Head Coach Rex Ryan
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Q: Marquise (Goodwin) was just up here for like 15 minutes talking about the Olympic thing and said that you basically were the impetuous to let have him go because he feels it’s his destiny. He’s here, but talk about that.
A: Yeah, you know, as I’ve mentioned before, anytime you have somebody that can represent our country, I think it’s fantastic. I mean it’s just a special thing obviously for him but a once-in-a-lifetime deal. He’s representing himself but even more so he’s representing our country and our community. I’m proud of the fact that he plays for the Buffalo Bills so when he’s out there doing the long-jump, that’s our guy. And think of the pride that we’re going to have in this community, I think it’s going to be great. Obviously his family and everybody else will be proud of him but this is fantastic. Not every team in the league has somebody like this and football’s football, that’s going to be great too when we get him back here, and we will get him back, but just the fact that he has this unbelievable opportunity to represent himself and this country I think’s a great thing.

Q: With all that said, do you think he has a very difficult challenge when he comes back from Rio to make this football team? You got a lot of guys in that position, he’s only got a couple of weeks there. Does he have a huge challenge in front of him do you think?
A: I think everybody has a challenge, there’s competition, but I think his skillset is one that you want to see on that field and see how he progresses and things. Obviously it’s not an ideal thing from where he is as a football player but I think he’s going to be in great shape; we know that. Obviously he’s training at a world-class level, he’s trying to train that way. Now, albeit nobody’s hitting you, but he’s running all the time, he’s in phenomenal shape so that’s going to help but we’ll see. In today’s world, it’s a little different. Everybody has a little, your playbook’s on an iPad these days so he’s not training 24/7, he’ll have some time to look at the playbook and all that and then let his physical tools take over when he gets here.

Q: Rex, he said that he didn’t really give himself the green light until he saw you back in April. Talk about his chances and how proud you are of his chances. Was there no discussion between?
A: No, we had a discussion and to me there was no doubt what he’s going to do. He came to me because he’s committed to this football team and I think that’s sometimes maybe looked at different, “Well he’s not committed.” No, no, it’s the exact opposite. This young man is committed to this football team but to me, I just thought that, no, I was never going to do that. Anybody that has a chance to go out, and he earned his chance, it wasn’t understood that he was going to be on this team, he earned that right. I think he’s got the fourth longest jump in the world right now, that’s not all bad. I hope we can perform as well as he’s performing, as a football team. But yeah, there’s no way I was going to have this young man miss that opportunity because, oh yeah, he had to be here at OTAs. As important as OTAs are, not nearly as important as representing our country at the Olympics.

Q: (Stephon) Gilmore back in town, he said training camp comes, he figures he’ll be there, but you got to get him in the fold, don’t you?
A: Well no, I hope so. Obviously you want your guys here and things. One thing I know about Stephon, I know he’s going to be ready-to-roll, he’s going to be in shape, he’s going to do all that stuff, there’s no doubt. He loves it, he can’t help himself, he’s out there, he talks to the guys all the time, what we’re putting in, all that. He’s staying up on everything but any negotiation, all those types of things, that’s him, that’s on him. I’m never going to interfere with that, that’s not my job and things. Do I want him here? Of course.

Q: Was there a mutual agreement of some sort to not have him take part in team and 7-v-7 drills today or any of this camp?
A: Well, remember he’s still rehabbing from that shoulder injury that he had.

Q: How important is he in your defense?
A: Well I think he’s obviously very important. He’s a tremendous player and corners are hard to find, that’s for sure.

Q: You mentioned that Goodwin’s in great shape, Karlos Williams, maybe not on the same regime in the offseason. How do you get him back into where he’s in shape and will that be something easy do you think?
A: I don’t think it’s going to be easy, I don’t think that at all. Obviously he’s had some different things, I know some personal things and all that, but we do have to be slow with him, that’s why I wasn’t putting him out here full-speed. He went through some individual drills and things but we put him with Eric Ciano, our strength coach, and we’re trying to get him going a little bit and get him to where he needs to be, start training and things. We’re not going to put a ridiculous weight number on him when he comes back, we’re going to put something that’s obtainable for him. What you don’t want to do, you don’t want to have him, all of a sudden he’s going to drop 20 pounds and he comes out here and he gets hurt the first day of training camp; that’s what we’re trying to avoid. So we got to get him to do the right things now. Obviously he’s not anywhere close to where he needs to be to play at a high level so we got to get some weight off him and he certainly understands that.

