DON’T GET ME STARTED takes the NHL commish to task for his moves that takes something positive and turns it into a negative.

When the Buffalo Sabres played the Pittsburgh Penguins in the very first Winter Classic, outside at Ralph Wilson Stadium, it was met with a great response.  With a football type crowd, selling out the joint, some owners were probably counting all the additional money they got.

So what was a good event – Bettman decided that scheduling four of these outdoor games next season would be great.  The answer is a big NO.  That’s what hockey fans will be getting next season.

What makes the Ryder Cup so great is that it’s not played every year.  The Super Bowl is a once a year event.  The Wimbledon Tennis championship is a once a year event. The World Series is a once a year event.

Imagine a World Series played every 2 months; or 3 Wimbledon’s matches in a year; or stage two or three Ryder Cup matches every year.

The fascination in these events would disappear as fast as the clicker fingers would find other things to watch.  Scheduling four outdoor games will eliminate the uniqueness.  One a year would be too much.  Schedule 1 every two years to make it a special event.

The tinker man – Gary Bettman – again tinkers with something that was good for the fans and eliminating its fascination.

I wonder how long it will take for Bettman to schedule one outdoor game every week on Don’t Get Me Started.

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