Head Coach Doug Marrone
Monday, November 10th, 2014

Q: With a short week, is it easier or hard to put aside the lingering frustrations from yesterday?
A: I think you have to, but it’s easier said than done. When I get ready after I get done here speaking to the team, that’s the one point that I’ll make.

Q: Were you really here until 5 am?
A: We just slept here.

Q: Was that the plan all along?
A: Yeah. In order to get the work done, get the film in from the Detroit game, get all the reports and everything run, get the game plan set. Not to talk about it, but you’re meeting with the doctors about injuries and you’re seeing who’s available and who’s not. It’s pretty much standard around the league, for us as coaches. It’s no different from what I’ve done when I was in New Orleans.

Q: When you say we, do you mean your coaching staff?
A: Yes, obviously.

Q: Is everything done at an accelerated pace? Can you attack this game the same way with less time to prepare?
A: It’s accelerated. It’s much more challenging for what we have to do, because you come in after the game and you literally walk across the street and come back in. You’re waiting for things to come in and you’re prepping or you’re watching the game that you just played, which is what most of us did as we were waiting for the film to come in. How you prepare and how you practice is difficult and a challenge. Obviously, today is just a walkthrough. We just played a game yesterday. Tomorrow is more like a Saturday or Friday type of practice. You’re trying to get it to where you can make sure that they’re prepared and ready to go and seeing things at a speed that they’re going to see in four short days. I think those are all the challenges. We all have them. Obviously, the team we play has it. At least it’s equal from that sense.

Q: How difficult is it to fathom that one of numerous plays could have made the difference?
A: I think that’s what’s important. It’s one out of numerous ones that could make the difference. We went into the game and the phases and things that we concentrated on, for the most part, we owned. The two glaring ones obviously are turnovers and red zone touchdowns. That’s really the elephant in the room.

Q: Are there any thoughts about mixing things up down there in the red zone, in terms of who is getting the ball?
A: A lot of it’s on matchups and what we want to get accomplished, but it is. I’m not going to sit here and deny that that’s something we talk about quite a bit. There are challenges within this roster. We have injuries and have to back yourself up special teams-wise. We have those challenges, which probably affect the offense side of the ball more, because of some of the lack of special teams play that we get out of certain positions. That’s something that I’ve talked to Doug Whaley about and that we’re continually trying to improve to make it better for us as far as numbers and what we’re doing.

Q: What do you take from the Week 2 game to help you this week?
A: You look at it a little bit, but you watch the teams and how they progress. Obviously, Miami has done a very good job progressing from an offensive standpoint. Defensively, I think they’re fourth in the league so they’re doing a heck of a job there. We know the challenges there. For us, with the change that we made there are differences in the ways we’re progressing. As the season goes, there’s similarity between knowing personnel and there’s some scheme, but to see where the teams have improved and what you might have to do to take some things away, those are the things that you focus in on.

Q: How much do you think this team put itself behind in the AFC playoff picture?
A: I don’t think we’re in a position right now to really concern ourselves with that. Our position, as we move forward into this third quarter, is that we’re 0-1 and our focus is now on getting over this thing and going out and playing a divisional opponent, which holds a little more weight when it comes down to everything else.

Q: The Patriots are in control of the division. Isn’t it important now to make sure your conference record is strong?
A: Yeah, but not if you don’t win enough games to get yourself to that position. There’s nothing we can do about the past, so right now our focus is on Miami. For us to talk about that now, the only way to change that is to go out and win a game against a divisional opponent and an AFC conference opponent.

Q: Is it normal for teams to scale back what they do in preparation for Thursday Night games?
A: I think it all depends upon what type of team you have. For us, will we make some changes? Yes, we will. Are they going to be dramatic changes? Probably not. We don’t have enough time to know or feel comfortable about whether it’s going to work or not. You’ve just got to put your players in the best position to execute and play.

Q: How has Pepper Johnson worked so well with the defensive line?
A: I think it goes back to the same thing.. Not to take anything away from the coaching, but we have a bunch of good players up there. We really do.

S Aaron Williams
Monday, November 10th, 2014

Q: Is it good you played Miami earlier in the year, considering the short week?
A: It actually helps us a lot, having them earlier in the year, just to get a glimpse of what they do and how their offensive scheme is. It definitely helps that we have a little bit of game film that we can look back on. That was a long, long time ago so I’m pretty sure they’ve changed up their offensive scheme.

Q: Ryan Tannehill has been playing really well lately.
A: He’s been on fire the last few weeks. They’ve come up with a lot of big games, especially against San Diego. Again, tough lost for them in Detroit. Just like we are, they’re moving on and getting ready for this game on Thursday.

Q: Can you tell if the Kansas City loss is still lingering? If it is, what would you tell guys?
A: If it’s still lingering, you’ve got to get over it. There’s nothing we can do. The game’s over with. We can’t change anything. It’s time to get ready for Miami. That’s one of the big games that we have to get ready for; another AFC game and another division game, which is even more important. If we really want to get back to the playoffs then this is going to be a really important game.

DT Kyle Williams
Monday, November 10, 2014

Q: What are the challenges of preparing on a short week?
A: Physically. That’s a lot of it this late in the year with a quick turnaround. So physically trying to get your body back on such a quick turnaround and trying to get the preparation that you need to get a game plan in and get comfortable with it this quickly. I think everyone has kind of moved onto Miami this morning.

Q: Is it difficult to put aside lingering feelings of disappointment from yesterday?
A: It’s hard, but it’s something that you have to do. You can’t let one loss turn into two, especially with a quick turnaround. The tough thing and the great thing about this league is that there’s the next week. You have to get prepared for it, especially a Thursday night game.

Q: Does the quick turnaround help with that short memory?
A: It does I think. The nature is to lose a tough game like that, feel like you kind of gave it away at the end; to let that linger and hang on to you through the week, but we can’t afford that this week. Usually, the first day [of the week] that we start practice is the day that we’re going to be traveling down to Miami to get ready to play a game the next day. We’re looking forward to that.

G Kraig Urbik
Monday, November 10th, 2014

Q: What are the procedures in preparing on a short week?
A: Today is a quick turnaround. You see what you did wrong and right in the game and then we’re on the Miami right away. There’s no off day tomorrow, so we’re right in to Miami.

Q: Is it good news that there’s no time to dwell on what happened yesterday?
A: Yeah, for sure. There’s usually a 24 hour window of either celebrating or thinking about a loss, but with a quick week I’m already on to Miami right now.

Q: Is there somewhat of a limited package this week?
A: I think we go in fully, like any other game. Our coaches were here until five in the morning, so I think we’ll have a pretty good game plan.

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