Head Coach Doug Marrone
Monday, October 20, 2014

Q: Injuries?
A: Scott Berchtold: C.J. Spiller with the clavicle, Fred Jackson with the groin and Aaron Williams with the neck.

Q: Did CJ have his surgery?
A: Yes he did.

Q: Any word on how that went?
A: No. I have not heard yet.

Q: Can you confirm the timeline Fred gave on the radio?
A: I talked to Fred about that. I’m not going to go there and the only reason why is because, if I had started that I would’ve been wrong a couple of times this year. I’m just going to see how he is. I know he was better today than what they expected after the interview. Like I told Fred, I said, ‘When you put a timeline out there, if you come back earlier what does that mean? If you back later what does that mean?’ I told him that’s why you don’t talk about those things because I’m a prime example of a guy who’s made that mistake before.

Q: What exactly did he do to it?
A: It’s a groin. He did it before receiving the handoff, right before the short yardage. You can see it on film, so he has a groin.

Q: Are you still holding out hope that CJ can make it back this season?
A: There’s really nothing you can do to control it once it goes to surgery, except to see what the doctors say afterwards. I talked to Doug [Whaley] this morning and he said, ‘Hey, let’s just see what the doctor says afterwards and we’ll just take it from there.’

Q: You’ve got that injured reserve/designated for return option still out there. Would that be a possibility?
A: It all depends on what the doctor tells us. If it’s something that he can come back from earlier than that then probably not. If it’s something that he can’t come back from earlier than that, it depends how long it is really. When the doctor tells us exactly what he thinks after going in there then I’ll discuss that with Doug. Yeah, everything it on the table all of the time with all the injuries.

Q: How do you approach this Jets game without Fred and CJ? Have you made a decision on how you may go about splitting carries?
A: I think, first we’ve got to get the plan together. We really haven’t started because we just officially got done with the past game. We’ll just see what gives us the best opportunity and then we’ll just watch them in practice. I think we have a good feel for what Boobie [Dixon] can do in games. Bryce [Brown], we have a good feel for what he can do in practice and a little bit of a feel of what he’s been able to accomplish in games, because we’ve watched a bunch of that. We’ll just see, game plan-wise, what we need and how the week goes and then we’ll seeing how to attack them. Once the game goes, if something’s working better then we’ll stick with that.

Q: What are Bryce’s strengths?
A: He’s quick. He can make people miss. He’s good in the passing game. He can hit all of the different holes. He can make all the runs, so I’m very happy with him. That’s the reason why he was here, in case something happened. If he was able to be him out, in case something happened, he’ll be able to step on the field. At least it’s someone who’s been here and knows what we’re doing, know the system. He’s been getting a lot of work in practice on the scout team, but now is a chance for him. He’s been waiting for it, so that’s a good sign.

Q: Do you anticipate bringing in anyone?
A: Probably. I would say we would do something. I think a lot of it depends on where Fred is at, but yeah. I would say yes that we could bring somebody in. We’ve discussed those things.

Q: From a style standpoint, is that an interchangeability with Boobie for Fred and Bryce for CJ?
A: Everyone is a little bit different, but if you had to generalize it then I would say that that could work right there. You can see a lot of the same type of characteristics. I think the one thing that’s never been talked about with Fred has been his—I should say that; you guys have mentioned it—his ability to catch the football and get positive yardage. He was very big in our passing game for what we were doing. I think that’s something that we hope to gain somewhere, as we go through this week.

Q: How would you describe Boobie as a pass catcher? He seems to get labeled as a guy who can’t catch because his stats aren’t particularly high?
A: I think that happens a lot, especially when all you can rely on are statistics. He hasn’t shown the inability to be able to do that during practice or at any time. Actually, I would say from a perception of when we acquired him that he’s much more athletic and is able to catch the ball better than my perception was without having seen him in the building.

Q: Did the rugged nature of the running back position go into your decision to bring in Bryce?
A: As long as I can good players I’m always going to. That’s probably a better question on the acquisition of how the rosters formed for Doug. But I’m never going to deny not bringing in a good football player.

Q: It seems like you could do a lot worse for a fourth-string running back
A: Yeah. I wouldn’t disagree with that statement at all.

Q: Can you tell us why Chris Hogan has moved up the depth chart?
A: I think a couple things there–one, when we first brought him up we need him to play well on special teams. That’s what was addressed first with him and he’s done that. He’s still taking reps on special teams. He does play quite a bit. He’s getting better and better each week. I think when you watch the play that he makes at the end of the game, that’s a heck of a play and he’s made a couple of them during it. He runs good routes, we know where he’s going to be and he’s able to win. I think it’s not someone else not playing as well, but him playing better and being able to get open and the quarterback knows where he is.

