DON’T GET ME STARTED on “Go East Young Man – Go East.”  That’s what seems to be happening with former Buffalo Bills players.


Art Wander

A year ago, GM Whaley didn’t make a pitch for Chris Hogan – he was gone and guess what?  Bill Belichick saw a lot of Hogan and immediately made him an offer he couldn’t refuse – join a winning championship team.  Stephon Gilmore became a free agent this year and Bingo – he sez he’s going to play for the Patriots.

I read where it’s assumed that new coach McD is not going to let anyone interfere with his team – and apparently that includes Whaley. We’ll see what happens.

Besides departures from one end of the country to the other – check it out.  A trio of high picks by the Bills in recent years have gone to other teams:  EJ Manuel, Stephon Gilmore and Kiki Alonso.

I sort of feel for the new coach considering that he is heading into a very tough season with facing top quarterbacks in 10 of the 16 games. It’s not going to be a picnic and I’m having trouble finding four wins this season.

That might be enough for Buffalo to get the overall #1 pick next year. With so many games presumed to go into the L column – Tyrod Taylor will get the heat from fans. But McDermott has a history with Taylor so we’ll see what happens since the 2018 draft will have more top quarterbacks than the 2017 crop.

Oh well, with baseball season getting underway, Bills fans will be looking toward the end of the month for the draft. I wonder if the coach and GM will be in the same room – and besides Bills fans – Bill Belchick might be looking at the Bills draft to see who he can pluck when free agency time comes around on Don’t Get Me Started.

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