DON’T GET ME STARTED imagines that the Buffalo Bills outstanding defensive lineman, Marcel Dareuss is chomping as he applauds the big, monstrous – over $110 million that Detroit’s Ndamukong Suh signed for with the Miami Dolphins, pending everything goes as planned at free agency time in a few days.

Why would Dareus be smiling? Well, Dareuss becomes a free agent in 2016. If the Bills would slap the franchise tag on him, he would be assured of getting the salary average of the top 5 defensive tackles. The signing of Suh to a whopping contract certainly will raise that average.

Marcel is 3 years younger than Suh; had more sacks than Suh in 2014; and is a defensive force. If he approaches the season he had last year, the big bucks will weigh as much as his 331 pound frame. Marcel has yet to hit his prime – he’s 25, Suh is 28.

Hence, the Bills would be wise to try to get a deal done this year with the big contributor to the Bills defense. Sign him now before he becomes a free agent. They with Jerry Hughes and now that he’s free agent eligible, the Bills had to dig a little deeper into the profit margin from last year.

Owners are probably wishing for the days under Pete Rozelle when these huge contracts could never even be dreamed of. There was no guaranteed money at the time – hence owners might be looking toward the future of paying players no longer with the team.

Oh well….that was then and this is now and Marcel Dareus is emptying his pockets this season making room for millions, knowing that he will hit the big lottery next year if he has his typical season.

The NFL has gotten itself into a pickle, especially guaranteeing many millions for the players. You know the ones who cry that their careers are short but pocket tens of millions for those “short” years.

Fans wonder if ticket prices will soar. Actually they shouldn’t raise em since there is a salary cap, insuring profit for the teams.

That’s what has me scratching my coconut as teams reach deep into the coffers while players wonder what to do with all that loot on Don’t Get Me Started.

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