DON’T GET ME STARTED watched the Philadelphia Eagles roar to a huge lead over the Washington Senators……thanks to the no huddle approach.

If football fans watched the Eagles vs. the Redskins Monday night, they might quickly ask, “Will the Bills perform that way?”  Only time will tell.  What Chip Kelly brought to Washington from Oregon shows that college stuff can work in the NFL.  The Eagles took the opening kickoff and raced deep inside the ‘Skins 10 only to lose the ball on a failed lateral that was returned for a touchdown.  Nothing to worry about.  Every time Washington got the ball and went into the hurry-up, the poured up huge yardage on their way to a 33 point game, though Washington closed fast and made the score a respectable 33-26.

Now back to the Bills.  Maybe the difference between Buffalo and Chip Kelly’s hurry up is that Michael Vick was using the read option where he keeps faking to the running back and then passing or actually handing the ball to McCoy who had a monstrous rushing game.   I didn’t notice the Bills using that scheme.  They should.

I began watching Oregon games a couple of years ago and simply kept saying, “WOW.”  I even wrote Kelly an e-mail asking if he would consider an NFL job, hopefully with the Bills.  He responded by saying that he was happy with the Ducks.

So how do the Patriots enter into the picture?  Well, Bill Belichik, a couple of years ago, was similarly impressed with the Ducks offensive prowess and he invited Kelly to meet with him and discuss what it is all about.  Naturally, as fans have noticed over the past couple of years, New England with Tom Brady go into a hurry up – with success.  Chip and BB became friends.  Who knows they might wind up playing each other in the Super Bowl.

Now Jim Kelly.  It’s almost laughable that announcers keep mentioning the “new” offensive philosophies being employed by NFL teams and the hurry-up.  Spare me.  Jim Kelly ran the run and shoot with the Houston Gambles, putting up numbers that quarterbacks can only dream of.  While Kelly didn’t get going in Buffalo until Ted Marchibroda put in the system certainly fit the players’ talents and ushered in the K-gun.  You can call it that, or hurry-up or run and shoot.  But it was the first team to do that and Kelly ran it to perfection…….all the way to four straight super bowls.

So Doug Marrone.  Let’s hope that you eye-balled the Eagles/Skins game and noticed how well the hurry up can be especially when putting in the read/option so that Manuel can keep defenders backing up.

It looks like there’s a new NFL and Buffalo can gain a lot by employing all its OPTIONS on offense.  There is hope at One Bills Drive heading into game 2 Sunday at the Ralph on Don’t  Get Me Started.

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