I was out of town for a few days and it seems that when I’m gone significant news breaks. Can’t write how many times I’ve been away and I catch snippets of a big breaking story as I’m walking through an airport on traveling by car.

Over the weekend the big story was Tony Stewart hitting Kevin Ward on the at Canandaigua Motorsports Park dirt track. Having watched the video I immediately felt Ward’s anger at being forced to the wall cost him his life. I have heard the local radio talk-show hosts trying to stir up calls by pointing a finger at Stewart, but the video shows the whole story. Had Ward stayed in his car he would be alive today.

Then Monday night the breaking story was the death of Robin Williams. Williams was not a sports figure, but his death transcends news or sports categories and certainly worth mentioning in this column.

Ironically it was just a few days ago that I actually thought about how Robin Williams would be remembered after his passing. Yes, although Williams was only 63 I had this strange thought about his possible death and how diverse his career was.

Williams was on my mind because I had recently caught the final minutes of the film “Jakob the Liar” in which Williams had starred. Watching Robin Williams getting shot by the Nazi’s in a Polish Ghetto camp I was impressed with his wide range of both comedic and dramatic roles. To have depression so dark as to take your own life is something I never ever want to experience.

The Buffalo Bills continue to make news almost every single day due to the pending new ownership. One thing that is abundantly clear is that no one knows exactly what is going on behind closed doors. Most reports turn out to be at least partially false when more information becomes available, but we should all know in about a month who the true contender is.

Had Art Wander on “All Sports WNY” on WBBZ-TV Tuesday night and he believes Terry Pegula will be the eventual owner of the Bills and I concur. Unless a dark-horse candidate is willing to pay far above market value, Pegula should have the pockets and the will to emerge victorious. That will be news I hope to hear immediately and not while I’m distracted running through the airport to catch a plane.

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