DON’T GET ME STARTED stares at the Buffalo Bills schedule and it certainly doesn’t look good for Buffalo.

Buffalo Bills

Art Wander

According to my reviews, I have the Bills finishing with a 5 win – 11 loss season.  If there’s a positive, it’s that I expect the team to win half of its home games.  Make no mistake.  This is a pretty tough schedule.  The way they could finish 6-10 is if they beat the New York Jets in both games.

Besides the tough schedule, the uncertainty at several positions makes the choices an easier task.  If anyone thought Oakland would be a win – remember they are further advanced with the continued good play of their quarterback and the extraordinary play of Khalil Mack – who Buffalo could have picked in the draft – but didn’t.

Oh, one other concern for the Bills is they will be taking 2 trips to California and 1 to Seattle.  That’s a trio of west coast trips.  I give the Bills one win away from home – that’s against the Rams in L.A.

Interest will be perked up when the Bills play the Miami Dolphins and will be facing Mario Williams – the defensive end that Rex Ryan put in pass coverage rather than rushing the passer.  Fans can expect that Williams will be exclusively used as a pass rusher – and he’s about as good as they come – with no disrespect to J.J Watt.

With the expected 5-11 (at best 6-10) record, fans will be screaming for the parting of the ways with Rex Ryan.   Everything about his first season has already been documented.

Here’s how I look at the season’s opponents and how Buffalo will fare against them:


MIAMI                           WIN


N.Y. JETS                      WIN

CLEVELAND                WIN

PITTSBURGH               LOSS


ARIZONA                      LOSS



MIAMI                           LOSS


N.Y. JETS                      LOSS

BALTIMORE                LOSS

CINCINNATI                LOSS

OAKLAND                    LOSS

St. LOUIS                     WIN

SEATTLE                      LOSS

So relax fans.  Enjoy the games.  And look ahead to next year and yet another in the continuing saga of rebuilding by the Buffalo Bills on Don’t Get Me Started.

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