Q: Is there something in you as a coach that wants an undrafted guy like Chris Hogan to succeed?
A: I would say, on other teams and in other sports, I pull for those guys, but not in my role here. My role here is to have the best players on that field. I never try to say, ‘Well, I hope he does it.’ I pull for everyone the same. I really do. But I give Chris a lot of credit. He was undrafted. I mean he was a lacrosse player coming out and from when we first got him until now, he’s really improved quite a bit. Now, the question is do you keep improving and keep being consistent throughout the year, because that’s the case with all of these players that are just getting their opportunities and being able to play.

Q: Do you know what operation was done on CJ’s clavicle?
A: I know. Obviously, I’ve been informed of the information and I know this. I can’t repeat because of what the doctor said, but if you want to say it’s the clavicle, yeah. I think something will come out. I know it was the clavicle. I know it was a surgical procedure, but I don’t know all of the ins and outs. Once they [the doctors] start talking, they start losing me.

Q: Is there a timetable as far as how long he will be in the hospital?
A: I’m waiting to hear from them. I hear about the procedure in meetings and, from then on, I’ve been in meeting until just now.

Q: You weren’t happy after the game. Do you feel the same way today? How would you sum up your general feelings on that game yesterday?
A: For me, personally, probably the same way. I think you have to acknowledge the win. I know there were some good things out there, but there are some things we need to get better at. Defensively, we talked to the players today about communication.. That’s from us too on the sideline. We had a snap on fourth and one where we had 12 [men] out there. We had another snap where we had 10. We’ve got to do a better job of communicating. I’ve got to do a better job in practice of that. It starts with me putting us in situations like that, but communicating in the huddle and the post-huddle and recognizing things that are going on. I think that we’ve been very, very good against the run. I think you have to understand what makes you good against the run is playing physical. I think we’ve got to understand that and do a better job of that, as we get ready to play again. I think one of the things, uncharacteristically, were the missed tackles. We had about nine missed tackles yesterday. That’s a lot of yardage. That’s something we’ve been doing a good job of. We didn’t do that yesterday. Those are things defensively when I said, ‘Hey, this are the things defensively that we’ve going to focus on and fix.’ From an offensive standpoint, it’s scares the heck out of me when we’re turning the ball over. Ball security is the number one issue. Our preparation, that starts with me in how we get everyone ready and focused during the week and how practice, so we can get ready to play. Then, being physical on offense too. I think a lot of times – and I’ve said this to the players – it’s a physical game. Just because you run a draw or a screen or you pass protect doesn’t mean there’s not a physical component in it. If anything, everything is physical about what we do in this game. Those are the things offensively. On special teams I’m concerned about the penalties; penalties and our leverage awareness. I think that when you know that it helps quite a bit. And our situational awareness too, with some of the things we have going on. In all three phases we have things to fix and those are the things that we need to work on.

Q: Was it not a good game for the offensive line, after looking at the film?
A: I think, yeah. I would say yes. Is it a game where they could play better? It’s the inconsistency that gets you upset, meaning that there are times out there where there’s a great pocket and no one around him and there are times where there’s not a great pocket around him. That’s what get your frustrated; that type of inconsistency. That’s what we’re going to need to become more consistent at doing the things well. That’s what gets you over the top. I think a lot of the units are able and the team is able to see that. There’s a picture of how we want things do and, when we go out there, we have to recognize that when it’s not right, what was the problem. It’s starts from a numerous amount of things.

RB Bryce Brown
Monday, October 20th, 2014

Q: You’re finally going to get your chance. How do you feel about that?
A: My main thing is really just to get in, learn the game plan and pick up where those guys left off. It’s unfortunate that they went down with injuries, but that’s why we competed in our room. We’ve got guys that can come in and pick up where they left off.

Q: What are your thoughts on finally having an opportunity?
A: Like you said, it’s an opportunity and I’m looking forward to it. I really don’t want to focus on me. This is our team and the main goal and main focus is winning. That’s my main focus.

Q: Can you talk about the responsibility of maintaining that rushing production this week?
A: Honestly, I’m looking to improve.. Me and Boobie and Frank, I think we have the ability to do that. Then again, it lies on us all. I think, us as an offensive unit, definitely want to get the running game going a little bit better, so we help can help Kyle [Orton] and our passing game.

