Buffalo Bills LB Nigel Bradham
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: …Initial thoughts on that now that the season is over.
A: Honestly, I think that it’s going to be an interesting thing as far as for me because I mean it’s just something to look forward to, seeing where you’re going to be. Hopefully I’m still here but if not, I mean, it’s just one of those opportunities where you got a great chance to go out there and make a name for yourself.

Q: How much do you hope to be back?
A: I really hope I’m back. Obviously this is where I was drafted and the opportunity to be in this league came from here and this is where it started. I’d like to finish it.

Q: The challenge this year for the defense, change into a new scheme, obviously didn’t go as you guys had hoped. Do you have confidence moving forward that you guys can get these things fixed and get it cleaned up for next year?
A: Most definitely. It’s one of those things we got the talent, so we pretty much just got a year with a new scheme, new coaches who pretty much just get to know each other and take advantage from that and hit the ground running. We obviously got great potential, it’s been shown, so we pretty much just got to live off that and just continue to grind and get better.

LB Preston Brown
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: How do you assess what happened with the defense overall and how you guys finished?
A: I think we finished well. I mean, that was good to see that we started to improve, that was something that we didn’t do throughout the course of the season. I felt that when we hit or stride, we dropped right back down so it was good to see us finish out these last two games pretty well. I mean, we found ways to get off the field on third down and found ways to slow down two offenses.

Q: Rex promised, well he said drastic changes were going to be in order. Your thoughts on that?
A: Well, I mean, he has to do what’s best for the team so whatever changes are made, we’re going to have to live with it, whatever happens.

Q: Do you feel in the final quarter of the season here that there was a measure of trust that developed between the coaches and players on the defensive side of the ball because I know some of you guys spoke after the game yesterday about maybe a greater give and take between players and coaches on calls and stuff like that out on the field?
A: Definitely. I think throughout the year we’re both learning each other so they found out what we play the best and we found out what they’ll call in different situations so we kind of expected what was going to be called, no complaints or anything like that, and guys started to buy in and understand we have to play what’s called and understand they’ll put us in the best situation to succeed.

Q: Was that the biggest problem this year? Just too much going on at one time and to learn it quickly?
A: I’m not sure it was too much but it might’ve been too much for some people. I mean we all learn at a different level so I mean with the checks, everybody wasn’t on the same page at all the times. That’s why you see the big plays in the run and in the pass, it’s just something that we needed to iron out and it just continued to happen, which on my part as a middle linebacker, it’ my job to make sure everybody knows what’s going on so I definitely have to take some of the blame for that.

CB Stephon Gilmore
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: As you look at your contract situation do you want to sign a longer contract as you enter your final year?
A: Yeah, I want to be here for the rest of my career because I like it here. But you know how this league is, you never know. So just play it by ear, keep getting better, keep playing the way I know how to play.

Q: Given the type of year you had before your injury is it safe to say you moved into that elite corner category?
A:  I know I am an elite corner, I mean the film don’t lie. I see how the corners out there are supposed to be, the top corners and I know what I can do. Like I said the film don’t lie, just keep playing hard for my teammates. Wherever it takes me it takes me.

Q: Give me a sense on the your health?
A: Just rehabbing, just I had it before and I bounced back fast with it so I will be good.

WR Chris Hogan
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: As far as leadership goes with Sammy and Tyrod are those guys you saw take a step forward in the leadership role?
A: Yeah and those are two guys that you want too. Those are your playmakers. Tyrod [Taylor] is obviously our quarterback and we are going to look to him to make plays and be the leader out on the field which he is. I think that he grew a lot as a leader and taking on that role you know every single game. It seemed like was really commanding every ones attention when we were on the field. And then Sammy [Watkins], I think Sammy is a guy that leads by his play and I think the way that he goes out these past games where he is going out there and making all these big plays on very good corners. I think that is where he is going to help this team and try to lead by how hard he goes out and plays every single week. I think all the guys out there can just build off of that. Everyone can be a leader on the field it is just whether you are going to be a ra-ra guy and try to get everyone hyped up or you are just going to go out and play your butt off for 60 minutes.

Q: When you look back at the season can you pinpoint something to why you guys missed the playoffs?
A: We kind of dug ourselves a little bit of a hole I think. You know the beginning of the season we kind of had some games where we hurt ourselves with whatever, penalties or we didn’t make the plays that needed to make. There was games that we definitely wished we could have had back. Games that we thought we definitely would have won but we didn’t. Those are the types of things that you need to get that done to get to the playoffs. We know that, I think that we are really especially going, getting the win yesterday was huge. Going to the offseason with a  good feeling about ourselves and know that we have a lot of people on this team with talent and I think there are a lot guys on this team that can help us go to the playoffs.

