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DON’T GET ME STARED watched the third exhibition game of the Buffalo Bills – a 19-16 loss to Pittsburgh. I was searching to see if there was a common thread to discern from the play Lets see now;
1. The run defense continues to do very well;
2. The kick=offs are surprisingly deep into the end zone’
3. Field goal kicker Carpenter seems to be in mid-season form and
4. The Bills are in the ball game – until the coaches on the sidelines make calls.
For the second straight game, head coach Marrone let’s precious seconds go by just before half-time. Why? The reasons given by the announce crew is to prevent the opponent to getting the ball back. To which I say – baloney!!!!!!! Let’s say Buffalo scores – kicks off – and recovers a fumble deep in enemy territory. Sorry no score, time ran out.

Here’s a compliment. When the Bills were having 4th and 1 or so – Marrone decides to go for it. Good for him. But then he has to watch what Nate Hackett called and the team gets stopped in its tracks. You would think with so many “going-for-it-on-4th-down” plays Hackett might try something new – he didn’t. How about a read-option play that’s worked in the two times he’s called it in the 3 exhibition games? How about a boot-leg by the quarterback. Something has to be done to justify Marrone going for it but Hackett doesn’t have a creative clue what to run.

Earlier in the week, appearing on All Sports Western New York on WBBZ with Bob Koshinski, I predicted that the Bills would go 6-10 and that the coaches would lose a couple of games by their decisions. I might have been giving them too much credit.

In any event, all you hear from the coaches is, “We’ve got work to do.” Well, you don’t have much time and the desired consistency by the offense is missing. Fans are going to get disenchanted pretty quickly if they continue on this path.

The offense isn’t jelling and they’ve had two years to get it right. There are two more exhibition games and the Bills haven’t even yet determined who will be the backup quarterback behind inconsistent EJ Manuel on Don’t Get Me Started.


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