DON’T GET ME STARTED watched in dis-belief as I observed the New York Giants beat the Buffalo Bills 24-10 that includes one of the worst first half performances I can recall.


Art Wander

For 2 1/2 quarters, quite a way into the 3rd period, it was dreadful watching the Bills give the game away as they trailed 16-3 going into the final 15 minutes.

Face it – the Bills beat themselves. The biggest problem, again, were the penalties. Buffalo was flagged 17 times in the game. Important? You bet. Two Buffalo touchdowns were called back because of Bills penalties. The New York Giants had 7 first downs because of Bills penalties.

That’s the responsibility of the Bills coaches, but they can’t feel good about the performance on Sunday. I can’t understand why the coaches praise the talent of a player and then shackle him from displaying that talent.

I’m referring to Tyrod Taylor. Everyone knows he’s a scrambling quarterback, good at read option But no. This coaching staff says, “He’s got to learn to execute while in the pocket. Well it didn’t work. With about 7 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, Taylor then began to roll out – scramble and perform much better. The crowd awakened.

BUT THE PENALTIES DID HIM IN. He scrambled for a nice run for a touchdown……called back because of a penalty. He threw a fine pass to Karlos Williams for a touchdown but it was called back because of a penalty.

Later, the Bills gave the Giants 4 points. After kicking a field goal, the Giants accepted a Bills penalty that gave the visitors a first down. Of course, they scored a touchdown after that. Want more misery? Carpenter misses a short field goal. The Bills got into the red zone and were stopped inside the 5 on downs and on and on it goes. Those missed points and a subsequent would have given Buffalo the lead….and possibly a win.

Then again, my final feeling is that Buffalo did not deserve to win. .

What befuddles the fans probably is the way the Bills are using Tyrod Taylor. Most everyone knows that he is excellent as a scrambler and a roll out passer. Greg Roman must tell Rex Ryan that the Bills will utilize all the talent of Taylor, allowing him to roll out, scramble and make plays like several other quarterbacks’ do in the league.

The defense didn’t do that great either. The tackling was sub-standard. After Buffalo scored on a TD pass to Karlos Williams, horrible tackling allowed the Giants to score a TD and increase the lead to 14 points.

Remember those times last season when the Bills had a great sack happy crew when they were in a 4-3 alignment? Why that defensive line – all of them had double digit sacks and made the pro bowl.

Guess what they have in the 4 games played this season? Seven sacks, that’s it. Why they used to get seven in one game before Ryan and company changed from a 4-3 to a 3-4. Former defensive coordinator Schwartz must be crying.

Taylor was 6 of 13 for 36 yards and an interception in the first half. He did finish 29 of 42 for 276 yards and one touchdown. That’s after he managed to roll out and scramble, but it wasn’t enough. The first half did him in. The Giants bottled Karlos Williams, holding him to 40 yards rushing on 18 carries….slightly over 2 per rush.

Let’s see now…..Buffalo wins one…..loses one…..wins one…..loses another. That spells 8-8 if this trend continues on Don’t Get Me Started.

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