I’m not buying the recent story about rock star Jon Bon Jovi having the inside track on buying the Buffalo Bills. While Bob Jovi has rich and influential friends up in Toronto who could him get it done, he does not have the personal pull that Hall of Fame QB Jim Kelly does.

People in the know have told me that Kelly has been promised the right of first refusal by Ralph Wilson himself when the team becomes available. On top of that Jim has let it be known that he would do everything in his power to prevent the team from leaving Buffalo and that would include a move to Toronto.

Jon Bon Jovi has had an interest in owning a professional sports team for some time and has got his feet wet with an Arena Football team several years ago. The popular singer has a strong relationship with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment CEO Tim Leiweke and daughter Francesca. CBS Sports reporter Jason La Canfora cited Bon Jovi’s personal and business relationship with the Leiweke as a key in building a group to buy the Buffalo Bills.

Call me naïve, but I have to believe Ralph Wilson and Jeff Littman already have a plan for succession and Wilson’s bond with Jim Kelly plays into that. Wilson could have moved the franchise several times, but has always remained loyal to the city where he built the team. I do not believe Wilson, who has shown he is a smart business man, has left the future of the franchise to the whims of billionaires.

You can bet Jim Kelly has a team of investors in place to take the first swing at buying the team when the day comes. That group could also include Jon Bon Jovi despite what is being written in Toronto. Bon Jovi knows teaming up with team’s iconic Hall of Fame quarterback and owning an NFL team would be would be like, well, “Livin on a Prayer”.

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