DON’T GET ME STARTED continues to be baffled by Buffalo Bills coach Marrone who might become the “Master of Experiments.”

It’s becoming very apparent that the Bills will move inside linebacker Kiko Alonso to an outside linebacker position.

The big question:  “Is this an experiment?” Or does Marrone feel something that others don’t.  Let’s make no mistake about it.  Kiko Alonso was runner-up as Rookie of the Year in the NFL.  Frankly, many feel that Alonso should have had that honor.

How would fans feel if Marv Levy would have moved Kent Hull to tight end; or Glenn Parker to running back or Thurman Thomas to left guard other such ridiculous moves.

Alonso had 4 interceptions and was all over the field making tackle after tackle.  Now the Bills will be toying with musical chairs at the linebacker position.  That means they will have to find a LB who has played the middle.  The Bills brought in Spikes from New England, a guy that wasn’t the most popular Patriot by Bills fans.  His play bordered on being a little over-aggressive and not according to Hoyle.

Why not find a good free agent outside linebacker and leave well enough alone.  Fans understand that the Bills “D” was very poor in stopping the run.  Was that all Alonso’s fault?  Who is the defensive line coach or linebacker coach?  And how does that speak for recently departed defensive coordinator Pettine. 

As for me, I will look at the move by Marrone as an experiment in moving a rookie of the year to another position.  Now if the coach would insist on the Bills offense maintaining ball control, the defense won’t be on the field that much.  But that has to result in the other “experiment” – Nate Hackett doing something with the offense, rather than the predictability that was experienced last year.  At least some of his duties have been sent to other people so that “Hackett can concentrate on the offense.”

It will be interesting to see whether all this works out.  Will Kiko be cut out to move to another position?  That will be seen this coming season on Don’t Get Me Started.

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