DON’T GET ME STARTED opened up my ears to hear the Bills make positive statements on the 2014 season, following the draft……and then fail to deliver. All they did was deliver a 15th season watching the playoffs instead of being in them.


Art Wander

If Sunday’s “win” over the Patriots gave them hope for the 2015 season, they better check on the “accomplishments” of the 2014 campaign. Before the season began:

1. Doug Whaley had the Bills going to the playoffs
2. He sacrificed a first round pick to get Sammy Watkins to give EJ Manuel a gifted target. He drafted a 2nd round pick that fans can’t even pronounce his name After a couple of games, Manuel did not get under center and the #2 pick is seen as a big bust.
3. Head coach Doug Marrone told Bills fans that they will focus on a power running game;
4. Marrone said the Bills would go into a hurry up offense
5. Marrone said the Bills would use a lot of read/option plays that have been successfully used by other teams.
Yesiree. I couldn’t wait to see all of this. The fact is, I’m still waiting to see all of those projections in the fact of a woeful 2014 offense.

You know my feelings on retaining Marrone for another season. His offense hurt the defense from greater glory – specifically the playoffs. The offensive play calling this past season was just that……offensive.

Now, many are calling for the Bills to retain Marrone as head coach, signaling a return to the same plodding offense that characterized this past season. In two years, where has this offense gone? It’s marched backwards.

Don’t be fooled by the wins over Green Bay and New England. The Packers were well off their game, including Aaron Rodgers. The Patriots did what many expected……rest their best players. Brady played the first half. Most of the stars stood on the sidelines all game, including Gronkowski, Edleman and others

Get this. In the second half of the New England finale – against 2nd and 3rd stringers – the Buffalo Bills scored ZERO POINTS. All 17 points came in the first half.

For this, many fans want Marrone to return? Not me. You get Marrone – you get Nate Hackett. Mull that one over.

The Bills have many, many talented players I felt that they were required to carry out the coach’s systems rather than have these coaches put in systems to fit the talent of the players.

The behind-the-scene differences between Whaley and Marrone have been documented. I doubt there will be a kiss and make-up session. The makeup of the Bills requires a change where Whaley and Marrone can be thanked for their effort and then seek other teams on Don’t Get Me Started.


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