Buffalo Bills Head Coach Rex Ryan
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Opening Statement:
I am not at the top of my game right now, I am not responsible for anything I say. I should that with an opening thing every single time I do a press conference, you know it. Maybe that will cover it. Obviously this game is a huge, huge game. Both teams come in with the same record, both shooting for the same thing. It sounds like a broken record, but it is the absolute truth. They are hot and they have won four games in a row. They are playing really, they are playing complimentary football, the quarterback has thrown over 250 passes without a pick. So he is doing a great job, the old game manager. But he does a great job that way. I think Bob Sutton is doing a tremendous job with that defense. They have a lot of talent over there, two excellent pass rushers off the edge, the Houston kid [Justin Houston], and Tamba Hali. And then you got the big kid in the middle is a good player. Mike DeVito does a solid job in there for them. So it is tough. I like the rookie corner they got. He is probably, him and [Ronald] Darby probably the two best young corners, you know coming out in the draft. I haven’t seen the kid from Minnesota but he can’t be as good as these two. I think Darby is a little better, but I really like this kid man. I liked him when he came out. They don’t care who they put him on, so will you see him on Sammy [Watkins], you probably will. He was on AJ Green the whole game. So we will see. They are doing a great job, their special teams, talk about speed. This team can run. They have some guys, the kid that hawked down Sammy when he busted an 80 yarder against me, he is playing for them now, [Saalim] Hakim. Sanjay Lal used to call him, Ryan was he last name because that was my guy. But he is doing a good job for them. They got the left footed [Dustin] Colquitt the punter, so one of like 20 in the league, I think. He is punting well for them. You got Andy Reid looking good, slimming up. He looks good, big Andy, but he is not that big anymore. With that I will open it up for questions.

Q: They admitted they made a mistake at the end of the game on the Sammy Watkins play. Do you have a reaction to that?
A: You know what, I think the officials tried to do the best job that they could do. I don’t think there is any doubt about that. You know do mistakes happen? Look we made a mistake in coverage. We were pretty sharp on defense but we weren’t razor sharp, we allowed the big 50 yard completion that was on us, as much as it was them. So mistakes happen on the field. Obviously when they go against you, you feel your reaction in time may be different. But it is the human element in this game, and sometime mistakes do happen. But yeah you feel upset about it. I was upset, I will give you an example. I was really upset with the officials when we had too many men on the field. Remember when we were running guys on. Because I was, I was looking at their personnel, they are running a guy on the field. They are getting in a heavier group, so I was going to get a heavier group on the field. We were in sub, I was trying to get base personnel on the field, because I see their tight end running on.  And as that happens by the letter of the rule, the guy doesn’t get inside the numbers, he is sprinting down the field, to get on the field and yet he never gets inside the number. So technically by the letter of the rule he doesn’t have to go in. So he makes an about left as my guys are on the field. And that is why we ended up being short. It is embarrassing the fact, we got caught with whatever. Well we are trying to substitute based on their personnel which you have time to do, but he doesn’t cross the numbers. So the officials are absolutely right on that. We got the old okey doke and Scott Chandler makes a nice out cut. As he is sprinting down the field makes an out cut, as my guys are on there. But that is on us, I got to know that is, that happened. But the officials they made it right, I thought they were wrong initially on that play.

Q: What is Tyrod Taylor’s health status for this game?
A: I think he is going to play. I think he is going to play. He feels better today than he did. Which is good.

Q: Is he full go in practice?
A: He is full go today. We are in walkthrough. He is going to be out there. He can handle it.

Q: Any worries with his range of motion or anything to that affect?
A: I lean on the doctors about him. They feel he is going to be just fine.

Q: Is there an official diagnosis on him?
A: It is on the right side of his body. Upper body injury. That would be the hockey term. It is in his shoulder.

Q: Will he need to play better than he did in New England?
A: I think we all do. Like I said we did a lot of really good things but golly we made… and like you say there is always a well we made a mistake here and there.  No, no guys it is way, way less than it has been. Like you know could we…he is one of the most accurate deep throwers in the entire league. Might be the most accurate deep thrower.

Q: Wasn’t the other night.
A: He was not. Exactly. It just missed, and we were short on some things. We thought going in, our plan was we were going to take some shots. If we hit a couple of them, the game is a different outcome, I think. But we didn’t hit them. So would we like to see Tyrod be more accurate with the deep ball, yeah because that is what he is, so absolutely we do.

