DON’T GET ME STARTED on spitting at the NFL logo in the way they schedule regular season Bills games.

Buffalo Bills

Art Wander

Looking at the schedule makes me feel that the NFL and the greedy owners are maybe sending a message to Terry Pegula; the County Exec and the taxpayers to build a domed stadium. Everyone knows that once a new play-pen is built, ticket prices will be raised.  Of course, raising ticket prices isn’t new to the Bills – they seem to do it every year after entertaining cellar positions in the standings.

What angers me is that the NFL released its schedule and guess what – HALF OF THE BILLS HOME GAMES will be played DURING THE WINTER SEASON OF LATE NOVEMBER AND DECEMBER. Doesn’t that perk up your conspiracy juices?

Let’s face it, the Bills have a tough schedule this season. What makes it tougher is that Buffalo will have 3 games on the west coast against the Rams, Raiders and Seahawks.   Meanwhile, New England has the Rams and Seattle at home. I could dissect other inconsistencies but why bother. The NFL doesn’t give a hoot about giving Buffalo a break like they do New England.  Look at the New England schedule and they finish the season in Miami – not worried about wearing gloves, etc., etc.

WHAT’S MORE?  How about the NFL scheduling 4 Buffalo home games in what is known as the WINTER SEASON.  Nov 27th against the Jacksonville Jaguars; then come 3 – count them THREE DECEMBER GAMES against Pitt, Cleveland and finish the home stand against Miami. That amounts to half the home games as players frolic in the snow

Roger Goodell, who lived in Jamestown, knows that from November 27th to the end of the season – winters can be brutal in Western New York. You tell me that a ton of fans will turn out for the Cleveland Browns December game; or even the Pittsburgh game; and definitely not against the Miami Dolphins that will close out the home season.  Fans are smart enough to know that by the time mid-November arrives, Buffalo’s fate will be known. With the tough schedule I pick the Bills to go about 5-11 – with some luck 6-10.  So, it seems probable that the Bills will be looking forward to 2017 after suffering with yet another non-playoff season.

If the Bills draw woefully in the final 4 home games in mid-winter, I wonder how the NFL will feel if only about 25-30 thousand show up. That certainly will hurt the pocketbooks of the visiting teams who get a hefty percentage of the gate.

I hope that Terry Pegula will look at the schedule and be insulted enough to send a message to the greed boys that Buffalo intends to sign a longer lease to play at the present site in Orchard Park on Don’t Get Me Started.

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