GM Doug Whaley

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Opening Statement:

Just thought it was an interesting first day. Names came off pretty much the way we thought they (would). We’ll take some time tonight, go back up there, see what names are on the board and we’ll stack them and we’ll be ready to make a pick tomorrow. Pretty cut and dry right now. I know you guys aren’t too thrilled, but I think we’ve made it exciting enough this offseason that we can give you one day to be bored.

Q: As the first round got later, has the phone been ringing a little bit more on your end with teams seeing if you wanted to move up?

A: Only State Farm called, other than that nobody. (Laughs) Seriously, we did not get any calls. We did not.

Q: Did you play board games? Did you watch movies? What did you do?
A: Actually, just trying to predict who was going to go next and throwing some, can I say bets? No. (Laughs) Ok. Well we were betting M&M’s on who would go next.

Q: What was your reaction to Leonard Williams falling to the Jets?
A: Good player. Wish he didn’t go to the Jets in the division, but it’s good for them. He’s a heck of a player. We thought the best defensive and probably the best player in the draft.

Q: How about Devante Parker going to the Dolphins?

A: Another good player. We are stacking up good players in this division. We think we have some, but we are going to have to compete against some.

Q: Did anything surprise you in the first round?

A: Not really. Leonard Williams falling as much as he did was probably the biggest surprise for us right now.

Q: Offensive line—did you expect that run?

A: You always get a run. Once one goes, you will get a run on offensive linemen. That many? We kind of thought that so we were not surprised at all.

Q: There is still quite a bit of talent left though. Is that surprising?

A: Surprising? A little bit. Makes me happy? Absolutely.

Q: How much does the La’el Collins news affect your draft?

A: It is going to be interesting to see where this goes, so we are keeping every option open at this time.

Q: Is it fair to say you guys have done your due diligence in regards to that situation?

A: Absolutely. No doubt about it.

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