practices every day. I think I missed maybe one pass that entire day. That’s what you aim for in a practice. You’re supposed to practice that way so you can carry it over to the game.

Q: You don’t reveal your feelings too often but were you mad after that New England game?
A: Yes. Very.

Q: Walk us through the touchdown to [Charles] Clay. Sometimes those are the toughest ones.
A: It was a great call. Mully [Matthew Mulligan] did a great job of playing out the safety. We had actually called the play early on in the game but didn’t have a chance to connect on it. But Clay did a good job of running his route and staying on course and the linemen did a great job protecting as they did all game. Big play for us.

Q: Sammy [Watkins] said earlier that he tells you to just throw it up there and that you’re not going to out throw him. Is that how you approach those deep balls to him?
A: We’ve built some chemistry and definitely when he’s one on one, in my mind, he’s either going to make the play or he’s going to protect the ball from getting in the defenders hands. I like those odds and he’s done a good job of tracking the ball once it gets in the air.

Q: How nice was it to see Charles with that game winner because of that drop earlier?
A: It was very big. I could tell that he was a little down after the first drop but it’s important for guys to remember that there’s a lot of plays in the game. Of course you want to make every play but you have to brush it off, get to the sideline and brush it off, and be ready for the next opportunity. He was.

Q: Were you excited to see LeSean [McCoy] come back?
A: Definitely. I didn’t know what was going on. The guys that played, we have tremendous confidence in them. They know our scheme and they go out there and make plays but having a guy like that out there on the field is definitely big. And it was big to see that it wasn’t anything serious and that he was able to come back. Big for him.

Q: What did you do to keep everyone involved and active in the third quarter?
A: Just have to keep everybody focused. Like I said, there’s a lot of plays in the game and you want to maximize every play. There’s going to be some drops but the main thing is that you correct those things on the sideline. We were doing a good job of keeping everybody on page. Once we get the books on the sideline to see what we didn’t do so well and we were able to fix those things moving forward and able to put a drive together and get a big touchdown at the end.

Q: What did you think about the way you guys were able to contain J.J. Watt today?
A: We had a great plan. He’s a great player. We knew going into the game how disruptive he can be and our guys went up there and accepted the challenge. They blocked their butts off the entire game and the coaches had a good plan and they went out and executed.

Q: You talk about not paying attention to the rush because you have to make the plays.
A: It’s more so just me believing in my line. We have a talented line. Our guys stepped up and went out there and played and played very well. You have to just trust and believe in your line and once you feel you have the take off, use your legs.

Q: Do you feel that throwing a deep ball is one of the strengths of your game?
A: It’s definitely one of the strengths of my game. I think that I’ve shown that I can throw a deep ball but it’s something to speak for our offense. Big plays are definitely part of our offense and whenever we get a chance to make those plays we have to be on it.

Q: Can you outline what you saw in front of you on the run to the touchdown?
A: That was something that we talked about on the sideline and we ran the play a couple times and it was just a suggestion. It was me one on one with a linebacker and I’ll take that any day. I could lead the guy around the corner and we did a good job of blocking it up and I was able to make the play.

Q: Did you enjoy playing as a wide receiver?
A: It was a good twist, something that we had planned and worked on this whole week just to give the defense a different look and try something else.

Q: Earlier this week Rex [Ryan] said that you guys haven’t been playing with consistency. What are you doing to build on this win?
A: We need to learn from this game. It wasn’t a perfect game from us by any means. There’s a lot of things we can clean up on offense and definitely some things we can clean up as a team. I know were down a couple guys being injured but, like I said, whoever steps in, we have confidence in those guys. Main thing is that we learn from the win and that we don’t just get complacent with it- that we learn when we win and when we lose. I think this team is definitely focused on learning and moving forward.

Q: What did you say to Dan Carpenter after he missed that extra point?
A: I just said to keep his head up. Plays are going to go your way sometimes and plays aren’t going to go your way but sure enough we needed him to ice the last field goal and he definitely went out there and made it so I just told him to keep his head up.


Q: 21-21 offensive started struggling, did you guys ever lose faith?
A: No we just had to put a drive together man and get a touchdown or a score, that was just the mind set. They stopped us a couple times and it was a must-win, must get a big play type of mentality. That is what we did.