Q: Rex, were you disappointed by it? He did have a couple of things this offseason but was kind of joking that his wife is hungry because she’s pregnant, so he would eat. That’s not great discipline on his part. Were you a little disappointed by a rookie coming off a great year like that having that happen his first offseason?
A: Sure, no absolutely, and he knows. Obviously you wish that he was in much better shape, there’s no question about it, and I think in the future I’m sure he’s got to realize that what he did this offseason is far from what you want. He’s a young guy, hopefully he’ll learn from it.

Q: With that situation now, it opens the door for some other guys. Mike Gillislee looked pretty good out there from what I could tell at least, could you kind of just touch on the other running backs and the door opening for them?
A: Well it does. I mean, I’ve been telling you guys the wrong things about Shady (LeSean McCoy). It’s actually an ankle (injury), not a hamstring, so that tells you how much I knew. I should’ve said leg injury like the hockey version and we would’ve been fine. But it’s something that we’re taking team reps away from him, he’s getting the individual stuff, but yeah, it does. It opens the door for both Williams’ (Jonathan and Karlos), Gillislee as well. I’ve been really impressed with James Wilder (Jr). He’s not as good as his dad, but there’s only been about a handful of backs that have been. He’s been pretty darn impressive. And Gillislee you mentioned, “Touchdown Mike,” it’s just amazing. You look at him out there and he just does a great job.

Q: Rex, how overweight is Karlos?
A: I don’t know if you put a number, but to say he’s overweight for a back, yeah, without question he is. I don’t know percentage or specific weight but you guys can see him as well as I do, he’s clearly overweight.

Q: He’s not a candidate for Lap-Band is he?
A: He might be. No, maybe later in life. The kid, he’s a fine young man, we just got to get him over this hurdle.

Q: Any reason Cordy Glenn wasn’t out there today?
A: Yeah. He’s got some, I don’t know, (to Scott) do you have the exact thing? He’s got something.

Q: Is that an unexcused absence?
A: No, he’s been in the training room. He’s here early in the morning and everything else, training. If we were playing a game on Sunday he’d be out there.

Q: What was your reaction when Jim Kelly was on the radio last week and was talking about your job security?
A: I just think it’s amazing that everything is focused on that. I could tell you this, my focus is definitely not on my job security or anything else, mine is on winning man. I mean I expect to win. I expect to win big time. We’re all here, we’re putting this team together because we want to win and we want to win a championship. Whenever that is, I don’t know, but I can tell you this, that’s what drives me, that’s what drives this organization. It would be interesting to sit back and say let’s look at the reverse, what’s going to happen when we do win? Instead of, “Oh hey, this guy, we’re going to lose.” Man, I don’t look at it that way. I’m definitely the half-full guy, but I expect some great things out of this team and I’m going to be shocked if it doesn’t happen. I think our whole division has improved. I don’t know how much New England’s improved, obviously they’re right at the top every year so hopefully they don’t improve much, but I think Miami’s gotten better, I think the Jets got better, but it’s amazing how the focus is on this and this. I don’t know. My focus is on let’s go get every one of them. So that’s how much I think about it.

Q: Rex, with some of the changes that took place this season on your coaching staff, Mario (Williams) being released….how much confidence do you have that this team can be better than last year?
A: I think we’ll be better, I really do. Look, you mentioned, sometimes you let a guy like Mario go, everybody’s like, “Oh we’re going to let Mario go and that’s going to be an improvement.” Mario made $17 million for a reason, I mean the guy produced a great deal. Last year, obviously, was a disappointment for all of us but we’re going to have to overcome the loss of him but I like the guys that we have. I don’t think there’s any doubt. Some of the guys, bringing my brother in (Rob), bringing Ed Reed and some different coaches that we got in here, I think will help us. I don’t think there’s any doubt. And I think the commitment that I’ve seen from our players overall, I know it hasn’t been 100 percent, but the number is unbelievable and the way guys have taken to it, for whatever reason, I think sometimes we assumed it would happen, but I don’t know if we really put in the work and the time that I’m seeing now. These guys are, we’re lined up and ready to roll and you get a guy like Jerry Hughes, (he) goes to Pilates at six in the morning every day. I don’t think that anybody’s mentioned that, I don’t know, but there’s a reason they’re great players, because you got to put the work in. And I see it from so many of our guys that I’m really encouraged and I think it’s going to happen in a big way and I think it’s going to happen this year.

