While many are looking at the lackluster play of Tyrod Taylor and the Bills offense on this Monday, I wanted to shine a light on the Bills “D”. For the second time in three weeks the Bills defense has proven to be less that stout on their home field with 70,000 screaming fans on their side.

The defense did not give up the number of yards and points against the Giants that they did against New England, but they did fail to make the plays with the game on the line.

Teams have discovered that the quick drop and throw in a no-huddle offense is effective against the Bills front seven. The Bills have just seven sacks after four games and only four from the down lineman. Possibly Ryan’s scheme of allowing the lineman to move around and to be standing upright on the snap is not suiting this group of Bills big men?

A telling moment in the Giants game was the two point conversion after the Rashad Jennings 51 yard score in the fourth quarter. New York had Andre Williams take the ball right up the middle where the Bills are supposed to be toughest. Those back to back plays against Buffalo’s defense were key in the Giants victory.

Rex Ryan’s talk of being the number one defense in the league is pretty much out of reach. Opponents talk each week about how tough the Bills are up front, but have discovered that the no-huddle is a good remedy. The quick snaps have prevented Ryan and coordinator Dennis Thurman from using some of the exotic blitz packages they are known for.

It’s easy to see why player enjoy playing for Ryan. Again after a loss, Ryan defended his team and refused to throw them under the bus for being undisciplined and out played. Unlike a coach like Doug Marrone, Ryan saves his criticism for the players video sessions.

Still, watching the way the Bills have folded against the Patriots and New York on their home field makes one wonder about the quality of coaching? Well coached teams do not lose their composure. Well coached teams can be outplayed, but not out schemed.

We again heard Bills players and coaches after Sunday’s game talk about a lack of communication, on both sides of the ball. Players out of position on defense and not on the same page on offense. Those types of issues are not what we should hear from a well drilled team.

Ryan’s bravado and humor make him an easy guy to like. Rex’s daily media sessions are must see TV and his approach to the job is refreshing, especially after Marrone. However, results are more important than words and right now Ryan’s words have come up empty twice.

The Bills should be favored in three of their next four games against Tennessee, Jacksonville and Miami. This team will need to be at least 5-3 heading into a stretch of five road games in the next six weeks.

Bills fans have seen this movie before, high expectations and low results. So if this erratic and undisciplined play continues, Rex Ryan will be correct when he says this will be his last coaching job, but it could end sooner than he hopes.


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