DON’T GET ME STARTED following the Bills latest win. I say “win” instead of victory. The Green Bay Packers scored a victory over the New England Patriots with a great offensive performance led by their quarterback Aaron Rodgers that inspired the defense to thwart Belichick’s team.


Art Wander

Buffalo’s defense was outstanding…….again, while the offense was plodding along. Let’s not even get into the red zone controversy.

Following the first half of the Bills win over the Browns, Marrone said the Bills didn’t play well. “Play Well?????” They were booed off the field. They came back in the second half to pull it out and remain in the “playoff race.”

Actually that position will probably change next Sunday when Buffalo travels to Denver which on Monday was listed as a 9 ½ point favorite. That may go up as the week progresses.

Now back to the words. I wish I had all the times following the games this season that Marrone stated, “We’ve got to get better.” That was the quote used following the win over the Brown and throughout most ever game…..even wins. Hey coach……you’ve got the title of coach. The question is, “Can your coaches coach better?”

These cliches fall on a lot of deaf ears, “We’ve got to play better; we’ve got to look in the mirror; we’ve got to show more character; we’ve got to play tougher” and on and on and on. It’s like a broken record. Marrone could save wear and tear on the voice and record the phrase and play it back in the press conferences after games.

Let’s be realistic. The Bills will probably be looking to end the season with an 8-8 record IF they beat Oakland in California. Certainly most die-hard fans don’t see them beating Denver, Green Bay and the Patriots in the month of December. I don’t know if 8-8 will save Marrone’s job considering his poor conference record.

Many are agreeing that the offense has cost the Bills defense from playing in the post season. The defense has been outstanding all season long. The offense?……..well, here come the words….”We’ve got to play better.” That’s a coach’s job but this coach will probably look at 8-8 as a major accomplishment.

As for the Green Bay Packers? What a tremendous display of solid football. Look at some comparisons: I think that Watkins is as good as Nelson; I think Woods is as good as Cobb. I give the tight end combos to the Bills. But look how well the Pack’s offensive line gave Rodgers the time. Isn’t the OL supposed to be the strength of Marrone?

Oh well………forgive me, but I’m looking forward to Sunday evening to listen to Doug Marrone come out with……”We’ve got to play better” on Don’t Get Me Started.

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