As the search continues for a new coach for the Buffalo Bills, the players on the team sit and wonder who will lead them? Fred Jackson said on his show Monday night on WBBZ-TV that they want someone who can lead the team to a championship and who wants to be in Buffalo. Obviously Doug Marrone was neither of those.

For a veteran like Jackson, going through another coaching search and learning a new system is tiring. Fred Jackson knows after nine seasons in the NFL that his window of opportunity to win a championship is shrinking by the day. The odds of a new coach coming in here with a completely new system and taking the Bills deep into the playoffs in his first year are daunting.

Immediately after the Buffalo Bills defeated New England in the season finale there was hope for next year. Sure, there were doubts about Kyle Orton at QB, but that was just one fix. With Marrone now gone and Bill Polian turning down a chance to return to the Bills the climb to the top seems daunting.

My guess is the Pegula’s know who they want as their new head coach but are continuing the interview process to give fans the sense that the search is thorough. Frank Reich has to be high on their list, but you never know what advice they may be receiving from the new relationships they have developed in the league. For all we know Bill Polian may still be one of those giving advice even though he turned down their offer for a full-time position. Polian would be Reich’s corner.

Whoever is hired to be the new Bills coach one think is certain, he has to be a winner. Bills fans have suffered too long to be patient with another rebuilding process and will not be as forgiving as Sabres fans have been as of late.

The new Bills coach must capitalize on the strong defense he has inherited and create an offense that can score points to compliment it. He must also be happy to be a Buffalo Bill and all that that means. Fred Jackson and his teammates deserve at least that.

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