DON’T GET ME STARTED has seen the NFL go into a different direction in the last couple of years by teams becoming “Pass Happy.” Apparently that doesn’t matter to new coach Rex Ryan.

Art Wander

Art Wander

All of a sudden, Ryan has been sentencing that his team – the Bills – will be a run-happy team. As such he’s reportedly bringing in a former co-hort, Greg Roman, to become the offensive coordinator known as being run-happy.

What does that say to the receivers on the team. Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Hogan, Chandler and others? Will they be reduced to being either decoys or blocking for the running backs? What does that also say about Doug Whaley giving up that precious first rounder for Watkins who will now watch as the team reportedly will be running more?

Ryan has been commited to the run. So what has that done for him and his Jets in the last four years? The Jets have not had a winning season in the last 4 and last year had a lowly record of 4-12. I wonder if Pegula-Brandon-Whaley took a look at the production under Ryan’s stay in the Big Apple.

If Roman comes and puts the priority of running the ball, what does that say about Buffalo going against what’s happening in the NFL. Of course the goal is to unseat the New England Patriots. But what has Belichick done.

While Ryan reportedly will be running the ball – Belichik puts his money on his quarterback. Take the playoff game against Baltimore. The Pats ran the ball 13 times while Brady threw 60 passes as New England advanced.

Ryan is telling fans what he plans to do. Marrone did the same thing. In fact, the more I read about Ryan’s purported philosophy, it seems as if fans are being taken back two years ago when Marrone was signed. Remember words like, “Read option,” “running the ball were being used”…….it never happened. So much is being advanced now that sounds a lot like Marrone and the departing Nate Hackett.

Oh one other observation of Ryan being like Marrone. The departed coach brought in his own guys from his college days at Syracuse and now Ryan is rounding out his coaching staff with fellows he served with, including the Jets. By the way, speaking of Roman – some people have not been kind to him after he directed the 49ers offense out of the playoffs this year. Some wanted him out of Frisco just as others wanted Marrone out of New York.

Ryan has a reputation for being a defensive whiz. OK. Unless he improves on Jim Schartze’s record of putting in the 4th best defense in the NFL this past season……Ryan would be failing.

I trust that Bills fans will be listening to what Ryan says and compare it to what Marrone preached for two years and see what similarities appear on Don’t Get Me Started.

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