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DON’T GET ME STARTED sends the message out to anyone that has the first name of Jordan. In a very short time, the Bills signed a pair of first name Jordan. First came a backup quarterback Jordan Palmer who toiled in the NFL for some 7 seasons and few people ever heard of him. The only notoriety he’s receiving is that he’s the brother of Carson Palmer a decent NFL quarterback.

Then came “Jordan #2. It’s punter Jordan Gay who was the Bills. The first thought is, “Hey what’s with Brian Moorman?” Will the veteran punter of the Bills be getting a message that Saturday’s final cutdown means he will be gone? Granted, he did not have a good punting game against the Tampa Bucs last weekend. Yet, Moorman knows the wind and weather in Buffalo better than anyone.

So fans have to get used to the two no-name Jordans as they get a trial run Thursday.

I’m not surprised that Marrone is bringing in players fans haven’t heard about. After all, Marrone brought in his friend Nate Hackett from Syracuse when I don’t recall any other NFL team was romancing him.

Quick now, can you tell me who the quarterback coach of the Bills is? Thought so.

Oh well, let’s be realistic. Doug Marrone has reached the stage of experimentation. Try this; try that. Bring in this one, then another one and hope something good happens.

The problem in hiring a college coach to lead the professional troops is having a handle on those coordinators and assistants that have made a coaching mark in the NFL.

I’m scouring the rosters in the NFL to spot those players whose first name is Jordan on Don’t Get Me Started.

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