Q: But you have been guilty of assuming it would happen soon.
A: I did, absolutely. I put myself in that category, there’s no question about it.

Q: As opposed to Karlos Williams, the opposite with you need to get stronger with Seantrel (Henderson). Seantrel has to get stronger, put some more weight back on. Where is his recovery and also can you also tell us about either Shaq (Lawson) or Sammy (Watkins), what they’re kind of doing right now?
A: Well, I mean, we’ll start with Sammy. I think Sammy is, he’s out of the boot and all that stuff, so that’s good. He’s in here all the time, guys, like every time you turn around, there he is, so he is working his tail off to get out there. Same thing with Shaq. Seantrel’s is different, it’s a different thing, it wasn’t an injury, it was a medical deal. So we’ll see how it is. I can tell you this, he wants to get back on that field in the worst way and we’re all pulling for him.

Q: Rex, back to Jim Kelly, he works for the team as a goodwill ambassador and so forth, and you guys seemingly have had a great relationship since you got here. Did those comments change any of that in your mind?
A: I don’t like him anymore. Just the opposite. No. I think if you ask Jim, Jim knows I’m a hell of a coach and a good coach for this team and this community. I think he would tell you that, I hope he would. I’m going to call him first, but no, I truly believe he would say that. But again, one guy’s opinion about something, like I say, I don’t spend any time at all thinking about this, that, or whatever. When I go to bed at night, I’m thinking about bigger and better things than 8-8, I can promise you that.

CB Stephon Gilmore

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Q: So you’re back. Probably not going to be working the three days you think?

A: No, I probably won’t be doing anything these three days, just probably just a little bit of individual and just working on my craft after practice and going from there.

Q: Where are you with the contract negotiation? It seems like kind of a stalemate right now.

A: I’m really just leaving it up to my agent to handle that and right now I’m just happy to be back with my team and just trying to better myself individually so I’ll be better when the time’s right.

Q: Are you frustrated about the contract right now?

A: I’m not frustrated because I know what I can do on the field so my game speaks for itself and whatever happens, it happens now or it happens later, it happens, so my number one priority is just to prove myself on the field at this time.

Q: Are you optimistic that you will be a member of the Buffalo Bills beyond this season in your mind?

A: I hope so, I hope so. I would love that, but you never know in this game so you really got to focus on yourself and bettering myself individually on the field and go from there.

Q: How much did the contract affect you not being here for OTAs?

A: I mean, I just had to do what’s best for myself and really sit back and focus on myself and I talked to the coaches and my teammates and they were very supportive of my decision so I went from there.

Q: Do you have a clean bill of health, Stephon, from the shoulder surgery and everything? Are you good to go now?

A: I am. I feel good. I was out there practicing after practice, I feel great. Catching balls and I’ve been training just like every year, so I feel good.

Q: So are you limited in practice, in these practices, by choice?

A: Both. Coaches kind of want to watch me now and myself, I feel like it’s just better for me to wait it out and go when the time is right.

Q: In fear of getting nicked up or anything like that?

A: I mean, I don’t really think about that when I’m playing. It’s just better for me to just wait.

Q: With that said, if training camp starts without a deal, will you practice with that same sort of backseat philosophy?

A: Probably not. I’m a competitor, I’ll go in and work like I do. And whatever happens, like I said, happens. I’m going to put it on film, put what I do on film, and it will speak for itself.

Q: You had a bit of humor yesterday on Twitter?
A: Yeah.

Q: “I am just here so I don’t get fined”?
A: I mean it was a joke you know. So I am fan of Marshawn [Lynch]. It was just funny so it is mandatory so that is why I came.

