DON’T GET ME STARTED has me and countless others singing this song. You can also warble Carole King’s “It’s Too Late” and many others


Art Wander

that spell out….The End. Fans have been singing these tunes now for the last 15 years, knowing that the playoffs will be without the Buffalo Bills for that many years.

Let’s see now. We’ve rightly criticized Doug Marrone; Nate Hackett; Doug Whaley. So why not add Russ Brandon to the mix. After all, he sits on the highest throne at One Bills Drive. He’s been preaching stability……stay the course. Well, if Mr. Brandon thinks the fans will stand for what they’ve been seeing this season……and especially the brutal losses to the Chiefs and the Dolphins, then sell outs next year might be rare.

Many are now suggesting to make the coaching changes. Everyone knows they didn’t coach well in the loss to K.C. And Thursday night, before a national audience, the coaches found a way to lose yet another game. Fans can’t figure them out, the game plan, or the play-calling.. For example, the Bills have a 3rd and very short for a first down. So what was the call? A pitchout that lost 4 yards forcing a punt when the game was still on the line. How about 4th and very short around mid-field with Miami ahead by 10. Go for it local fans probably were screaming. No way. Punt the ball was the decision by Marrone.

It’s no use criticizing Marrone and Hackett and even Whaley. It doesn’t seem to jell. These guys are playing themselves out of a job. But Brandon made some commitments to them and seems set on keeping them. But if Terry Pegula is serious about bringing in an evaluator, you can be sure that this experienced NFL person will take a quick look and make the necessary changes to change the fortunes of the Bills.

Now one suggestion to Marrone. As you were the architect of this woeful season, make the move now to get set for 2015. Kyle Orton has shown, in the past 2 games, that he’s earned the journeyman, average, back-up tag that’s followed him throughout his career.

With the time he’s played, watched, practiced, etc., it’s time to find out how much E.J. Manuel has learned. Put him back in and let’s see what happens. Certainly it will place a burden on the front office to draft a quarterback as their first choice in next year’s draft if Manuel plays as he did early in the season before he was replaced.

Could E.J. Manuel have played as average as Orton did in the last pair of games? Let’s find out and put him in the lineup against the Jets on Don’t Get Me Started.

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