Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Monday, August 17, 2015

Opening Comments:
Alright I guess the big thing obviously, it was great work against Cleveland. Both teams came in here trying to get better as a football team and I thought that was really good, I was happy with that. Obviously if you’re keeping score I think it’s probably one for the defense on both fields, at least from my perspective. But again that’s probably not surprising, either way its great work. Cleveland’s got a good offensive live so it’s great for our defense to go against that offensive line and just good work overall.

Had some terrible news happen. Obviously I’m sure you guys saw Ty Powell got carted off, that’s a possible ACL and obviously that young man would be done for the year if that’s the case. But that’s just horrible news because that guy had been playing great for us and really coming into his own. Finally found a home, you know at inside linebacker, and obviously a key cog in our special teams. So that’s gonna be a great loss for us.

Then we had some issues. We were down to two running backs, three or four wide receivers and we had a couple guys go out with heat. So we had (Chris) Hogan and (Marquise) Goodwin kind of go out with heat, they’ll be back tomorrow. Then Sammy (Watkins) had tightness in I guess his glut, so precautionary, obviously we’re holding him out. But that really stresses the other guys and you can tell on the other field, we weren’t running as fast as what we normally do over there. Then we’re down to two running backs. Karlos Williams, we don’t know the extent of what his injury is yet but he went off to the hospital this morning, so once we find out you guys will know. Then Bryce Brown couldn’t go today. So it was…We threw in (Marcus) Thigpen as a running back, we put a tight end sometimes in running back, we tried to make the best of it as we could. With that I look forward to tomorrow, hopefully getting more guys out and the quality of our practice will go up.

Q: What might Karlos Williams be in the hospital for?
A: We don’t know. It was just a thing, woke up in the morning, felt a little something weight lifting in the afternoon, but wasn’t anything. But now, he obviously had this thing where if you touch him it’s obvious he’s in a lot of pain.

Q: You had Tyrod Taylor with the ones today, but you mentioned their defense won.
A: Well yeah I would say that the defense won on both sides, but again until you really watch the tape…Just from my perspective, but you know will see. I think the beginning of practice was probably a little better than at the end guys were really dragging.

Q: How do you feel about AJ Tarpley filling in for Ty Powell?
A: Yeah well we’re down to four guys. So yeah these twos and threes now, him and Tony Steward so we’re fortunate. He’s a smart player obviously from Stanford, you get that, but he’s got instincts too and he’s got a chance and he’s going have to step it up there’s no doubt.

Q: What was your message for both teams before you got started on team drills, basically just let’s get some good work in?
A: Yeah, me and Mike (Pettine) basically talked to them about that and we had a little fun about something but it’s good. They clearly came here to work, there’s no question, and they practice hard. So that’s good for us cause we do the exact same, so I thought it was good work for both teams.

Q: When you look at Mike Pettine’s career what strikes you about it?
A: You know, I knew he’d get to this spot, there’s no question. I think his background…Our backgrounds are very similar, both our dads are legendary coaches. He’s smart, knew the game extremely well, hardworking and dedicated and passionate. So I knew he’d get this opportunity. I was hoping he hires my son one day.

Q: Where you on the field for Preston Brown’s and Marlon Moore’s scuffle?

A: No I never saw it.

Q: Does that run counter to what you said in the huddle?

A: Probably. I am sure I will be blamed for it. I was not even on the field. I am guilty.

Q: How good of a work is it going to be for your defense line versus their offense of line?

A: It’s great. The whole group a bunch of Pro Bowlers on both sides. So as we said iron sharpens iron. You go against the best, and that is one of the best offensive lines in the league and certainly against one of the best if not the best defensive line in the league.  When you get that kind of quality work against each other that can only help.

Q: How much benefit do you get out of these two days?

A: You know what, I have never been a part of it before. The nearest we had Pettine and I were together in Baltimore, we used to go scrimmage against, have a little mini-scrimmage and some practice against the Redskins one day when Joe Gibbs was there. And we got a ton of work out of that as well. So that was really my experience with it. Then today was great. I think the key though is to make sure that you’re with like-minded coaches. I think that is what makes this successful because both of us want to….obviously we want to have the best team we can and we want to be…and we build our teams the same way, but we want to get better. I think that was the overriding theme with these practices.

Q: Given your quarterback situation does it benefit to go against different DB’s?

A: Oh I think so. You are seeing different looks, different coverage’s and things like that and that is always a big help. I think these days you know it does help your evaluation you are not going against the same guys, the same coverages every day.

QB Matt Cassel
Monday, August 17, 2015

Q: The Cleveland Browns have their scripted plays and you guys have your scripted plays. How do you plan to manage that knowing you have brand new stuff coming at you?
A: Well you gotta react and you know these practices are great. I told somebody the other day this is the time of camp where you kind of hit that wall and I think it’s great because it brings that competitive edge out and also you’re seeing new looks, a new team and you also have to practice those looks even if you’re not familiar with them and react. So I’m sure that’s what the coaches want to see.