Q: So when you see the deals other corners got what went through your mind?
A: Those guys are great players, but I know what I can do. I know what I can do on an island and make plays so it, when they got those deals it helped the cornerback market out a lot. So looking forward to it.

Q: Do you have any policy about negotiating during the season or will you cut those off?
A: I told (my agent) I am not really trying to really focus on that during the season.

Q: If he keeps going you are okay with that?
A: If he keeps going, he keeps going. But I mean my focus is really on the field. I don’t want that in my mind. Whatever I can to help this team win that is what is my job.

Q: Was it tough to being away despite it being voluntary?
A: It was very tough. But I talked to the guys all the time, especially the DBs, they were supportive. We talked plays, we Facetimed. So my teammates helped me out a lot through the whole process.

Q: What was your reaction on Doug Whaley saying we have to look at the long term salary structure of our team, did you take that as a sign it might not be there?

A: I mean if it is not, it is not. If it is, it is. So like I said I am going to keep putting it on film what I do and they got to do what it best for them and I got to do what is best for me. So go from there.

Q: So just so we get it clear if training camps start you are going to be there?
A: I am going to compete whenever I get there I am going to compete. And I am going to work on my craft in training camp and carry that over to the season. Have a great year and see what happens.

Q: Does whenever I get there mean not necessarily at the start of camp?
A: I mean we will see.

WR Marquise Goodwin
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Q: Saw you and Kolby Listenbee talking some track out there, what was that about?
A: Oh man I wouldn’t say we were talking track, more so just talking health and speed. Excited to have him here though, it is cool to have another guy with a familiar background with the sport I am doing right now. It is good to see him out here.

Q: Walk us through the kind of training that is involved as you prepare for the Olympics?
A: It is pretty vigorous. Requires a lot, very technical. Training at home it is starting to get warm so I kind of watch how I approach each day. I wake up early in the morning and put work in just like the guys here each day and just try to get better.

Q: How many hours a day do you train and how many days a week?
A: Five to six days a week. Anywhere from four to five hours of training.

Q: Is the mindset different place training for track and field versus football?
A: In a different place as far as what?

Q: Just the way you approach the day?
A: I just kind of try to keep it neutral. I really don’t have a different mindset. I go in with the mindset of trying to work hard, trying to get better each day. I think that is what any athlete would approach a work day like.

Q: How have you altered your body composition to help in the long jump?
A: I have altered my body competition by just diet. That has really been the big difference maker for me. In football I load up on carbs, protein and things like that. In track I hydrate a lot more, if I get hungry I try to drink water instead of going and getting a snack or you know I try to stay away from pastas and breads a lot. Really focus on more fish and rice and things like that.

Q: Would you say your build is leaner anywhere?
Q: My total body, my total body is just leaned out. Definitely my shoulders probably, more so upper body.

Q: What sort of arrangement did you make with the Bills or Rex, and you didn’t practice because it is understood that you are in track preparation?
A: Oh man the whole staff has been very supportive, I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity that has been presented to me. It is just one of those deals I just have to come see my teammates, I have to come see the coaches, and it is good to be around. It wasn’t mandatory for me…Rex [Ryan] kind of let me off the hook and the staff. I just thought it would be good to come see the team and be around. Try to feed off the energy they have here. I haven’t seen those guys in a while so seeing them kind of up lifted my spirits.

Q: Are you in the classroom as well and is that helpful for when you come back to the team?
A: Oh definitely, football is not all physical. A lot of it is mental. I still carry my playbook, when I go overseas you will see me with my playbook out. You will ask some of the professional track guys that are out, if they are traveling on the plane with me I pull my playbook out and I go over the stuff. I am still staying in tune with everything mentally. I am just not out here physically.

Q: How difficult do you think the transition is from football to the Olympics and how long might it take you to be ready to comeback?
A: The transition has been kind of tough, more in the sense because I didn’t play this season I was out with a rib injury obviously and I was put on the injured reserved list. It kind of just took a while to come back from that. So I wouldn’t say that the transition it really tough, just from the sense of getting healthy and being able to compete. As far as coming back to football I think it will be a smooth transition. I am probably the most fit I have been in, in my life. I am at a healthy weight, I feel good, I feel great. It is just a great time for me.

Q: What is your weight?
A: 175 today.