Q: Looked like the line was doing a good job in the first half getting you that edge?
A: We just wanted to run the ball. They are a good defense. Lately they have been playing well together, so that was just the main key. Kind of run the ball, get some one on one opportunities. The guys in the back field, the line up front lately has really just been putting it down, they really have. So many guys are in and out with injuries, whatever thing they are dealing with. If it is hurt or sick whatever it is. Just the guys up front, just to kind of put some else in there, no matter who it is man and get the running game going.

Q: With all the injuries did you feel like you had to rush to get back in there?
A: Yeah I was rushing. Had to go back there and pass the test. By the way that test is hard if you are concussed or not, alright so. But no that was just kind of urgency to get out there. Kind of just missed what, the whole third quarter really, most of it. But just rushed out there to get back out on the field.

Q: What can you point to for how this team can pick up big chunks of yardage?
A: It starts with the guys up front. Running the ball hard. You making plays 30-yard gash, 20-yard gash, 10-yard gash as the defense steps up you know you take a shot with one of the best wide receivers I think in this game with Sammy [Watkins]. You get match up problems with [Charles] Clay. So it is so many different things. G-Ro [Greg Roman] does a good job of that, so those big plays that you see is not by mistake he actually draws up like that. We want to pound the ball, give them different looks and then we want to take shots. Tyrod [Taylor] he throws, that is his thing he throws a good deep ball. And also the ability to scramble. People forget man you can get a 15-yarder scrambling anybody will take that.

Q: How about Gillislee getting a 30 yard run on his first carry?
A: I sure liked that. Just like I said guys stepping up. Karlos [Williams] was down, which was a promising young player in this league, and Mike [Gillislee] stepped up and made a big play. Guys blocked it up and made it happen.

Q: JJ Watt seemed unstoppable in his last five games, what did you guys do different?
A: We just hit him, that was the key. We knew where he was going to be at. To his credit man we kind of game planned for him. As you should, a guy like that who has been dominating. They get frustrated, I can tell at times he is frustrated. I know the feeling, used to making plays and you’re not making them. The team is kind of taking you out of it, so you kind of get pissed off a little bit. But the guys up front just really put their pads on him. Every single play, pass or run. Just having that conscious effort of knowing where he is at to hit him.

Q: On that last touchdown guys said that the safety shaded (Matthew) Mulligan of all people, you don’t see that too often?
A: Yeah just hey, it is a team game, team effort. You draw up different plays, you know there is a guy that is a decoy, that you are trying to get him open. On that play that is what happened.

Q: What are your early thoughts on returning to Philadelphia?
A: I mean you all know who next.


Q: So was the urgency there today?
A: Most definitely. I think like I said first half we be on it and then just got to be consistent in the second half.

Q: What is working that leads you guys to be getting such big plays?
A: Just getting the right looks. Ty [Tyrod Taylor] starting to trust in us, we building chemistry with the wide outs, and he just starting to throw us the ball. That is what we need to do the rest of the season, just be aggressive. That is what we are doing.

Q: The corner seemed a little late getting over on your touchdown, did you catch him a little off guard on that play?
A: We just prepared for that play. We knew we was going to get that look. We knew exactly what he was going to do. And like I said Ty is just starting to trust us and put the ball in the air and let us make a play on it.

Q: That one it looked like he might have over thrown you, but I guess that isn’t possible?
A: I just tell him throw it as far as you can, I am going to go get it. That is what he has been doing. He just been looking the safety off, doing great with following through his reads and really just launching the ball and giving us a chance.

Q: Are you talking about that play, or just in general?
A: In general. If I am going deep just throw it out there, just throw it as far as you can. Either I am going to catch it or knock the ball down. And that is a 50-50 so that is what he has been doing.

Q: Any plans to text (DeAndre) Hopkins?
A: We talked after the game and exchanged jerseys. And before the game I kind of told him man, good luck go out there and play hard. He had a great game. I will most definitely probably text him, he will probably be upset but I will text him after we get done with this.

Q: What did you guys say after the game to each other?
A: Good job. I mean they fell short, we won. He just told me good game man. I mean just laughing and saying little smart things.

Q: The run game was rolling in the first half, did that change what you saw in coverage?
A: The safety was getting nosey. Just by LeSean [McCoy] rushing, the line doing a great job. They were just getting nosey looking in the backfield. We kind of took a shot over the top and it was a great play.

Q: Rex said the offensive guys really have confidence in Tyrod?
A: Most definitely. I think he is our leader, he is our quarterback. He is the guy we are rolling with and he is just getting better every week with leading this team, being a leader. Doing meetings by himself, just being a great quarterback and a leader for this team.

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