Q: Even though you were down wide outs today, it still looked like they had the advantage today. What did you see out of them?
A: I thought they did a tremendous job especially with like you said, the amount of reps that they took today with the limited number of guys that we had out there. I thought Robert Woods had a great day. I mean he went out there and competed each and every day, I mean he’s been doing that but he had a great, fantastic day today. So it’s just a process of those guys continuing to come out and working hard.

Q: Can you talk about Andre Davis and what he brings?
A: Well he’s doing a great job, competing for the ball and he goes up. He’s obviously got ability down the field. When you throw it up, it seems like he’s got good ball skills down the field and he’s a guy like you said that’s gonna continue to have to compete for a job and days like today where he can get an opportunity and show up, that’s what’s gonna make an impression upon the coaching staff.

Q: Can you see things on the line getting a little chippy on a day like today?
A: There’s no doubt. I mean in this sport particularly, you know the big men on big men, especially when you get a new face in front of you, everybody’s trying to throw their weight around and do that kind of stuff. So you see that intensity increase without a doubt.

Q: What do you get out of practices like this going against another team, from a quarterback perspective?
A: It’s another way to come out and compete and to see where you are. Not just against the guys you’re familiar with and how to attack a certain guy – it’s somebody that you’re completely unfamiliar with and so to see how your technique holds up, your skill set and then also being able to compete and accomplish things that you’re not familiar with.

DT Marcell Dareus

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Q: What did you think of things out there today?

A: I think we came out to compete, they came out blazing, they got a good offense, just trying to feel them up and just trying to see what they got going on. Good effort on both ends.

Q: Did today go the way you thought it would?

A: It was as aggressive as I thought it would be. Two different teams coming in, we’re looking to bump against other guys, so it was exactly what we all expected so it was not a surprise.

Q: Is it more fun going up against another team?

A: Of course, it is always fun to just, kind of compare talent, especially with another group of guys. They do it differently, and it was fun just molding together to see how they do things, and adjusting to it as we practice.

Q: How did you feel defensively?

A: I’m pretty sure that we all made plays. They made plays, we made plays, we’re all just having fun out there. They came out a little different then we expected, but at the same time, we adjusted, and we all had fun out there.

QB EJ Manuel
Monday, August 17, 2015

Q: How do you think today went for you?
A: Pretty good. I like going against a different team, especially in training camp like this. So its pretty good.

Q: Your receivers seem to get the best of the DB’s pretty regularly how did that feel?
A: Yeah that just shows…really I would take my hat off to our DB’s though. Because I think that is who our receivers are going against everyday. So those guys are helping our receivers get better, get faster, get stronger. And we were actually kind of short, short numbered after a while too. So those guys really grinded it out and did a good job for us.

Q: How much do practices help guys like you with a  big game coming up on Thursday?
A: It helps a lot. I think it helps all of us. Not just myself. I think it helps everybody for…you are going against a different talent. You know its different when you play against the same guys everyday. They start catching on to certain signals, and certain things you do, the ways you move your body. And these guys they don’t have a clue. We just came out and played each other. Just like we don’t have a clue about them. So all we can do in that situation is go and  execute our offense and I thought we did a good job on offense.

Q: How critical a time do you feel this is for you in the quarterback competition?
A: I don’t feel like it is more critical than any other time. I think every single day you got to bring it. And everything is being evaluated whether it is in a game or whether it is in practice, or walkthroughs, or meetings. You know as far as how much you know about the offense. So I don’t see it being more than any other day.

Q: Do you feel like you are getting a fair shot in this thing?
A:I think right now my main focus is just taking the reps that I get. I understand with the rotation and things like that. So that is not something I can worry about. I just got to go out there and do the best with the reps that I get a chance to go with.

QB Tyrod Taylor

Monday, August 17th, 2015

Q: How does it feel to be named starter for the next game?

A: I’m just grinding it out every day. Taking it day-by-day, continuing to better my craft and continuing to better the team. It’s a wonderful opportunity that I have, I’m excited for it, but there’s work to be done before the game and I’m focusing on that right now.

Q: How did you feel today went?

A: I felt good. It was good to go out there and compete against another team, get different looks then we’ve been getting before so, something that coach will show on the tape and get back at it tomorrow.

Q: How much progress do you feel you’re making?

A: I think I’m progressing day-by-day. That’s my mindset, it’s to get better, correct the things that I haven’t been doing so well and continue to get better and that’s what I’m focusing on right now.

Q: How far have you come from being Joe Flacco’s sidekick?

A: I think all those years that I spent in Baltimore, being behind Joe, prepared me for this opportunity that I have now, and I’m taking everything that I learned before previously and putting it towards my game, and like I said, just taking it day-by-day and showing the coaches what I can do.

Q: How much of an advantage is it going into Thursday’s game practicing with these guys?

A: This is very good; it’s the first time I’ve done it while in the NFL as far as practicing against another team. It definitely gets you ready for the game, you get to learn personnel, learning about some of the guys that you’re going to go against, so it’s a wonderful opportunity for us to gain knowledge and move forward closer to the game.

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