DON’T GET ME STARTED maybe sees the ending of a honeymoon period between new Bills head coach Doug Marrone and the fans.

The saga of Mario Williams has kept the media at bay as training camp started.  Up until that start, fans have been in almost huge praise of Doug Marrone as he assembled his staff and has continued to give Bills fans the one thing they have had for well over a decade.  That is HOPE.

All the right things were said; fans became enthused and optimistic and then, all of a sudden, training camp opened and head coach Marrone began singing the Simon & Garfunkle standard “Sounds of Silence: when it came to the “absence” of Mario Williams.  You can also add the Tremeloes big hit, “Silence is Golden.”

What perturbed me was Marrone’s comments as the media kept peppering him with questions, specifically “what is it with his sore foot.”  Miller reportedly retorted, “I haven’t spoken with the trainers.”  WHAT???????????

Do you think Belicheck didn’t speak with his trainers and doctors regarding Gronkowski, wanting to know what the story was?  How about all the other coaches who have had players sustain an injury.  Don’t you think he would consult with the trainers and medical staff?

For three days, the media peppered him with the questions – and variations thereof – until Marrone became a little testy with the media on Tuesday – the third day of camp.  Then Mario Williams made his appearance at Wednesday’s practice……on the sidelines.

It was stated that his left foot was the sore one, but neither Marrone nor Williams would disclose the extent of that soreness.  In fact, Williams implied that the players were instructed that only one person would discuss injuries to players on the team…..and that was Doug Marrone.

If he continues that practice of keeping the fans through the media at bay by exercising silence then he might lose what began as a great relationship between the new coach (and his staff) with the fans of the Bills.  The suggestion is “level with the fans.”

As for me?  I can’t help but feel that Simon and Garfunkle plus the Tremeloes will be hearing their great hits this season….”Sounds of Silence” and “Silence is Golden” on Don’t Get Me started.



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