Q: Do you think what this defense looked like the other night was what is was supposed to be the whole year? That is what people assumed the defense was going to look like under you.
A: I get it. That is what everybody assumed, look I assumed it too, that we were going to be further along. But there had to be, there are times trying to understand your players, understand fully what they can do and things like that. I don’t know if you necessarily get that, get it all wrapped up initially through training camp and all that. You think you do but until you go out and play in some games and things. We had to adjust a lot of things based on injuries and availability of guys. But at the end of the day we knew we had a really good plan. And I also knew we were going to be able to execute it. I felt comfortable that our guys mentally would handle it. It wasn’t perfect, like as I mentioned the one 50 yard pass, that was on us as much as it was them making a play. We are still not right where we know we need to be to beat a team like New England, but we are working extremely hard to get there.

Q: In terms of the pressure, it was chaos and that is what people think of your defense and I don’t know if we have seen that throughout the year?
A: I think that is fair to say. I don’t think there is any doubt about it. But again it is more of a balancing act. Look I made a mistake tying into what was effective the year before. Running similar defenses to what they had done the year before. But that is really not to me especially when you play New England probably the best way to go. Obviously evident by the week two performance. Okay I knew better, I am sitting back there I am telling Dennis Thurman I knew better. I know how to defend these guys. I should have taken that approach instead of hey we got this talent we can do this, this is what we know how to do. Right now this is our defense, this is what we will be moving forward. And each game is different this team is going to screen you a zillion times. They run all kind of different things, it is a different, the quarterback is different, I am not saying he is Tom Brady, he is not. But he runs, there is different challenges. On each opponent there are different challenges. So will it look exactly like it looked this past week? I doubt it. Now do we think we will be effective, absolutely.

Q: Where you given an explanation to why there was no time put back on  the clock after the Robert Woods review?
A: No, I was asking and things like that but they did not.

Q: There was a report that Ray Lewis spoke to your team Sunday night. Is that true and what did he say?
A: Well I am not going to get into what he said. I will just say that it is true.

Q: How disappointed or concerned are you that Sammy Watkins hasn’t gotten targeted enough?
A: Well I’m not saying there were some concerns on my part. But it’s more the, we got to find ways to get him the football because he is that talented and that’s a challenge to our staff, and everything about it. Even our quarterback. Like let’s get Sammy Watkins involved more and regardless of what people play because he is such a talent. It’s almost like, you know if you don’t use LeSean McCoy that’s a mistake. I mean we need to use LeSean McCoy and Sammy falls right into that as well.

Q: What is it a function of?
A: Well I think everything’s a part of it. We thought we had a big mismatch with Chris Hogan against their guy. Which we did, right, and that’s fine. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to get Sammy (Watkins) the football. So, you know we’re looking at everything and trying to use all of our guys. But the thing you got to love about Sammy is he’s never wavered. He just goes out and competes. Late in the game, makes that one handed catch. You know he’s had a terrible day and he comes…to his standards he hadn’t had the catches or the impact that he wants to have and all of us except to have. But it’s not him, he’s busting his tail and it just show you. Game on the line and there you go, he makes that kind of catch. That’s the kind of player he is and we knew it. We just got to try to figure out how we can get him more involved.

Q: You said even if he’s double covered, he’s good enough for your quarterback to test that coverage.
A: Right. But I think there’s also things about risks rewarded. If you think you got a Charles Clay in a match up…if they’re going to double Sammy (Watkins), that’s fine. That move, other guys have opportunities and I think part of that…like we knew Chris Hogan, might have had a much bigger day had we been maybe more accurate with the football due to whatever the circumstance. You know he might have had a bigger day, even. But there’s always the thing, you’re not gonna go and say well, Sammy Watkins is gonna get the ball 20 times. Well that’s fine. You know what are you gonna put him at tail back? The main thing is trying to find ways to win the game and that’s what we’re all about. Do I think he can help us by getting him the football, more involved? I absolutely do.

Q: Was the interference they called on you because you were in the white?
A: I have no idea.

Q: Are you impressed with Nickell Robey so far and feel you are utilizing him how you hoped too?
A: Yeah we used him…I mean on the touchdown we gave up, we had a blitz on that with simulated pressure. We got him wide open on the quarterback on a four man rush. You know there’s…I think they know where he’s at and all that stuff. But he does a good job for us, so I’m not disappointed with him at all. I think teams are attacking us a lot differently than they probably have done in the past, as well. I think you guys know that.

