Buffalo Bills QB Josh Allen

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Q:  Josh can you just talk about the constant that Frank [Gore] was for you guys even though you guys kind of hit some lows there in the third quarter?

A: Obviously, he is Frank [Gore] for a reason. Very competitive man.  You know he comes up to (Brian Daboll) and (Bobby Johnson) and explains what he sees as he’s running and what calls he feels comfortable with.  He did a good job of really finding some holes today and offensive line did a really good job creating some plays out there.  He’s one of those guys if you give him the ball, he is going to do whatever he can to get yards.

Q: How encouraging was it when Dawson Knox kind of had and up and down day.  A couple of drops.  How encouraging is it to see a young guy like that come back and make a play like he did for you?

A:  It’s huge.  Especially for him being so young, and I think it’s a weird stat, but he hasn’t caught a touchdown pass since his junior year of high school.  For him to find the end zone and to be doing this and making plays for us especially in crunch times, you love to see that.  That tight end group is very well coached.  They have great mentor and Lee [Smith] there and they are doing things the right way.

Q:  You guys dominated so much of this game except for on the score board.  Sort of walk us through what it’s like taking the field down 17-14 with less than five minutes to go.

A:  Obviously, we understand we left a lot of things out on the field.  Couple turnovers here and there.  There’s one that I can’t do, you know allowed them to get some momentum back in the game.  But our team is resilient.  Our defensive played a heck of a game again, they’re going to go out there and put forth their best effort in every game, we know that.  We’ve got to come out there and we’ve got to take care of business when we have to.  When we get down to the red zone area, we got to finish.  But like your point, coming out after the, you know getting down 14-7 with a few minutes left there, we just wanted to trust each other, rely on each other, go out there and just kind of stay calm, stay relaxed.  Like I said over and over, Coach McDermott does a great job teaching us situational football.  There is no situation we don’t feel like we can handle as a team, as a unit.  We went out there and we did our part, and the defense got out there and they did their part. That’s how you win football games.

Q: Second game in a row, in the third quarter, the offense kind of lost their flow.  What happened?

A:  We just have to make better adjustments at half-time.  We have to come out with more juice there at halftime, it was 14-0.  So, we have understand that the games not over at that point, we have to do a better job at finishing.  There is a lot of things to learn especially in that third quarter.   Couple missed throws here and there.  Like I said, the interception happened, that’s something that just can’t happen.  So, a lot of things to learn from.  At the end of the day, we got the job done and I’m super proud of our guys for how resilient they were today and how we fought back and how we played to the final whistle.

Q:  Josh, you showed a lot of confidence in the way you played the game today.  Was the interception almost a prompt?

A: No, it was just one of those things where I was trying to do the right thing.  I was trying to throw the ball away, wasn’t trying to get intentional grounding.  Just one of those plays, last second where I made a bad decision.  It’s something that will be fixed, it will be taken care of.  I know it has happened a couple of times, but it’s just one of those things that it’s gotten be put through my head it can’t happen.  You know I am moving on from it.  I’ve learned from it and I can truly say that.  It’s not going to happen again.

Q: Speaking of that intentional grounding earlier that knocked you out of that field goal range, did you just fail to get it back to the line of scrimmage or what was it?

A: I guess that’s what they said.  The refs have their job to do and they do it well.

Q: Even prior to the interception, you had a couple plays that almost defied logic, pirouetting away from guys and extending plays to your receivers.  Did you just build off that confidence?

A: I’m just going with the flow with the game.  Converting on some crucial third downs there, we were able to move the ball.  We have 400 + yards on the offense, ran the ball really well today.  At the end of the day, the score board tells a different story.  So, we have a lot of things to work on, a lot of things to learn from.  We obviously know were moving on from this game, but we’ve got to learn some new things and transfer it and apply it on the field.

Q: Is it fair to say, the next chapter, maybe one of them, for you guys is to put teams away when you have the opportunity?

A: Absolutely.  I think it’s a tell of a good team too.  When going out there and a team knows your going to run the ball, you’re still going to run the ball. When they know your going to pass, you can still pass the ball. Every game presents a different challenge.  Today, we had some adversity and every game your going to handle that or your going to have adversity and your going to find a way to handle that.  Like I said, we have been really well coached there, in situational football, our guys have been doing a really good job going out there and executing.  Proud we are 3-0.

Q:  It seems like you’re using your mobility to buy more time to find a receiver down the field as opposed to maybe taking off like you did last season.  Do you think that is fair, and if so, is that a conscious decision, is it something you’re working on?

A:  Absolutely.  It’s just one of those things, just kind of happens during the flow of the game.  If I feel like there’s a rusher and I’m trying to invade him and trying to keep my eyes down the field, because that’s when if they bring somebody else, that’s one less person in coverage.  Just being able to trust our guys to go out there and make some plays, find openings.  I think we did that tonight, for the most part.  Like I said, I’ve got to be doing a better job taken care of the football.  Not putting it in harms way.  Just continual things to learn from and you know, move on from it.

Q:  You did a little bit of everything today on offense.  How much fun is it playing in a Brian Daboll offense just knowing at any given play, I mean you guys can do anything.  I mean even Dawson even got a carry today.

A:  Coach Daboll, he’s very innovated with how he thinks.  He loves watching other games and having new ideas being brought to him, whether it is by myself or somebody else in the offense.  He’s not one of those guys where it’s my plays and my plays only.  He wants to find the best plays as possible for us and understanding our personalities and what our guys do well.  He is trying to focus on the best situation possible.  I really appreciate how he coaches this team.  He’s very respected by every single one of our guys.  Just kind of how he handles situations, his mantra, how he talks to guys, he’s super competitive and I think guys really gravitate towards that.  I love him and I appreciate what he does for me and how he talks to me and how we developed our relationship the past year and a half, and how it’s going to continue to develop.

Q: How much is the margin for error diminish looking forward to next week?

A:  We haven’t really dove into it.  Obviously, the Patriots are very well coached, and they got a guy over there that plays quarterback quite well, you know number 12 (Tom Brady).  If not, the greatest quarterback of all time.  We understand there’s a tall task, but at the same time we’re going to try to stick to what we do.  Learn from this game, make adjustments, and go out and try to put our best foot forward next week.

Q:  How much did you feel the crowd today?

A: It was awesome.  Bills Mafia was very supportive today.  I think a lot of our new guys especially got to expierence what it’s really like. We’re going to need it next week too and I really appreciated Bills Mafia.

Q: You had drives late in games to either to take the lead or extend the lead. Do you feel differently in those circumstance now?  Do you feel like consciously you play any differently when it’s every play obviously like this one, is crucial? 

A:  You know, it’s just understanding that it’s just do- or-die basically.  I understand we needed a score there; it was either three points or a touchdown.  Just trying to be as smart as possible with the football.  Making the plays and trusting the five in front of me and the four or five outside.  We did a good job making some plays today.  Like I said, Dawson had one of those plays that really lights it up for us in the two-minute situation there, and Frank got it in.  I am really proud with how we got it in.

Q:  Did you see the play where Jon [Feliciano] got hurt?

A:  I did not, I think it was early in the game.  Praying for him.  I talked to him after the game.  Hopefully everything is fine but still praying for him.  Obviously, he is a big part of our five-up front.  He sets the tone for us and he is one of those guys you love to go to war with. 

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