DON’T GET ME STARTED has the utmost respect for Pat LaFontaine. Everyone is tickled pink that he’s back in Buffalo. On Thursday he introduced Tim Murray as the new General Manager of the Buffalo Sabres.

Along with hockey fans, I watched the introduction of the former Ottawa Assistant GM, waiting to hear the words that would make hockey fans on the Niagara Frontier rejoice.

Those words never came.  Questions were asked and Murray answered them.  Of course, the answers were almost predictable.  “I will evaluate the players; I’m thrilled to be here;  This is an attractive opportunity,” etc etc etc.

Then came the question most hockey fans were screaming for someone to bring iup.  It was the question on head coach Ted Nolan.
If watching body language became an art, it would seem that Murray couldn’t wait to get to another topic.  He said that Ted Nolan is the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres = AND THAT WAS FOLLOWED BY THE THREE WORDS THAT STUNG ME – THEY WERE:


Ted Nolan is the coach of the Buffalo Sabres……at this time.

Next question and on and on it went.  I wonder if Murray did a little homework to realize that the return of the popular Ted Nolan as coach of the team was well received by fans…..who pay the big bucks to watch this team.  Everyone – especially the players – have praised Nolan’s leadership.  If Murray delved into the situation……perhaps he wouldn’t have followed “Ted Nolan is the coach of the Sabers” with………at this time.

How wonderful it would have been had he said, “I’m aware of Ted’s abilities to groom players and have them work hard and, therefore, I am taking away the interim tag and giving him a 3 year extension.”  WOW.  Murray could then run for mayor.

But all we got was…… this time.  Three tiny words that fans of the Sabres and Nolan weren’t exactly pleased to hear.  Now fans will be held hostage for the rest of the season when Murray will make his move on naming the head coach of the Buffalo Sabres.

Murray should realize that Nolan has instilled a new focus by the team and if Murray makes the right draft choices and selects the right free agents…….he’ll be thanking Nolan for the rest of their careers as Nolan coaches“The Hardest Working Team in Hockey.”  Failure to realize how popular Nolan is….and what a good coach he is…..would not suit the new GM that well on Don’t Get Me Started.

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