Q: Does he surprise you with what he can do for a guy of his size?
A: Yeah but he gets after it, there’s no question. You know he’s had…Sometimes the height gets you a little bit. I know (Eric) Decker kind of…you know they used that height, sometimes. But man he makes up for it. He’s smart, competitive and obviously really happy that he’s here with us playing nickel. I’ll tell you another guy that I think is play well for us is Leodis (McKelvin). I think Leodis, he missed a lot of the work last week with the illness. Throw him back there. Even during the course of the game, hey go play safety, go do this, go do that, and he jumps right in. So we have two guys that I think are really good nickel players.

Q: Do you think Mario Williams will play on Sunday?
A: We’ll see. You know he’s running around on a scooter right now. So if that gives you any indication.

Q: What do you see from the Chiefs?
A: Well I see a team that’s really peaking. I mean they’re playing, like I say, extremely well obviously. They’ve blown some teams out and its complimentary football. They do a great job and they get a lead. They got as good a pass rush, you know a great pass rush, combined with tight coverage and then offensively they can make plays. This tight ends playing really well for them, (Travis) Kelce, the kid from Cincinnati. So they do a lot of things. Screens are going to be huge in this game and that’s the thing that obviously we have not defended the screen really well this year. But they’ll get you on the perimeter with the wide outs, tight ends screens, bubble screens, running back screens –  so screens of all kinds. We have to do a great job with that.

Q: You put a waiver claim yesterday on Quinton Coples. What did you see from him and what is your reaction to Mike Tannenbaum picking him up?
A: Well I’m a little upset with Tannenbaum cause yeah I wanted him. I mean obviously the guys a talent. You know I know him extremely well and I think he would have fit in with the group that we have.

Q: What is the update with Kyle Williams?
A: Yeah I feel good about Kyle. I think he’s…you know I think I gave you a 50/50 whether he plays. You know maybe that’s still probably where it is. But we feel pretty good about the latest, what MRI or something like that. It looks like he’s, you know may have a chance to come back this year.

Q: What are the challenges of having potentially both Mario Williams and Kyle Williams out?
A: Obviously we’ll have somebody else up this week cause last week we were really depleted and that kind of cost us a time out. We never knew Marcell (Dareus) was down. We’re coming back, we think he’s in there and now all of a sudden we run base defense – we can’t even play base defense. So when you’re trying to get Richie Incognito ready to play base defense, that’s probably not a great thing. So you know it definitely was…you know we have challenges and all that type of stuff. But our depth, we feel good about our depth. Now we just gotta bring them on and if Mario…if he can go that’s awesome. If he can’t go, we gotta couple decent players behind him in (Alex) Carrington and IK (Enemkpali).

Q: How close were you to playing Richie Incognito on defense?
A: Like really close.

Q: Was he ready to do it?
A: Oh yeah, no questions. He’s ready to go. He’s trying to get the checks in.

Q: To clarify with Kyle Williams, did you mean this year he can come back or this week?
A: No, no. This year.

Q: What are your thoughts on playing at Kansas City on their field?
A: I wish it was at home. But you know it definitely presents its own problems, there’s no question about it. So we got to be on it. You have to have silent counts. You have to have all those types of things when you play there. Extremely loud. Loyal fan base. Probably as near to our fan base as there is in the league.

Q: When you look down the road at the wild card race, the Chiefs are right there. How big is this game?
A: Oh no absolutely, it’s huge. This game is absolutely a huge game and when you’re getting in to it, the teams that you are battling – I mean you’re exactly right. Head to head’s the first factor that goes into. So you’re going to be right there with this team, that’s why obviously the winner of this game obviously has a huge leg up over the other one. So whatever it takes, we’re trying to do whatever we can to win this game.

Q: Do you think Marcus Easily is out with a concussion?
A: He is going through the protocol. But you know if you don’t finish the game…very rarely I’ve seen a guy…I can’t even see if I’ve seen one that if a player doesn’t finish a game, he generally misses the first week. Even through the protocol, I know they can go through those steps or whatever. But I don’t recall a guy ever being that. I could be wrong. But just the ones I’ve been around, I’ve never seen a guy come back.

Q: What about injury updates on Marcell Dareus and Bacarri Rambo?
A: Yeah I expect them to. If they finish the game you pretty much assume that they’re gonna be ready to go.

Q: But Marcell Dareus should play? I know he was a little dinged up.
A: Yep. We feel good about him.