Q: How much can the disappointment fuel you in the offseason?
A: I mean every single year if you don’t make the playoffs for me specifically I want to work just as hard if not harder as I have in the past just because what this team has given me the opportunity to be here and obliviously for our fans and everything like that. We want to get to the playoffs bad and I know a lot of guys in this locker room have that feeling too. Just talking to some of the people and some of the guys I know that they are ready to take a couple weeks off, rest their bodies, heal up and get back to work. Because you know I think people are realizing we have something special here with everyone in this locker room. Hopefully you know we can get back to work and get this done.

DE Jerry Hughes
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: Can you sum up this season for us?
A: A disappointing season. We didn’t play the way we are capable of. We got to come back and just play better ball.  Guys have got to get healthy. We have to understand the playbook a lot better.

Q: Given the expectations of the defense how much of the blame should be put on the defense?
A: We are on the field playing and we didn’t execute. So the blame is on us rightfully so.

Q: Do you feel in the final quarter of the season guys were starting to trust each other a little more and the give and take with the coaches improved?
A: Throughout the course of the season you are going to have bumps, you are going to have ups and downs. For us it was, it was a lot harder for us to tackle that playbook in a year. We needed more time. It came together as the year got longer for us. We understood that but still that is no excuse. We had time to understand it, we just got to do a better job as being professionals to understand what is expected of us when we hit the field on Sunday. We will make those corrections in the offseason.

G Richie Incognito
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: So for you personally, what’s it going to take for you to be back, what has to happen on the business side of it to bring you back here?
A: I don’t know. I’m excited to hit the offseason healthy having put my best foot forward and I played my absolute best. I handled my end of the bargain, now it’s time for the people I trust to make decisions on the business end to handle that.

Q: Have the Bills given you any indication as to what their plan is?
A: Yeah. We just spoke and obviously me and Cordy (Glenn) are the top priority going into the offseason and we’ll just wait to hear.

Q: Do you feel like you owe this franchise anything for taking a chance on you?
A: Oh, no question. I’m very appreciative of the opportunity that Kim and Terry Pegula have given me and Doug (Whaley) and Rex (Ryan) and my teammates here, they’ve been great. So definitely, it’d be a strong consideration.

Q: Could this year have gone any better for you?
A: I don’t think so. I think coming in and coming off the street and being out of the league, coming back and playing at a high level, I really don’t think it could’ve gone any better.

CB Nickell Robey

Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: You were going to become a bigger factor in this system, what contributions did you make and do you think anything needs to change?
A: Nothing needs to change. We don’t need to make any changes. I feel like everything that has been going on needs to stay the same way. As far as the coaches and they way do everything schematically, it needs to go the same way. As far as the players, some of the players, some of us could have made plays in certain situations but you know as far as that goes that is football and it happens. So just getting the right group of men around us and getting the right group of men to come out here and execute us well and win us some games that is going to be the determining factor of this season goes next year.

Q: Why was it so hard for all of your teammates to buy in this year?
A: Maybe because it was different, I really don’t know. Maybe because they had expectations of it being something and it turned out been something else. So that is something on goes on personally with every person in the locker room, so that is something you might have to ask them. As far as me though, I feel like everything needs to stay the same and I hope everybody is back next year. And I just you know hope everybody has a great offseason, just enjoy themselves and do what they can.

Q: So you don’t think the scheme needs to be simplified?
A: Coaches are going to make their changes, they are going to see what the team likes and see what the team don’t like. I am pretty sure the coaches will figure that out by just watching film and seeing what we work good in, what we don’t work good in. So I feel like at the end of the day the coaches are going to do what they have to do for us to win and they going to do what they to do to get the players in for us to win. It is solely based off the organization and coaches from this point on.

QB Tyrod Taylor
Monday, January 04, 2016

Q: How do you sum up your first season as a starter?
A: I think I played well this season. Of course wins are more important than just personal performances. So of course you want to be higher in the win category. But I think I’ve definitely taken steps forward as far as my game goes and looking forward to getting better this off season.

Q: Are you looking forward to getting all of the reps this offseason with OTA’s, mini camps and things like that?
A: Definitely and I think it’ll benefit us as a team going into this offseason knowing I’m gonna be the starter next year, being able to work with some of the guys this offseason and get on the same page. Everyone has a full year under their belt as far as the offensive system goes but looking forward to that.

Q: How would you characterize this season on a whole?
A: A little nicked up. Battled through a bunch of injuries but I think as a whole we definitely showed that we can be special as a team. Definitely some things that we have to clean up in all areas, starting with me personally. I can be better on Sundays. Definitely a bright side to this team and looking forward to everyone working hard this off season and getting back and showing people what we can do next year.

