DON’T GET ME STARTED watched all the rejoicing over the Bills big win over the Indianapolis Colts. On this Wednesday, it’s all over. Forget Indie, focus on Sunday next.


Art Wander

Some 25 years ago, I was on the air telling Bill Polian, Marv Levy and Ted Marcibroda how they should use Jim Kelly. “Get out of town” was the result.

Maybe I’m a glutton for punishment, but I have some advice for offensive coordinator Greg Roman and Rex Ryan. To be fair, the Jets under Rex Ryan lost a pair of squeakers to the Patriots in 2014, 2 points in the first game and a low scoring 1 point loss in the 2nd game. So that should give hope to Bills fans who noted those games.

But that, too, is history. There are 3 things that the Bills have to do to make a historic charge atop the AFC East. Here they are:

1. I have not read, nor have I heard on radio and television anything about the dreadful penchant for the Bills to take penalties. Against Indianapolis the Bills were penalized 11 times for over 100 yards. That is unacceptable. What makes this perplexing is that it continues a pattern that was seen in all exhibition games. The coaches have to do a better job with it. Giving New England extra downs and yardag3 can prove to be a disaster.

2. Football fans who have been watching the Patriots for some dozen years have to admit, that the offensive line coach of the Pats deserves a raise. He comes up with the schemes that form a great pocket for Tom Brady to work in. Outside rushers are generally contained and if someone gets close to Brady, he steps up in the protective pocket and fires awayl. Marcel Darius has to be the key. He has to bull his way, pushing the offensive linemen into Brady where he is unable to step into a pocket and that would allow the 2 Williams guys and Jerry Hughes to come from the outside for a sack. In short, the Brady pocket has to collapse and the Bills must push linemen into his face. Failure to do that will give Brady time and position to connect with Gronkowski and others.

3. Now to the offense and Roman. It should be assumed that Belichick will be looking at the Indie game and figure out the scheme to stop McCoy. The RB ran 17 times. Belichick will likely work to stop McCoy and focus on Tyrod Taylor. So here’s where Roman has to take advantage of the talents of Taylor. Against Indie, Taylor did not use the read option attack. Belichick will not see it on the tape and prepare differently. This time, Roman should use the read option more exclusively – have Tyrod put the ball into McCoy’s belly – and if the defensive ends slice sideways…..pull it back out – roll out and run or roll out and pass while the defenders are focusing on McCoy. Do the same with Karlos Williams. Other times let the RBs keep the ball. This certainly will confuse New England.

So there you are dear friends. I doubt that anyone will disagree with this thinking. I hope that Ryan and Roman read this and take advantage of what Belichick will prepare and then outwit him so that in 2016, this writer will praise them for taking 2 games from the Pats in 2015 on Don’t Get Me Started.

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