LB Nigel Bradham

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: Rex and some of your teammates have said that this is essentially a virtual playoff game. Next week too. You’re really up against teams you need to beat to get a playoff spot.

A: Yeah for sure. I mean the chances of the winners of these games being in the playoffs is kind of high. You kind of have to take that aspect of it and treat it as a playoff game.

Q: You guys seem to play these guys every year, it feels like a divisional game, so you should feel familiar with their personnel, right?

A: Right. We know what they like to do on offense. We’ve been playing them for a couple years now so we know what they like to do. We have a good feel for them.

Q: The screen game is going to be really big this week, Rex said. It’s something you guys have struggled with because you’re so aggressive that you kind of get caught sometimes. Is that something you have to kind of dial back and watch more this week?

A: Oh most definitely you have to watch for it. They hit homeruns on those types of plays so we’re going to be watching for it all week.

Q: How different do you guys have to approach this game from the New England game?

A: It’s a different style of offense, different quarterback. We have to attack him differently and that’s how we have to go about it. You pretty much just have to dictate to what type of offense you’re going against that week.

LB Preston Brown

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: Has the problem on screens this year been more of a tackling issue, pursuit issue, what’s been the problem?

A: It’s been a mixture of both. I mean, we have missed tackles and people have been taking bad angles. It’s not really an effort thing because people are running to the ball but we’re just taking bad angles. That’s something that we do every Wednesday, we do pursuit drills, so we’re definitely going to get better at it.

Q: This one can have a huge effect on the Wild Card standings. Is that setting in on this team?

A: Definitely. We see the standings and we definitely look so we know we’re both 5-5 so this is definitely a big game for us…we just got to go out there and get the win.

Q: Against New England, you guys were getting more pressure to Tom Brady. Is that the type of defense you guys envisioned this season?

A: Definitely. With those guys up front, they can get back there, so we knew it was going to be a matter of time. We definitely found a way to get back there, got the o-line struggling on their side, so it was definitely good to see those guys getting pressure.

Q: Is it easy to build off that defensive performance and take it to Kansas City?

A: Yeah, we have a lot of confidence going into Kansas City because we did some really good things in our last game so we just need to build off it and we’ll definitely carry it on next week.

CB Ronald Darby

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: Most people say that you and Marcus Peters are the two best rookie corners in the league. Do you take it personal and think that you have something to prove with him on that side?

A: No, not at all. I’m happy for him, he’s out there living his dream like I am so I’m going to go out there and compete.

Q: How is this team (Kansas City Chiefs) different than the New England Patriots in how they attack the defense?

A: They’re more of a west coast offense. They like to spread the ball out and the quarterback (Alex Smith) will do it on his feet as well. The d-line has to play disciplined with their eyes and be prepared to attack him when he tries to run.

Q: They didn’t throw a touchdown to a receiver last year. I know that’s changed a little, but they still haven’t thrown very many. How does that change things from a corner back’s standpoint?

A: It doesn’t change at all. They can still throw a touchdown to a receiver so you still have to go out there and play disciplined.

Q: You were matched up on Gronk (Rob Gronkowski) a few times last week. What was he like trying to defend and you’re going to see another big tight end this week in Travis Kelce. Do you expect something similar?

A: Kind of, sort of. Gronk’s big, physical, and real good as a receiver too. He’s got great ball skills too. Like I said, you just have to come prepared to play. Respect the guy in front of you.

Q: You didn’t come out with a win against New England but is it nice to try to build off that defensive performance you guys had?

A: Yes. The sky’s the limit for our defense and each week we’re getting better and better.
CB Stephon Gilmore

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: How does Alex Smith as the game manager present challenges versus the big time passer Tom Brady of last week?
A: I think Alex Smith you have to worry about, he has got great athleticism, he can get outside the pocket and extend plays. But he throws a lot quick gains, kind of like Peyton, but it is a different offense. But you just got to be ready for him to scramble and take off if nothing is open.

Q: They lost Charles at running back, but are still able to run the ball. What does the new cast of people do?
A: Yeah the guy they got now he is doing a great job back there running the ball. It seems like, Jamaal Charles is a great back, but it seems like they ain’t miss a beat back there. They have good receivers, they got [Jeremy] Maclin over there he is doing pretty good. So we have our work cut out to go out there and get a win.

Q: You are tied with them in the standings, how much do you guys talk about that for how important this game could be?
A: We know it is a big game. We got to beat these guys because it is a playoff game basically. Our record is the same, so it is a must win for us.

