DON’T GET ME STARTED joins Bills players and all Bills fans to urge the new ownership to make every effort to retain the services of defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz.


Art Wander

Many don’t doubt that Schwartz would be getting feelers from other teams searching for a new head coach. Simply put, if money is the answer to get the deal done – Terry and Kim Pegula should ante up head coach money and a good contract to keep him as the Bills D.C.

The news that Bill Polian rejected the opportunity to come back to his beloved Bills in an executive position was not well received by the fans who looked forward to the possibility of Polian making his great moves to bring back pride in the franchise. While I was urging the Pegula’s pursuit of Polian, it was not to be. Had he arrived, I wonder what fans would be thinking about his presumed move of retaining Kyle Orton and Doug Marrone. That seemed to have been an issue once Orton and Marrone left the organization.

Speaking of Marrone – most fans in Western New York breathed a heavenly “Thank You” at the news that Marrone was gone. And ever so many, including this writer, are hoping that his friendship with Johnson (owner of the NY Jets) might have him getting the coaching job with the Jets. Furthering that hope is that Marrone would whisk Nate Hackett to join him.

If that were to happen, I would be scribbling 2 wins over the Jets next season.

And finally, it does make much sense to bring a level head to the coaching ranks in Buffalo in Frank Reich. It was over 4 months ago while guesting on Bob Koshinski’s program on WBBZ-TV that I brought up the name of Frank Reich. I’ve also written about bringing Polian and Reich back to the city where they achieved so much.

So it’s simple. All the defensive players are pleading to keep Schwartz – and so are fans. Keep him by paying him head coach money. Then embrace Frank Reich as head coach and if you want to go one step further – bring in that offensive coordinator from Oregon as OC to go with the retained DC on Don’t Get Me Started.

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