RB Boobie Dixon
Monday, October 20, 2014

Q: Is it exciting to know that you’re going to be the feature back?
A: I’m very excited. It’s one thing I’ve been waiting on my whole life. I feel like I’m a workhorse and I’m just excited for the opportunity.

Q: What changes this week?
A: Nothing really. I prepare every week to go out there and dominate. I’ve just go to get on the film, get a look at New York and get the game plan and get to work.

Q: Does it make it easier to prepare when you know that you’re the guy?
A: Yeah. It makes it a little better because I get the reps in practice and I get to rep all of the plays, as opposed to last week, where some of the plays in the game that I didn’t even get a chance to rep. I was just thrown out there. This week, I’ll get the reps and I’ll be able to be in tune to what we’re doing.

DT Marcell Dareus
Monday, October 20th, 2014

Q: How great did it feel to watch the offense go down and win the game?
A: It was clutch. It was big time. We really needed it. The offense pulled it together and they pulled it out there for us. We did the best we could with the turnovers and minimized their scoring in the best way possible. We came out with the victory and that’s all we really wanted.

Q: How much more rewarding is it when you guys put forth an effort like that on defense?
A: It just keeps us on the edge of our seats. We’re just not going to even worry about the game. We’re just going to do the best that we can every snap, so whatever happens happens on that end. We just know that they’re going to do the best they can and we’re going to do the best we can. We’re not trying to harp on it. If it happens it happens. If it doesn’t, we’re still going to do the best we can.

Q: What’s it like for you defensive guys watching on the sideline for that last drive?
A: We were on the edge of our seats like the fans. Caught the pass with one second left on the clock. That’s the craziest game I’ve ever been apart of. I’m excited and everybody else was, as well.

T Cordy Glenn
Monday, October 20th, 2014

Q: What needs to get corrected in these next six days?
A: Just the offensive line. You’ve got to do a better job. I know we’ve said that the last two weeks and it’s that far along in the season where you can’t keep doing the same thing every week. We’ve got to take more pride in what we’re doing and just help the team out better so we don’t get in bad situations so much.

Q: What’s happening? Can you diagnose it?
A: It’s a little bit of everything. It’s not one person or one thing. It’s a little bit of everybody and a lot of different things going wrong.

Q: Because of the way the game went, how much were you able to enjoy the win?
A: You’ve got to enjoy the win. It’s hard to win in this league, so we definitely have to enjoy it. We know we didn’t play our best game. We’ve got a lot of things to get better at and keep working towards. We’ve just got to keep a sharp focus.

WR Sammy Watkins
Monday, October 20th, 2014

Q: Does it feel as good now as it did last night?
A: Yeah, it feels great still. I’ve got to put that behind me. We’ve got to focus on the New York Jets. It’s a great feeling to get a big win on that stage. We played great on offense and we’ve got to get better.

Q: Put that touchdown into perspective..
A: It was one of the best moments that I’ve had in the NFL. We made the play. We made it happen at the end of the game. We had wide receivers make big catches to move the ball. We’ve got [Scott] Chandler making the big catch, we’ve got Chris Hogan making a big catch and then you’ve got myself making the last catch to win the game.

Q: Can you talk about the first touchdown? Do you know who you hugged in the stands afterwards?
A: I saw him screaming, being active in the game, going crazy. I was like, ‘I might as well go over there and give him a hug.’ That probably made his day. That was the first touchdown that I had in the game, so it was a big touchdown to tie the game up.

C Eric Wood
Monday, October 20th, 2014

Q: What are your thoughts on the injuries to CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson?
A: It’s tough to lose two guys of that quality, two guys that work as hard as they do and two guys that mean a lot to us. Guys are going to have to step up around them and we’ll be praying for them in their recovery. You’re right. It’s tough.

Q: You’ve been blocking for those guys for years. Is that hard on a personal note?
A: For sure. Those are my guys. I’m close friends with both of them. I have a tremendous amount of respect for both of them, as players and as people. You never want to see them go down. Injuries are really a tough part of this game and the more that you’re around it, it doesn’t necessarily get easier to watch people go down with injuries.

Q: Is it encouraging to know that you have answers in this locker room with Boobie Dixon and Bryce Brown?
A: Yeah. We have a great stable of running backs. We’ve known that since this offseason. Bryce is going to be getting the opportunity to make some plays and I know he’ll be excited to do that.

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