Q: You weren’t able to get the win in the Patriots game but you played well do you bring that over into this week?
A: Yeah I think that is one thing we can do to carry that over to Kansas City and play lights out . But it is a team game, we know that we sometime we got to pick other guys up no matter what. So we are looking forward to it.

Q: Was that the first time you have seen that real Rex Ryan defense?
A: We had spurts in previous games, but I think a full game we had some, a couple plays we didn’t think was right in the Patriots game. As far as that we did step it up a little notch in the Patriots game.
RB LeSean McCoy
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: What relationship do you have with Andy Reid?
A: Oh man, me and Coach Reid have a special relationship. Me and his family. We still text and talk. When I got traded, you know he sent me a text. Had some words for me, encouragement. So it will be something special. He’s a good coach, man, and I think that’s cool. But we gotta win and going in there we’ll talk a little bit. But the main concern is beating the Chiefs.

Q: Because both teams have the same record is there a sense of urgency there?
A: Yeah I can’t speak for them. But as far as the Buffalo Bills that’s the only things on our mind. Is going there and getting the W. Good team. Good defense. But we gotta win, man. It’s one of them moments where every possession counts. Every pass. Every catch. Every carry. You know so, that’s the mindset.

Q: What is it with Andy Reid and what he does with the running game?
A: Well he doesn’t run the ball too much. He has the eye for talent. He truly does, man. The way he drafts his players. The type of coach he is. He’s a hard worker. He’s one of them coaches that’ll be there all day, all night. You know he’s the first one there. At times he might sleep there. You know so, just he’s really dedicated man to winning. A lot of his staff has been with him for a long time. So it’s no surprise. I mean his mentality is if a guys down, the next guy has to step up. You know to make plays and that’s always been him.

Q: Give me a sense of how this offense is preparing for this game?
A: I think it’s so different playing the Patriots. They’re one of the teams where they won’t make too many errors. The type of team where if you have them in the right moment, the right situation, you gotta capitalize. That’s the type of team they are. The quarterback they have, he can make plays at any given time and a game like that – you know you need your big time players to make plays. I know we had so many different chances to do that, we didn’t. Look at the touchdown pass that I had. You know if I catch that, the game is totally different. So going into the Chiefs, they’re more game managers. You know, have a small lead. Let the defense kind of take over. Pass rush, that type of thing, with a lead. So two different styles of teams, for sure. This teams gotta be consistent. Go in there confident. Convert. Stay on the field on third downs. You know and grind the game out.

Q: How did Tyrod Taylor look today?
A: Tyrod, he’s tough man. He’ll be fine. He’s one of the guys that plays hard. He’s down there, in what’s that? Newport, Virginia? Come on, man. He’s a tough kid.

Q: Sammy Watkins voiced some opinions last month about getting more involved. Rex Ryan backed him up today with that. How much does this offense need Sammy Watkins more involved?
A: Well I mean we need Sammy for sure. That’s one of our top players. Every team has a set amount of targets, amount of carries for their players. I mean you go around the NFL and you look at the star offense of players, I’m sure their offense coordinator has a certain amount of targets for this player, runs for this guy. So just about timing and he’ll be alright. He’s a hell of a player, deep threat. I mean and Sammy’s a beast. So sometimes it’s not always about the targets. If you look at the plays to (Chris) Hogan, Sammy has like an in cut and he takes two defenders with him. So obviously he doesn’t get credit for that pass or a target, but he sets free for another guy to make a deep pass down the field. So it’s all how you look at it. I mean if you look at the numbers, yeah, or targets. But sometimes it’s about the way of the game. How it’s going.

Q: But I mean it was an entire first half without even making a catch?
A: I mean don’t get me wrong – myself, and the teammates would love to have the ball in Sammy’s hands. I mean, who wouldn’t? But then again, that’s not my call. I mean I would give myself 35 carries. You know, so I don’t really make that call. But obviously we would love to have Sammy catching passes.

Q: I know it’s weird to say, but in the grand scheme of things is this game bigger than the Patriots game?
A: No, you’re right. It’s one of those things where you kind of control your own destiny. You just gotta go out there and play ball. You can’t look at the past. Monday night, we came up short. You gotta move on. It’s a whole different game plan. A lot is riding on this game, to win, like you said. Just gotta go out there and play ball and get a win.

CB Nickell Robey

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: You’ve faced Alex Smith and he’s different than most quarterbacks because he won’t make a mistake and won’t give you those opportunities. Do you have to be more patient when you’re covering those guys?