Q: What are the next steps in your schedule for track?
A: Next couple of weeks, my next competition will be the Olympic Trials. So looking forward to that, July 1st through the 10th in Eugene, Oregon.

Q: Are you worried about falling behind?
A: Not at all. I just kind of take my days, day to day. Appreciate waking up in the morning, being able to smell the fresh air outside. So I don’t look too deep into things like that. I am an athlete at the end of the day. My job is to be fast, stay healthy and make plays when I am given opportunity. I am in another sport right now but I am still active. It is not like I am at home sitting on the couch, you know what I mean, and eating potato chips.

Q: How difficult will it be to come back with just a few weeks left before the regular season after the Olympics?
A: No not at all. I am not saying it will be easy, but I don’t think it will be really difficult. I am not new to this. This is not my first time transitioning from track to football or football to track. In the 2012 Olympics I came right off the plane and went to practice at UT and hopped right in, no hesitation no problem. And I know this is the NFL and I respect that, and I respect the work that teammates have been putting in but I don’t think I will be too far behind because I have been working too.

Q: What do you have to do at trials to qualify and is it just the long jump you are competing in?
A: Yes the long jump is the only event I am attempting. I just have to place top three and I have a great shot at that.

Q: Are you worried about the Zika virus and the water and other things that have been talked about at Rio?
A: No, you know I am actually not worried at all. I am pretty stern on that. I put a lot of faith in God and I feel like I am covered by the blood of Jesus. So if it was meant for me to get Zika when I am over there than that is what it is. As long as I come back with a gold medal. I am not really worried.

Q: Do you understand how people would react to you saying that rather do track if the pay were equal?
A: Did I say that?

Q: That was what was on the audio or video?
A: I kind of wanted to address that. Yeah, I wouldn’t choose track over football by any means or else I would have in 2012. I had the opportunity numerous times. Football has set me up to provide to my family, it has allowed me a better opportunity to do things in my life that track may have not. That is all I was saying. I am not saying if track paid the same as football that I would choose football. No, because I could make a lot of money doing track as well. I love football, I love track and that is just what it is. I happened to be able to do both professionally and that is what it is. I think people kind of take it out of context when I said that. I definitely have a love for both sports and that is all that is too it.

Q: What are you looking forward to most in Rio?
A: Winning. Getting a gold medal. That is what I look forward to the most.

Q: As far as compensation goes for track is that mostly endorsements?
A: It is a lot of money out there actually. It is just the kind of minority, majority deal. A lot of people really don’t make that much but there are a few who can make a lot of money in that sport. You do so by winning. The winners will make more money obviously and just doing well in your career.

Q: Is it the IOC who pays for certain things?
A: No it is no the International Olympic Committee. It is really the meet promoters. You get paid meet to meet. Say I win, I get maybe a $10,000 stipend and then I get bonuses on top of that. And also what my endorsers or the people who endorse me are willing to provide for each win or just off the top.

Q: Can you get paid for just an appearance?
A: Yeah, yeah you definitely get appearances. Being number one in the world, top four jumps in the world that kind of is working in my favor. I am enjoying that a little bit, making a little side cash. I am not sponsored by anyone right now, so that is the only downfall from it. Maybe somebody will sponsor me.

Q: Was there ever any hesitation when you made up your mind to go?
A: No I prayed about it and I didn’t even approach Coach [Rex] Ryan about it. I saw him on the internet at this same podium give an okay for me to do it. That was all I needed really. It wasn’t even fresh on my mind to do so, to pursue it. When he that it was kind of like okay I guess I will do it.

Q: So that is when you made up your mind?
A: That is when I made up my mind after his interview. That is why I am so grateful for it. You know he really understands life outside of football. People have dreams outside of football that they have always wanted to achieve, since I was a nine year old kid I wanted to be an Olympic champion, I wanted to be in the NFL and win the Super Bowl and now I am put in a position where it is pretty obtainable. I really can go out there and do. So looking forward to it.