Q: First thing out of your mouth was that you were nicked up…
A: Not me personally, but more so just the team. We played yesterday without nine starters or something like that. So I mean as a team we have to stay healthier for the long run and be out there so we can have all our weapons.

Q: How do you separate football side from the business side knowing what your contract is?
A: I personally don’t worry about that. All I can control is the things that I do on the field, my preparation and that’s what I focus on. Preparing as hard as I can every week, going out there and playing, and letting my numbers speak for itself. As far as the business side of it, I understand the business. So you let that take place and God has a plan, so I’ll be ready.

Q: Are you expecting an extension this off season?
A: I haven’t really thought about that. Like I said my focus each and every week has been on football and going out there and playing.

Q: Is that something in the back of your mind though? Knowing you have one year to prove you deserve the long term contract?
A: I honestly haven’t had a chance to think about that. Like I said my focus each and every week has been on playing. Of course like you said, there is a business side to it and if something doesn’t happen as far as the contract, I’ll be a free agent. I mean I understand that side of it. But right now it’s up to management at this point.

Q: What is your focus going to be this offseason to improve and address?
A: Definitely focusing on being a better player from the pocket. Never can settle as far as being a pocket passer. Want to take steps forward in that area and like I said earlier – I have a full off season to work with the guys, and to work with Sammy (Watkins), to work with Charles (Clay), to work with all the weapons and get on the same page with everybody.

Q: There was a moment yesterday when some of your offensive lineman were getting into it a little with the Jets players and you separated them. Is that something that you felt you could have done in September? Did you have stature and the leadership ability to jump in there and put an end to that?
A: Definitely. I think I had that in September. The situation yesterday, I was right in the middle of it so I was able to push guys the opposite way and just to tell everybody to stay smart about it. You don’t need any silly penalties, especially in the red zone. You take away points when you do that. So as far as the leadership thing I mean my first year here. I’m learning some of the guys and seeing how guys respond to different things so definitely learning different people. But I think I’ve taken steps forward in that department.

Q: How would you describe your rapport on the field with Sammy Watkins in particular?
A: Definitely think that we progressed each and every week. We’re on the same page throughout the whole season. Started off a little slow, wasn’t getting the ball to him as much as I would like too. But was able to get the ball to him and that type of guy you want him to have it because he’s special when the ball is in his hands. Something that we’re gonna definitely continue to keep working on and building from.

Q: What was the biggest reason why he had so many targets in the second half of the year compared to the first? Was it playing calling, defensive scheme, you and your decision making?
A: Us just getting on the same page. We didn’t have a lot of time in the preseason to work with each other. He was injured a couple times early, I was too. So us just being out on the practice field together each and every day, finally getting reps and working towards getting him the ball.

Q: Would you be comfortable with your current contract, as is, going into next year?
A: I mean I signed a contract before this year. So I knew what it was going into it. I had expectations for myself, whether or not I was gonna play or not. So I knew what it was. Like I said, I don’t necessarily focus on that. That’s more the management side. All I can do is go out there and play, and let my numbers speak for itself.

Q: When you mention the things you want to work on, like pocket passing, will you seek out an particular person or coach to help you with that this offseason? Also, have you worked with anyone like that before?
A: I worked with Kurt Warner last year in the offseason briefly. Haven’t really got a chance to reach back out to him and talk to him. I haven’t thought about that yet. I mean we’re one day after the season so I’ll talk to Coach Lee, talk to Coach Roman and bounce ideas off them and see where we should go as far as that goes.

Q: Do you think your offseason changes after your first year as a starter?
A: Work ethic wise, no. I think the thing that changes is that you’re able to get a chance and work with the guys that you know you’re gonna be playing with. And I’m looking forward to working with these guys once everyone gets healthy and have time relax and spend time with their family. Looking forward to getting out there and working with these guys.

Q: That time is limited sometimes. Do you anticipate you’ll get people together off site this off season?
A: For sure. For sure. We’ll definitely get together. We’ve already talked about and looking forward to it.

Q: Can you talk about how important the running game was?
A: Very important. We talked about that this offseason. Especially the talent that we have at the running back position. Getting those guys going. It’s only gonna be better for us in the passing game. You force safeties to come down in the pocket and you get your one on one match up on the outside. So our running game is definitely a big part of our offense.

Q: Some people think the Bills should still look for a quarterback this draft. What are your thoughts on that?
A: Not my choice.

Q: Do you think it would be wasteful to spend a high pick on one?
A: I mean like I said that’s management. I’ve been through a quarterback competition before but that’s management.