A: Yes. Be more patient, get to your spot, get to your zone or if you don’t have zone, stay on your man. The ball comes out quick, he doesn’t want to make any mistakes so sometimes let’s use that against him and try to make him somebody if everybody’s where they’re supposed to be.

Q: You might not have Mario (Williams) and you don’t have Kyle (Williams). Does the margin of error become even smaller?

A: Yeah, two of our best pass rushers are out but that’s the name of the game, its football. Throw somebody in, we have fresh backups. We’re on top of that, we’re aware of that, we just have to go out there and know the assignments of our game, follow the game-plan and just come away with a win.

Q: What do you see with Jeremy Maclin on film?

A: He’s a fast guy, crafty. They like to put him in the slot, they like to move him around and get him the ball any way possible. They’re not going deep with him as much, they want to get the ball in his hands as soon as possible so he can just use his athletic abilities. We know they like to run screens, a lot of quick gains, so we just need to be on top of our tackling game and really be A1 with our tackling.
QB Tyrod Taylor
Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Q: What happened in the game to your shoulder?
A: On the shallow to Sammy (Watkins), rolling out to my right. Just kind of fell on it wrong. Kind of jammed it up a little bit.

Q: You were able to play but did you feel like you had the full capability to throw it down field at that point?
A: Definitely was hurt. Had pain in it but I’m a competitor so I’m gonna go out there and play. If I feel like I can throw, I’m gonna play.

Q: What was the protocol with you out there today? What are you able to do physically?
A: Well today I did most of the handoffs. They wanted to rest off throwing today but I’ll be back out on the field practicing tomorrow, throwing the football and doing everything else.

Q: How do you feel?
A: I feel good. Ready to go. Short week, gotta prepare for Kansas City so I’m looking forward to this game. But definitely a couple more days so gonna continue to keep preparing.

Q: Were you worried when it happened?
A: Never really think the worst of the situation. Just more so focused on trying to win a game, at the time. Try to not think about it because I think that’s when it’ll start hurting even more. More so just focus on the game at that point and after it, let the doctors tell you what they think.

Q: This past game seemed like a particular struggle for you. What are your thoughts on how you played?
A: We moved the ball up and down the field. Just couldn’t capitalize on some of the drives that we wanted to. Underthrew a couple deep balls. Want a couple balls back from that game. But as far as execution, we look at the stats and we think we moved the ball up and down the field well. We just didn’t put it in the end zone as many times as we would like. So that’s something that we need to be better at. Something that I can be better at.

Q: What do you think of the Patriot defense?
A: I think they played a good game but we were still in a position to go out there and win the game. So as far as us going out there and playing well, we played well just not well enough to win the game.

Q: What do you see from Kansas City?
A: They can definitely rush the passer. You know with the two ends that they have and the front guys that they have as well. Definitely talented on the back end, in the secondary and definitely gonna present challenges for us. But I think that we have the right guys to accept that challenge and looking forward to the match up this week.

Q: What do you see from Marcus Peters?
A: Definitely a very good corner. Instinctive, feisty guy, aggressive and he’s been playing very well for their team. Definitely somebody that we’re gonna have to look at as far as match up wise. But he’s playing at a high level.

Q: Any disappointment with not getting Sammy Watkins involved earlier on in the game on Monday?
A: You definitely want to get your playmakers the ball and Sammy’s one of our playmakers. So whatever I could do to try and get him the ball definitely benefits us as a team.

Q: Do you look for Sammy Watkins at times knowing you need to get him going? Even though there was a mismatch on Chris Hogan?
A: Coverage dictates where the ball goes, ultimately. But it’s definitely some of those match ups that you like to have and sometimes when your match ups present itself then you take advantage of that. But I’m not going into a game trying to force it to one guy, or another. Like I said the coverage dictates where the ball goes.

Q: Do you still feel like you need to prove that you are a franchise quarterback so you can’t miss games?
A: No. I’m gonna play because I feel like I’m capable of playing. If I can go out there be productive then that’s what I’m gonna do. I don’t want to set the team back but if I feel like I can go out there and play then that’s what I’m gonna do.

Q: Do you judge yourself at a level of years in the league or your career starts? In regards to your game do you see an improvement?
A: Knowledge wise, definitely learned a lot in my five years. Experience wise, like you said it’s eight games in. I expect a lot out of myself, as well as my coaches do, and I’m just gonna continue to keep getting better each and every week.

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