Q: Is there any concern with staying healthy with your past injuries?
A: You all see how big I am, I am huge guy. One of the biggest receivers in the league so I don’t see why I would get hurt ever. Injuries are tough to deal with man, they are just part of the game. You know I enjoy every minute of it, even being injured because it has taught me a lot. It has taught me patience, it has taught me I need to be resilient and work through those type of things, those type of situations. A lot of people look at it and it is ah you in the league you aren’t supposed to get hurt, you are not supposed to be this and that. You know and I feel like it is just a misunderstanding. It is not like I go out there and want to be hurt. I don’t want to be put on IR, nobody wants to be put on IR. I am just thankful I am healthy now and get a new shot this year, I am grateful.

Q: Do you think you might benefit from missing camp time and not taking those hits?
A: I think a few less hits would benefit anybody. I definitely look forward to camp though, look forward to being out here with my brothers and the coaches, whole staff everybody.

Q: So when you went to the Texas Relays was that just to see where you place?
A: Texas Relays–that was a home meet for me, it was kind of a pride thing. I got to go home and represent. My wife was competing out there and she ended up winning hurdles out there. Yeah I had to put on too, I couldn’t let her out do me you know. I do the Goodwin name that was the first time we had been in public after our wedding. So it was great opportunity for us to just go and beat Texas together, it was cool.

Q: What event does she compete in?
A: She compete in the 100 meter hurdles. She will competing as well at the Olympic Trials and she has a shot too. Hopefully we can make history in that area as well.

Q: What is her name?
A: Morgan Goodwin now.

Q: Being there in 2012 and having a chance to get there again what would it mean to be a two time Olympian?
A: Yeah I am trying to make history man. I am so grateful for the opportunity Rex [Ryan] has given me. I don’t think you all really understand how big this is for me, how it is for my family. In 2012 I told the guys walking off the track. That is my last jump ever, I am going to the league, like I am done with this. Look here I am now four years later. So saying that you never know where you are going to be in the future. You can never tell the future, you can make plans but you just never know. God has blessed me he allowed me to even see another four years. I have a sister who has never walked a day in her life and I think I would have let her down not using my God given ability and not pursuing 2016 Olympics. So now that I get that opportunity I am going to make the most of it, I am going to do it the best that I can.

Q: Did you believe it when you said that in 2012 or was it just emotion speaking?
A: No, I really believed it. No one really embraced track and field like Rex [Ryan] and the staff that he does. So I kind of felt like I had to get rid of it just so I could thrive in the NFL, but now I am embrace it a lot. I try to live my life the best that I can for me and not live it for a coach, or my wife, or anybody else. Just live it the best I can for me.

QB Tyrod Taylor
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Q: You seem so much more comfortable making the throws than you did at this time last year, how do you feel compared to last year?
A: Of course knowing the offense, having a full year, actually getting those reps last year. Naturally you feel comfortable. Focus on a lot to improve on this offseason, and we have done so, I have done so throughout the OTA’s. The main thing is to just keep improving, taking it one day at a time. Keep spreading the ball around and take in the offense.

Q: Your touch looked especially good today–that takes reps it just doesn’t happen?
A: Definitely takes reps, takes learning your receivers, and I think that is what we have a chance, of course that is what I have got a chance to do this offseason throughout the OTA period and phase one and phase two just through a bunch of balls to guys and understand what is comfortable for them. The balls they can adjust to and just lining your receiver. It is my job to get the ball to them, but the more I learn about my receiver the better off I am.

Q: So it is your expectation that training camp will be more of refinement than implementation of the offense?
A: For sure. Of course we have installed a lot of things, just about our whole playbook up until this point right now. A few little tweaks here and there, but more so like you said once we get to training camp it is more about refining until we get to the point where we are game planning teams. Then that takes on its own world. But right now it is more so just continue to keep improving, learn from our mistakes, learn from our practices, like you said continue to keep refining our game.

Q: How does that change your operations and execution of the huddle?
A: Just take more command. Of course being the quarterback, guys look to you for motivation, they look to you for a number of things. But more so the execution starts with you, if you can get everybody in the right place, if you are going out there and executing at a high level each and every play the guys can trust you and rely on you. So it starts with me and I have to lead by example out there on the field and continue to spread the message to my teammates, offense and defense.

Q: Can you talk about the running back committee you have back there?
A: Oh yes we have a bunch of talented guys at the running back position. All different guys, all can bring something different to the team. They know that it is a competition and that brings out the best of each player. They welcome the competition, they are going out there and working hard. The guys that have been here, the guys that haven’t been here, they know what they have to do moving forward throughout the rest of this minicamp and moving forward into training camp.