WR Sammy Watkins
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: You had high hopes for the playoffs, the playoffs are a bust. What kind of season do you make out of it?
A: Yeah, it definitely hurts but you got to be realistic. We didn’t play good enough to make the playoffs and there are things that we can go over and fix and that’s why we’re going to go evaluate everybody on how you did this year, what you could’ve done better, what you should do in the offseason to work on and everyone should be accountable and accept whatever criticism and fix it.

Q: How do you feel particularly with the second half of the season? Do you feel like you took a lot of steps toward becoming that dominant receiver, upper-echelon receiver in this league that everybody hopes you can become and I’m sure you want to become?
A: Just really being away for four or five games and just need to, I need to make a statement and come out and play well and not just play well, but win games. I think with myself, it was just really preparation; being healthy, getting healthy and staying healthy was the key. Getting on the right page with Tyrod (Taylor), and the offense was already playing okay, and then once I came back, we just doing the same thing. We kept on gelling together and kept getting better.

Q: How would you sum up the season on a whole?
A: We played great first half or we played great second half, both sides of the ball, and when the defense was playing great, we didn’t play good. When the offense played great, the defense didn’t play good. We just got to feed off each other and we got to get better on situational football, penalties, and like I said, we got to come together as a group, players, and take it over and be more accountable with ourselves, not the coaches, and keep grudges between the locker room and ourselves.

Q: You talked a lot about the word ‘accountability,’ you’ve used it twice already today. Do you feel you found your place in a leadership capacity here in this locker room?
A: I think I have. I’m trying to drive myself to that and it’s going to take some work. I just think I need to speak up more and I think it will help. I think more guys on this team, leaders like Ty (Tyrod Taylor), myself, Jerry (Hughes), Marcell (Dareus), yeah we can go out there and make a lot of plays but to speak and talk and not only make plays on the field but to address situations and problems and hold other players like myself accountable, I think that will help the whole team out. I think we’ll have accountability on offense, on defense, on special teams and even hold the coaches accountable because they’re going to hold us accountable. Just come together as a whole team and nobody take it personal. It’s our job, it’s a business, and do your job and if you don’t, consequences.

C Eric Wood
Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: Just kind of summarize the disappointment, because it was a high expectation put on this team and even in your locker room, just to have fallen short again.
A: Yeah, we expected to make the playoffs this year, and that’s pretty well noted, and we’re disappointed about it. I liked the way we finished the season. I think there is something that goes with carrying momentum into the offseason. A lot of positive vibes these last two games headed into the offseason but we are disappointed.

Q: Do you think this was a case with this team; there were just too few games where it was all working at the same time? Offense, defense, there was just too few games of those games. It was either one or the other.
A: Yeah, that generally happens. The one side of the ball that was hitting wasn’t good enough. There was games that the defense dominated and the offense didn’t show up and vice-versa and moving forward, we got to be more consistent and we know that. Hopefully heading into the second year of new coordinators and everything will do that. Hopefully we’ll be able to build a lot this spring instead of installing and learning new plays, we’re building on what we already have. But yeah, we didn’t get it going early enough this year. I feel like as the year went on, we became more of a complete team, but kind of too little, too late.

Q: How different do you feel in this locker room cleanout than you did or do in previous seasons? Another year, same result; no playoffs.
A: Yeah, I mean I’m excited about the direction of our team. It does feel like other years, day after Week 17 you’re heading home, that’s not what you want to be doing. It is what it is and like I said, I like the direction.

WR Robert Woods

Monday, January 4, 2016

Q: What did you see out of this offense and Tyrod as the season moved along?
A: Getting real comfortable, he came in is always cool and calm. Just growing as a passer, growing as a leader and making the right decisions. I saw a play yesterday the one he scored on [Chris] Gragg was open over the middle, but it was kind of a back shoulder throw and he made the decision to run and Gragg got the block and got him in the end zone.  So he is making the right decisions, not forcing throws, making some plays with his feet.

Q: Can you be satisfied with your role this season or do you want to adjust your game to more what the offense is doing?
A: A little bit of both. I understand my role here, you know but I am still capable of making pass plays. Got 40 something passes, I think Sammy went over 40 something passes this past game, but just got to be doing something when I do get the ball. Whether it is YAC yards or being more of a vertical threat this offseason, work on that, just got to add to my game. Make me more of a dangerous receiver and add this offense.

Q: Do you think as a receiver you had the toughest transition to the new offense this year?
A: I mean we are a run first offense and we added LeSean [McCoy], great addition with Karlos [Williams] we know we are going to run the ball we have great running backs. It is just part of our offense, we got a new coordinator, just got to do something’s working with myself you know to be more dangerous to add to this offense.

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