DON’T GET ME STARTED was screaming “do something else” as Buffalo’s play caller was doing what the Browns probably expected.

In the wake of last week’s 55 rushing plays n Buffalo’s win over the Ravens, the Cleveland Browns defensive coordinator probably drew up schemes to stop the Bills running game.  The Bills OC, play caller obliged quite often.

I’m throwing away the fact that the Bills rushed 31 times for 155 yards.  Only CJ Spiller’s 54 yard TD burst was really a first down call that worked.  As you might guess, I’m questioning the play calling of Nate Hackett – specifically the calls on first down.

In the first 3 possessions, the Bills called 1 running play and 2 pass plays enroute to a 10-0 lead.  Thereafter it seemed as if the Browns knew what the game plan was – keep running the ball.  In the next 8 possessions, Buffalo ran the ball each time on first down.  That put the Bills, on many of those situations, in 2nd and 8, 2nd and 9 as the Browns began stuffing the running game.

I was begging for something else on first down – as Cleveland did on several occasions.  I was hoping for a long bomb that never came; how about a screen pass off a play-action or an end around.  No, for 8 straight possessions, the first play was a run.  All this while Cleveland was coming back and winning the game.

I really became quite angry toward the end of the first half.  Cleveland scored to take a 17-10 lead.  2:20 remained on the clock with the Bills at their own 20.  So what happens?  Four – that’s right – 4 running plays were called with the Bills not taking any time outs.  Naturally, they wound up punting the ball away.

At that moment, I remember head coach Doug Marrone saying, a couple of games ago, that his mind set was on scoring more points.  Apparently not this time.

On Buffalo’s first 11 possessions then, they ran the ball on first down in 8 of those possessions.  Certainly the Browns could focus on the run.  Toward the end, with Buffalo behind, they turned to passing the ball – as teams usually do.

At the end of the game, my first thought was that Cleveland is ahead of Buffalo in the rebuilding game.  Hey, why not end on a positive note.  They held McGahee to a 2.8 average on 26 rushes while C.J. averaged 8.3 on his 8 carries.  Of course, the 54yard gallop helped.

Let’s hope that the conservative play calling of Hackett improves in the coming weeks and show that he can come up with a more creative game plan rather the predictable onse he’s been calling on Don’t Get Me Started.

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