Q: Get Karlos back out there?
A: Yes for sure. Karlos [Williams] is a heck of a player. He showed that last year. The main thing is he just continues to take strides moving forward.

Q: Looked like he was on a different diet, is that something you guys stay on him about to make sure he gets back?
A: I am sure he will get to where he needs to be by the time we start playing games. He is a responsible guy, he also had a lot of stuff he had to deal with this past offseason. So he is back in football mode, and he will get back to where he needs to be.

Q: Dez Lewis seems to grow every time we see, can you talk about his growth and what you have seen?
A: Yes Dez [Lewis] has definitely impressed me, I know he has impressed the coaches, even to our competitions we have as a team in the weight room, our strength and conditioning contests. I believe he is number one by far. So he has definitely impressed and you can tell he worked this past offseason and it is showing on the field. He is playing with more confidence, he is going out there and making the plays that we thought he could. He is going out there and doing it. It is more so about being consistent and I am pretty sure that is what he is working on and that is what he will get too.

Q: Who stands out to you in the group after Sammy and Woods?
A: It is still early, we have been through 10 OTAs and one minicamp, actually eight OTAs and one minicamp. One thing I will say about those guys is they are competing. Nobody is making any excuses, they are going out there working their butts off and I trying to get better. They are all feeding off each other and they understand like the running back position, they understand the competition. But they are letting that drive them and motivate them to be better players. They are working going out there and trying to make plays. Of course as a quarterback I like it.

Q: How will you spend your time between minicamp and training camp?
A: Can we finish minicamp first…no I am messing with you. I will go home and visit the family for a little bit and then I will go off to train for a couple weeks before we get back here. Just to make sure I am in shape and getting ready for training camp.

Q: What are some of the challenges of throwing to eight or nine different wide receivers?
A: I wouldn’t say it is much of a challenge right now. We have had a number of practices and number of phase two practices as you would say to get to know each other. Got a couple new faces today at the wide receiver. The main thing is just giving the guys a chance. All these guys are capable of making the plays, just have to trust in the receiver and let them do their job.

RB Karlos Williams
Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Q: Karlos, what’s that target weight they want you to get to?
A: Um, close. Not far off, not far off. It’s going to require some work, some discipline in the meal room and that’s something I have to do, I’m a professional. That’s something you have to do being home and being with my pregnant fiancé. When she eats, I eat, so it’s kind of hard doing that but like I said, I’m a professional. The coaches and the strength and conditioning coaches are behind me, so it’s not going to be a problem.

Q: Did you raise an eyebrow at all when they drafted Jonathan (Williams)?
A: Oh not at all, not at all because you want to have a stable of backs. You always want to have the best backs that are going to fit your system and I watched him before at his college, he’s from Florida, so I watched Arkansas a lot. I love the way he runs the football. Watched him today during the practice, he’s got vision, great cuts, he’s a pretty big guy being able to move like that, would love to have him in the backfield with us.

Q: Which other back do you think kind of resembles your skillset on the team?
A: James (Wilder Jr). Me and James are a lot alike. I’m faster than James, straight-line speed, but James has amazing balance, good hands, he can do it all, he can run, he can block, he can catch, he can do it all, so me and him have a lot of the same skillset. Different body types but a lot of the same skillset.

Q: What injury has been holding you back right now? Which one?
A: The injury of pregnancy I would say.

Q: Bodily though, what’s been holding you back?
A: Nothing really, just pretty much just trying to make sure pregnancy went well for my fiancé but since that’s over with, she knows what time it is; it’s football time again. So getting back in football shape and getting ready for training camp.

Q: No one has ever said pregnancy as an issue in football before. That might be a first.
A: It definitely is a first but I like to eat and then her being pregnant gave me an excuse to eat, so eating anything and everything. She’d wake up, one or two o’clock, “I want a snack.” Well I’m not going to sit here and watch you eat because I don’t want you to feel bad but it’s back to football. She’s getting back to working out herself so kind of motivating each other, feed off each other’s energy, and we’re getting ready for camp.

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